April Twenty-ninth; Thoughts on Division

The following is something I wrote back on this day in 2020. I don’t recall what prompted the writing though I’m sure there was a reason. Something had or was happening at that time to have me pondering the topic. I’m sharing it here with some minor updating and changes. The contents though are mostly the same.

I was sitting here thinking and I’m wondering something.

How many different ways, can we be divided? And why do we not only allow it, but some even feed it? Yes, this is something that has been around since mankind has been congregating. You would think, that we would by now as a supposedly civilized society, have found ways to prevent the division and the side effects that come with it. You would think, that we would not allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated so to bring about the many problems created by the division. A house divided cannot stand, in the Bible that was a comment made by Jesus when he was accused of being possessed by satan. It is true, a society divided, cannot stand, cannot thrive. So why, do we allow this? Why do we create and stand on these divisions?

1) Religion. You would think there are only two sides to this, you either believe, or you don’t. But, no. If you believe, what do you believe? Who do you follow? Are you a Christian or not? If you are, what denominational church do you attend? Must you physically attend church or not? Do you use hymnals or the big screen? Do you believe it as religion or relationship? So many ways to make it confusing and divided.

If you do not believe in a holy deity, do you believe in an unholy one? If you consider yourself an atheist, what do you follow?

2) Social status. Are you one who attends the best of the best parties? Walking the red carpet, in front of countless cameras? Are you dressed by the most popular designers? Do you attend sporting events sitting in the best sky boxes enjoying fancy foods? Do you and others see you as an enfluencer gathering crowds where ever you travel?

Are you one, who attends neighborhood barbecues? Do you sit in the stands at ballgames? Does your clothing come off the rack? Are you content with a group of friends who know you and have your back when needed?

3) Race. Skin color matters, period. Or does it? It is important that we remember who we are, the culture we are from, understanding that those of different cultures and ways of life are not wrong, are not bad, are unworthy. We need to understand that each difference, makes us a different piece of the puzzle called life. A puzzle that is all one color, all one shape, is boring and has no life.

4) Politics. You are either on this side or that, but then, you may actually be riding the middle or not riding anywhere at all. You can be rabidly volatile, or rational and educated on the issues. You could be a match ready to be lit- for good or bad, or one more comfortable sitting on the fence. Letting others do the work.You could see everything or nothing as a conspiracy. You could troll through life ready to react to what you see as the slightest or most egregious of offenses.

5) Education. Did you go through years of education earning multiple degrees, did you attend a trade school, or did you stop with that high school diploma, or did you drop out for some reason?

6) Employment. Are you the CEO of a major corporation, part of maintenance, or somewhere in between?

7) Financial status. Are you dripping wealth, homeless or somewhere in between?

8) Continue with your own areas of division.

But why? Why do we allow it? Why do we seem to feed on it? Why, do we allow it to make life so much harder? Why, at this point, have we not learned how to discuss issues with civility, compassion and intelligence? Would we not get more done? Would we not accomplish greater and better things? Would we not be better people, if we could set aside the negative side of the differences and focus on the ways those differences could work for us? Our differences give us varied perspectives, different thoughts and ideas. Things that could bridge and build.

We just have to get past the things that seek to and create the divisions between us. Have you ever watched the insect world on a flowering bush? I’ve watched a variety of bees, butterfly and moths gathered on one plant, existing together. I have also seen large spiders on that bush, waiting and lurking. We need to try and be the bees and not the spider.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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