My Heart Weeps For the Children as I Struggle For Understanding

What do you say? What can one possibly say that will ease the pain we are feeling yet again? How can this, why is this happening so often to our children? The innocent, the helpless stolen from their family and friends. Their future stolen from them. What evil lurks that would do this horrific act?

My heart weeps for those in Texas who have lost children. My heart weeps for the family and friends of the adults lost to this senseless act of violence. Understanding that this is a pain that will never go away. The children from what I read are mostly ten years old, with at least one being eight. For those who know them, they will forever be ten and eight, their time in this life stopped in that classroom. Their beauty, their laughter, their future, their light stolen from them. By one filled with darkness.

The news is filled, social media is filled, conversations are filled with what happened. Conversations that have been had before, many times. Too many times. Many are broken, feeling the pains of loss. Many are angry that this has happened yet again. Some stand in stunned silence, unsure of what to say, even as their heart demands they speak up and say….something. All the while the arguments go round and round. Seeking a change, demanding something different. Demanding action. How many more must die before something is done? How many more of our children must be lost, before we wake up and do something?

Comparisons and comments are being made and arguments started. The anger and hurt bringing out raw emotions. Emotions that are fully understandable even as arguing amongst ourselves solves nothing. Yelling at each other will solve nothing. Heated exchanges will not bring those children back nor will they prevent yet more deaths. Yet, they may possibly make some feel better as they are stated their feelings, their beliefs, their opinions on this, another mass shooting that should not have happened. Not giving an inch to anyone who thinks, feels, considers differently.  The “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality cemented firmly in place, giving no quarter to anyone.

We have to stop this. We have to give way and come together to seek answers. Our children need us. Their very lives depend on us stepping away from our own entitled thoughts and feelings and consider others. We need to recognize and remember that no matter who you are, where you live, what your social status may be, how old you are, life is valuable. Life is to be treasured and respected. No one should ever be treated as less. The murderer in Texas held no regard for human life. The murderer in Brooklyn, New York had no regard for human life, the murderer on the subway had no regard for human life. Anyone who uses a weapon of any kind to murder another, has no regard for the worth of human life.

Do I believe in the right to own a gun? Yes. Do I believe there should be a better form of gun control? Yes. Do I think that there is a fear that if one weapon, such as assault rifles, are banned that the powers that be will come after others one by one? Yes.

Do I believe that there has to be a way to protect our schools? Yes. After the last one I saw many thoughts, creations, ways and means presented. And yet, it has happened again. I personally know of a school that at one time, hopefully still, the only way you could get into the building was by pressing a button. Someone inside would talk with you through a speaker to find out who you were and what was your business. Otherwise you didn’t get inside.

Do I believe we have a mental health crisis? Yes. I do. I feel that there is a great need currently for many who are dealing with difficult health issues. Especially now after the struggles of the past two years.

Do we have problems with a darkness in people who feel that others are inferior? That others are disposable? There are problems with those who have fears and problems with racial and lifestyle differences. It isn’t always one race hating another. All races, all nationalities, all social status, all ages have issues.

Do I feel that changes in society have brought on any of this? Yes. We have removed and changed our thoughts on religion and faith. Having a relationship with Jesus. We have removed and changed structure. Taking away a parent’s ability to discipline their child, while allowing bullies of all age free range. Removing one having to take responsibility for their actions. All of these and more play a part.

Do I have answers? No. What I do have is a belief that we all, every single one of us have to come to an understanding and ability to hold conversations. We have to find the ability to come together to find the solution. We have to understand we have different thoughts and beliefs but be willing to talk to each other. Not yell at each other. Not threaten each other. Not shut each other down. Talk. To. Each. Other. Find that solution.

Our children are depending on us.

We need to find the light at the end of this darkness. We need to provide the light of safety for our children.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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16 Responses to My Heart Weeps For the Children as I Struggle For Understanding

  1. John says:

    Never give up your guns. Guns don’t kill, people kill.

    • That is true. As I said, or meant to. I do believe in the right to own guns. We have to stop placing blames on the object and on where it belongs, the one holding the weapon. Whether it is a gun, a knife, a big stick. The one with evil intent, will always find a way, taking away guns won’t stop the crimes.

  2. Wise Hearted says:

    Your post says all I believe too, especially John comment and yours to him. When the adults in the world become fearful of offending instead of defending the children we are in a horrible state. It’s an issue of the heart that is corrupt with self and wickedness that these things happen. Thank you for standing in the gap with truth. According to the bible this old world will not get any better which is why when the anti christ says he can fix it all will step in. The world is ready for that person who is able to deceive. We who know the Lord must stay steady while it all falls apart. I read a post that went something like this, God is getting ready the world to fall in place of the scriptures. And while we wait for it, to spread the gospel to all who come around us. I am broken and sad but not defeated because of the promises of God.

  3. What has been said so far is true. You can have a roomful of deadly weapons and no one will die. But put a killer in the room of weapons, and someone will get hurt.

    • Once upon a time kids carried guns on the rack in the back of their trucks even on school grounds and there were no fears and no issues. The worst I recall happening in school was fist fights. A few bruises or black eyes and issues were handled. Not now. There are so many reasons for what is happening, so there is no once size fits all answer. Yet we need to find those answers to protect the most vulnerable among us.

  4. This is so deep and true! You covered such a sensitive topic in an eloquent and compassionate way. I especially agree in regards to the Mental Health Crisis. This past 2 years have been tough for many. May God bless you for using your gifts and voice. Amen.

  5. It is difficult for those of us looking on from Europe to comprehend. Whilst one region of europe is currently at war.

    In this country firearms ownership was banned some years ago, following a tragedy at a school. I believe farmers are still permitted firearms here. But rules on storage are strict. But we do not live without tragedies happening.

    Personally, I hope the US is able to have a rethink on gun ownership. To hopefully prevent and minimise further loss of innocent lives.

    But lives continue to be lost at war and at peace by the hands of man holding a firearm. Just awful.

    The pain in US society must be immense. And parents inconsolable.

    • I don’t see firearms being restricted here. The pain of events such as this is great and obviously changes should have been made long ago. Too many children have died when none should have. They are most vulnerable and almost always the target. I don’t know the answers, but taking away guns doesn’t seem to be it.

      • I hope the US acts to bring in more stringent controls. I don’t know why anyone would not want that to happen.

      • Honest opinion, and it is nothing more than my opinion. There are millions who own guns who cause no harm. During hunting season there are multitudes out in the woods, with guns, and no mass killings occur. (I have read that the number of hunters will guns makes up the biggest homegrown military in the world. I’m not sure how true it is but I’m sure its at least close.) There are multitudes of folks with guns at home or on their person, and no mass killings happen.
        Many do not want to give up any type of gun out of concern that once that one is taken, they will go for another, and another until all are gone.
        Guns are relatively easy for those intent on evil to come by. If it wasn’t guns, the evil would find another way. Think Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols and the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, on April 19, 1995. Using a bomb made from fertilizer. If not that, think of those who have been run down by automobiles crashing through large crowds.
        My concerns are that even as it may partially be a gun control issue, it is more a mental health issue. This person supposedly posted warnings on social medial. This person was said to have been seen beating a dog. While not all killers post to social media, and not all give signs, I think that most do and usually those signs are ignored. “Oh they don’t mean that” only they did and they commit horrific acts. Usually on the most innocent as they can’t effectively fight back.
        Yes, there needs to be something done, but I think it needs to start with mental health issues. There are too many people who are going with issues unaddressed and that needs to change.

      • I can see that we won’t agree on this. And I fully appreciate that the US & UK are different places. We have experienced devastating bombings in this country too. I was working in the vicinity of one & still remember it. So yes, if someone is intent on causing harm they will find a way. People wrestled an attacker to the ground in London with a fire extinguisher & tusk. The attacker had a knife. But I would still argue why would anyone need an assault rifle at any time apart from at war. People own rifles & shotguns in this country. But restrictions are strict. People interviewed by the police before licencing granted, needing good reason to own, with limits on guns, ammunition stored & extremely strict storage. And where used. No automatic, pump action or semi-automatic. All handguns are banned. No one can rock up & buy a gun. I do not understand why people would find it an invasion of their freedoms to have limits set on firearm ownership & the rest that goes with it, if it means saving lives. I’m not suggesting hunters would choose to do harm to people. I’m a wildlife Campaigner so am not for hunting for sport anyway. Although of course culls happen with deer populations here. Not everything can be blamed on mental health. Society has a duty to do what it can to help limit the risk if someone slips through the net or just snaps. Nothing is fool proof, but society needs to take some responsibility & be prepared to help and help by change. Isn’t that called community. What does one say to the parents calling ‘Do something’ to President Bidun at the school gates. People who dislike gun ownership should have a say too. It seems as an onlooker to be a very one sided argument.

      • And yet, I do not fully disagree with you and your thoughts. I see no reason for ownership of assault weapons in the hands of individuals. I support hunting only in the purpose of providing meat for the table, not sport. Something that also controls populations of the hunted. And no, not everything can be placed in the category of mental illness, some people are simply evil and mean with no regard to human life. I agree that something needs to be done, the question remains though of exactly what.

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