Looking Back To The Beginning

It all began a while back, my son had gone to the dirt race in Bristol, Tennessee. I made an offhand comment about enjoying dirt racing. Yeah, the die was cast. While what I meant was the local track, more home style driving, not NASCAR, I was informed a bit later, I was going to Bristol to see racing in the dirt. Thankfully I had a while to prepare and apparently to forget.

Then he reminded me the race was coming up. I shrugged it off. About a week before the race, I got to wondering when my day was to help in the nursery. Of course it was race weekend, which was Easter weekend. I don’t mind helping in the nursery on special weekends, but it is difficult to find someone to take your place should you not be able to be there. I wasn’t going to be here. I had to find someone. I started making calls, even calling the person who was the one to contact this month. After a while I was finally able to find someone who could and would swap Sundays with me. That made me feel better as I didn’t want to leave them in a bind.

Then, suddenly, it was the day we were leaving. How did that happen? I had to get busy getting prepared. He did warn me that it would probably be cold. Not as cold as Martinsville, but still cold. I had to figure out what I was taking and how. I don’t own a large suitcase, just several overnight bags. One of which I still haven’t located. But before I started packing, I needed to make sure the house was clean. It wasn’t nasty, I just needed to mop. I also had to get the casserole I had promised to bring cooked and the cake. Once those were done, I remembered I needed to mop before running to the big box store for safety googles. As I was reaching for the mop, my son calls. It hadn’t been busy at work so they  had told him he could leave he would meet me at the big box store. Instead of the mop I picked up my purse and headed out the door.

Traffic was unreal, but not unexpected. It was around mid-day after all. I finally managed to get to the store and found where he was wandering about. We didn’t find exactly what he wanted, but he found something that he thought would work. He then needed to go fill his car up as we were going in it since it had better tires. Reminding me that I would soon need tires. Which reminds me that he still hasn’t given me my card back.

I head for home, back through the backed up traffic which thankfully was mostly going or not, in the other direction. I did stop on the way for pretzels and chips to snack on along the way.

Finally back home I start to gather what I need.  I pack clothing, I pack the cold weather clothing and I pack other essentials and non-essentials because that’s the way I roll, er… pack. I grabbed my camera and charger. I grab headphones, make sure I have ear plugs. My son when he loaded his car, had one large back. I filled the back up with all my small ones. If I had a bag the size of his, I wouldn’t have but I don’t, so I did.

The ride up was fine, until we reached this one dirt road. Snakes could take lessons from the way this road was designed. My son could check the brake lights on his car without getting out of the vehicle. I was really, seriously, nauseous by the time we reached the end of the dirt road and was back on paved roadways. There was also the fact that the dirt road, on one side was mountain, on the other was basically one really long drop off. There were a lot of trees so if you drive off the side, you would possibly feel like one of those plinko chips from The Price is Right.

Finally arriving at the airbnb where we were staying I was ready to just not be bothered. Let me sit down and leave me be for, well, a very long while. The friends of my son who we were spending the weekend with, could tell immediately that we were both a bit green. Once the world and my stomach settled we decided who would sleep where. The house had one bedroom and bath downstairs where the living room and kitchen was located and several bedrooms and bath upstairs. I was given the downstairs bedroom while they worked out the upstairs. My son and I then began the process of bringing everything inside. Into a house that was slightly off the grid. There was no internet, no cell service and very few television channels available. Teased as I was about not being able to access my social media, I was content to enjoy the time away. It gave me a mind reset if you will.

Trying to sleep that first night in a strange place, in a strange bed wasn’t the easiest. I did waked often, but was able to return to sleep. I did wish it was warmer as there is a brook that runs beside the house. That would have been amazing music to sleep by. But it was cold, so I tossed another blanket on the bed, figured out how to work the radio, and sought to ignore the creaking sound of the bed springs. Morning would bring our first full day of this adventure.

I think that life in general has a way of doing this, if we look at it right. Life is an adventure, every single day, an adventure. If we know what is coming, we can prepare for those events. We can pack our bags with everything we think we need. We can look forward to easily, or find a way to be excited over what is ahead of us. Sometimes things will happen that dull that excitement. In the end though, we can find and enjoy the moments.

Eternity, is more than an adventure. It is important on how we plan on spending that time. There is no packing to be done, we won’t need anything we have now. Simply accept the gift of mercy, grace and forgiveness offered. Accept that Jesus is Lord, born to offer the aforementioned gifts. Understand the actions and works we do here, will lay up those treasures in Heaven. A forever time, never ending time, spent with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. No adventure could ever be greater.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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7 Responses to Looking Back To The Beginning

  1. elvira797mx says:

    Beautiful photo! Have a blesing day Rebecca.

  2. elvira797mx says:

    Sorry, Blessing day!

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