April Twelfth: Yesterday’s Adventures

Yesterday, was an interesting adventure.

Usually I am in no hurry to get dressed as usually I’m not going anywhere. I’m happy and content here in my own little house, drinking coffee and minding my own business. But..yesterday.

For what ever reason I decided to go ahead and get dressed early in the morning. After getting dressed, I was sitting here watching the cats and scrolling through the internet when I heard a large truck coming down our dirt road. Our narrow, one lane, dirt road. I stood and walked over to the door and watched as a large rollback (car hauler for those unfamiliar with the term) pulled up in front of the neighbor’s apartment. I immediately knew this was not going to be good. And I was right.

I watched as the driver of this massive truck tried to maneuver around to pick up the car. The driver pulled up into my parent’s yard and tried to back into place. When that didn’t work he pulled up into the yard-not the drive mind you- for the second time. This time not going as far, but still in the yard. He then parked the truck blocking the entire road. I then saw, what I knew would happen. My mother was crossing her yard and she was loaded for bear.

I hurried to alert my son and head him in that direction as I got the dogs into the house. I didn’t want them escaping and trying to join us. We got to the incident in action to hear my mother telling the driver, loudly, that he had driven in her yard. His, “but its only dirt” did not help. You could see the tracks deeply marring the ground a good fifteen or better feet into her yard. Even the neighbor whose car the guy was there to pick up come around and commented that wasn’t acceptable. He went and spoke with the rollback driver then returned to tell my mother that the drive would be over to speak with her in a moment. So we waited.

My mother is generally a very peaceful, almost soft spoken lady. All she asks for is respect. At this moment she was very unhappy. Because of something about the car it took a while for the driver to get it safely loaded. He then backed the truck out of the road so people could get by. Finally he walked over to where we waited. My son had gotten mom a chair so she was seated and we stood behind her. He asked who he needed to speak with and we motioned and told him it was her yard. The driver was apologetic, he knew he was wrong and should have asked. He also admitted that he thought the ground would be dry and harder than it was. He did repair the damage as best as he was able. I told him that I knew the yard didn’t look like much as me being the gardener I hadn’t been able to get out and correct damage done by winter yet. Still, all mom asked for was the respect of talking with her first. Which he understood.

I think, that is what most of us desire, to respect us as individuals, as people, as worthy. It doesn’t matter who we are, what our social, financial, career status many be. It doesn’t matter age, gender, educational level. We all want that respect and deserve that respect, until we do something that shows the individual to be unworthy.

Ah, but then yesterday kept going.

The other day my son and I purchased some of those metal fence posts to help sturdy up the wire fencing we have around the yard. The length of space between the posts was too great and when the dogs jumped on the fence, it was creating weak places. We decided that yesterday was the day to drive those posts into the ground. I went off in search of my dad’s mallet, but couldn’t find the thing anywhere. Mom and dad have several out buildings to store their stuff. In all honestly, from what I have seen, most of their stuff is simply items you hold onto simply for their history and nostalgia, not their monetary worth. Not able to find the mallet, we were going to need to come up with a substitute.

This is where it gets interesting and southern style risky. The posts are I think, seven feet long. My son needed something to stand on, so he rolled a large chunk of wood over. This thing is over two feet tall and maybe fourteen inches in circumference. For a hammer, he chose a cement block that was broken in half. Being his partner in this endeavor, I would hold the post until he got it driven in far enough to be steady while holding the fence wire away to prevent it becoming lodged in the post. This actually worked for a while. Then suddenly without warning, the block shattered, raining pieces down around us. Did this enlighten us to try and actually find a real hammer? Of course not. He simply needed a big rock. Which I found. We then finished the fence, driving in the final posts and zip tying the wire to the posts. Zip ties, not just temporary handcuffs.

Then, later yesterday.

The cats. I’ve mentioned often about the cats hanging around out back. Four are long term residents which have become friendly. Then, there are the others. Currently, I cannot afford to be the crazy lady cat cafe. There are two large orange cats that have shown up. I know they have to be part Maine Coon, they are that big. Then there is a grey almost black cat, and a dark grey and white. If I were working and had an income, I would not mind this so much. I would also have the money to have cats altered to prevent what I found…yesterday. Itty Bitty’s babies. Side note.. Itty Bitty was the smallest, and the only remaining, of the original four that showed up over a year ago. Hence the name.

Yesterday around noon, I happened to glance out the window and see Slash, the main male, all hunkered down in a submissive position. Searching the yard I saw one of the large orange cats all bowed up in attack position. It then went after Slash. Oh……..heck…no. I have since been trying to keep the orange cats away. I don’t know which one it was as they look identical, so neither can stay. I’ve started picking up the food dishes once the four have finished eating so there is at least that reason to visit gone. I do wish I had the money to get these cats altered but I don’t. I also don’t have the money to risk having them altered only for them to disappear for circle of life reasons.

At one point  I saw one of the orange cats go under the house through the hole in the foundation. This isn’t that big of a hole since it is for the cables but after a bit of squeezing it finally got through. I went around and opened the door to under the house. I didn’t see the orange cat as I wasn’t actually going to go under there..spiders..but it was then I found the kittens. I know they are Itty’s as Swoosh’s babies were different colors than these. She also had a near solid white kitten which wasn’t among these. Itty caught us trying to take photos of her babies so she knows that we have found them. She may move them again now but I hope not as they are very safe where they are. They are also as wild as they are cute. Now if we can, we need to find Swoosh’s kittens.

Yesterday I moved all but one of the plants I brought in last fall. I kept the best looking cactus inside but moved it over out of the way. I cleared an area in front of the windows so the dogs could get to them. Why? So they can watch the cats and cry. All they do is watch from inside, no barking, no trying to get through the window, simply this near silent stare down.

Some days are empty, lonely, boring. Some days are more exciting where you climb mountains, attend sporting events, or enjoy special moments with friends and family. Some days, are the normal adventures when you discover that not all adventures need be exhilarating and steal your breath away days. Each day though, should be lived and appreciated. Each day should be accepted and understood to be a gift. Especially when there are kittens.

This is Cricket, apparently wondering why I am disturbing her while she enjoys a nice large box.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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