Lessons Learned From Nursery Duty

Yesterday, Sunday April twenty-fourth, I was blessed with the opportunity and gift of spending time in the nursery with the two and three year old kids. Those kids are amazing and will definitely remind you how to be young.

As I was headed for the room I managed to get caught up having to wait for everyone going in the other direction for the Sunday morning service. After everyone had gotten past, that area of the hallway being slightly more narrow, I made my way to the classroom. Hearing a cheerful “there she is” had me smiling and explaining the delay. As the volunteers during the Sunday School hour left, I walked further into the room. There were three boys and a girl, another boy joined shortly after my arrival. That doesn’t sound like much for two people, but remember, they are two and three year old, full of energy and creative of mind.

At the moment they were immersed in play-doh and tiny toy trucks. It is obvious that no matter how many trucks are available, there are never enough. And of course everyone wants the same truck, however arguments were averted and fun went on.

Did you notice that ‘creative of mind’ description? The girl didn’t have a lot to say, but the boys, oh those boys. I was asked, “Do you know what was in my backyard?” Wondering what was coming I said no, what. “A wolf, a big wolf, and it ate me.” Um, okay. The other lady in the room, made the comment, “but you’re still here, did it spit you out?” “No” “Then how are you here?”  Of course first boy was joined by others who saw a wolf in their yard, which ate them too, but no it didn’t spit them out it threw up and well, it got a bit disgusting from there. I was asked what I saw in my back yard and I told them a really big bird. It was a giant owl. Which is actually true, my son and I did see a really large owl in the woods behind the house a few days ago. Did it attack? Did it eat me? What was it? It was a giant owl and no, not me but something it saw on the ground.

Briefly they returned to the play-doh, potty breaks and trucks, each wanting what the other had but not fighting over them. Listening to them politely ask for the other to share was amazing and impressive. There is always one who refuses with a “Mine” Okay gollum, keeping your precious isn’t always a good thing.  After child level negotiations each crisis was averted and trucks were shared by all.

Conversation did make its way back around to the backyard invader conversations.One child had recently been to see the Sonic movie and apparently what ever happened in this movie subjected his entire family to great calamity. The wolf was back, a cow, and my giant bird that was still an owl.

When the service was finished and each parent came for their children, you could feel the energy fading, leaving with each highly animated child’s voice. When we turned the lights off and walked away from the room, you could almost hear the room sigh. One of relief and one of missing the children already. Children do bring a special light and life to the world.

After I got home and had finally eaten, I got bored. My son was at the Talladega race in Alabama, and I was on my own. My coffee pot that really wasn’t that old had died the day before so I figured I’d go to the big box store for a replacement. On the way I decided I’d better fill my Jeep with gas since mom and dad have my upcoming week planned out for me. There were lines, long lines at the pump. Sam’s Club has some of the cheapest prices, therefore there are lines. I took my place and began the wait, ease up, wait dance. It didn’t help that my choice of lines, one of the two pumps was out of order. I wasn’t in a hurry though so I turned on the radio and waited my turn since there was no changing my mind from where I was unless I wanted to return to the back of the line. Thankfully the people ahead of me were quick and soon it was my turn.

Gas tank filled I thought I would stop off by the handy dandy home and garden center near by. I made one lap in the parking lot then noped right out of there. Even if I had managed to find a parking spot, that place was packed. Leaving there, I headed for the big box store. My coffee pot changed into a coffee pot and a few more items, but that’s the way it works. When I got home I made myself a cup of coffee, not with the new pot I still needed to wash it first, and settled in to watch the race that would be coming on soon. The house was so quiet. After the race I dragged my garden hose down to where my garden is planted. Hooking it up to the spigot on dad’s building I watered the plants I have that survived the wait to be planted. I do need to go back to the garden center for replacements soon. I really thought I had watered everything enough before planting, I guess some need more than others.

Which is true not only for plants. Humans need a varying level of things in this life. Some of us may need more time to learn a topic of study. Some of us may feel we need to work more. Some need more emotional support and reinforcement of love and friendship. Faith and an understanding of faith, like other things, takes time. We grow as we learn. We become stronger as our comprehension expands. When we are new in our faith, we learn the simple things, as we progress so does the lessons, so does the depth of understanding. To be able to go from God loves us for who we are, to being able to love others, for who they are, no matter who they are. We feel the energy and creativity of God’s love and lessons. We learn that what ever may be in our backyard, God is with us and will give us the strength to face what awaits. He won’t always stop our storm or ease our struggles, for it is within those we gain understanding and strength, but He will provide the strength needed.

God gives us the blessing of children, and the gift of spending time with children, to help us learn what love and creative  adventure really is.

Squirrel watching for dangers in the back yard

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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1 Response to Lessons Learned From Nursery Duty

  1. leendadll says:

    I saw that my city isconsidering restricting watering to just 2 days a week.. Tues & Thurs. I can’t water on Tues or Thurs. I barely remember to water on weekends. Why so close together? Why not Wed/Sat, or something like that?? So… if it passes, I’ll have dead plants cause most are already struggling to live.

    Our CostCo, CostCo gas, and HomeDepot (and PetSmart) share a parking lot. I won’t go there anymore… too crowded to bother.

    The kids in your podt remind me of my childhood neighbor who insisted photos of an adult ballerina were her – she claimed grew up, was a ballerina, then got young again.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time with the kids. My tolerance for them is much shorter these days.

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