May Fifth; Deer Don’t Talk

What a day this has been. A day with moments of pain, but more moments of laughter.

After my son had been in for lunch and returned to work, I decided it was past time to start working more on the yard. I had cleared some, but had yet to really get busy. Today I dragged the push mower out of the carport and decided I was going to start mulching leaves. Pushing the mower up to the section that is fenced off for two reason. First to keep the dogs from getting up close to the fence along the dirt road and second, to keep the dogs away from my flowers. The untouched leaves were a large, deep blanket across the ground.

My little mower that could, is out of service. The pull rope mechanism is broken and even if I had the money to get the part, I don’t know anyone would could do the work to replace the parts. My dad has allowed me to borrow his push mower. Its nice, its bigger, it is a demon on wheels. My little mower has a rubber flap across the back that prevents anything from flying out the back. Dad’s mower does not. I was wearing shorts. My legs look as if I was climbing through barb wire. There are marks, scrapes, tiny bruises all across my legs. I was also glad I was wearing safety glasses as I could feel small pieces of what ever was thrown striking me in my face.

When I had finally managed to get that area mulched I moved outside that area into my main front yard and mulched a large section of those leaves. I also stirred up a great deal of dust. In a short time I was coughing and sneezing due to the dust. After a while I was tired of being beaten and decided I was done for the day. I was going hiking and Bella was coming with me.

Bella knew something was up. She was sitting just outside the front door watching me as I walked back and forth. When I had Molly inside and my backpack filled I got Bella inside and got her harness in place. I quickly called mom to let her know where I was going, and then we headed out.

The ride out was uneventful. I parked and got Bella out of the car and we headed for the trails. I didn’t die. Actually I did better than I thought I would. I did however take my time. It was warm today and Bella still has a lot of shedding to accomplish. I didn’t want to risk her overheating.Yes, I had water, but she rarely will drink any until we get to the top. We got there just after lunch so it wasn’t busy at that moment. We did pass a few folks, but going up that was rare.

At one point a group of men came off one of the other trails. They began asking a gentleman coming down the trail some questions. I kept going, it wasn’t my conversation. Not long after I passed though, my phone rang. It was mom so I answered. My son had called looking for me. He told my mom that something was wrong with my phone, but she got through. All I can figure is for a few moments I went through an area that had no service. I called my son, who wanted to know if I was home. Nope, on the mountain. I didn’t find his “you’re supposed to be home” funny at all.  He did ask if I would bring him a soda after I got back down off the mountain. Yep.

Finally returning to my hike we made our way to where the steps begin. Those steps are evil. We had to step aside a couple of times but otherwise got to the top relatively easily. The group of men were all sitting around on boulders chatting. I got Bella her water, quenched my own thirst and then took a few photos. We then headed down.

We were almost to a point where another trail met the one we were on. As we got closer to that trail head, I was hearing a sound off in the woods. It had me thinking deer, but I didn’t try to see, I just kept walking. Moving around a curve, I decided that I was going to stop and take a couple of photos. As I finished that last shot I suddenly heard a man’s voice behind me. After I climbed back down out of the trees I turned to see who was behind me. The poor guy looked confused, contrite, amused as I caught my breath. He did apologize, saying he hadn’t meant to startle me. He just wanted to make sure I was okay. Yep, once my heart rate comes back under control. I just wasn’t expecting the deer I thought I heard to come charging out of nowhere talking to me.

A little further down I met a family coming up…pushing a stroller. That poor baby. I’m sure that stroller wasn’t equipped with the proper shocks for that ride. The adult male bringing up the rear of the pack was ready to call their hike done. I told him that if I could do it, he could. The people he was with were laughing, and thanked me for the encouraging words.

Leaving the park, I made my way toward where my son works. Along the way I stopped and purchased the soda he wanted. I then headed for home. Only my route was somewhat blocked due to an accident. There was a lot of emergency vehicles.

Home finally. When my son came in we were talking when he suddenly asked when did we have 5 kittens? Looking out back I told him that Swoosh’s kittens were out there. Swoosh’s kittens appear very fluffy, I hope she doesn’t move them since I went out and picked two of them up and gave them some snuggles. If all of her kittens lived, we now have three adults and eight kittens.

What a day. What a glorious, magical, marvelous, quiet and amazing day.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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