April Third; I Respect Your Right

I respect your right to think differently.

I had made the comment over on social media about the issues with my neighbors playing music loud enough to be heard in the next county over. I did receive a few responses to the post. Comments on noise ordinances, a comment that if the music was too loud I’m too old, and comments about the police. Two said call, one said never call. The never call under the belief that the police (I refuse to use the term popo) are not to be trusted…ever.

I am not so naive to believe that all of the police are good. As I told one commenter, there are good and bad among all of us. I also understand that there are those who when you give them a little power, it goes to their head and they abuse it badly. There are those who do wrong intentionally, and those who screw up unintentionally but their mistake can and often does bring grave consequences.

The commenter who said never call the police, said that none are to be trusted. That is the same as saying that any group of people, are bad, simply because you do not trust or like them. You hear reports of people who think they can predict when Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, will return leading many people to do things that leave them in a bad position. There are reports of people who are placed in a leadership position over youth and they use that position to abuse others. Because of that, people want to say all organized groups faith based or not, are bad. We read reports of teachers grooming students to be able to abuse their trust, according to the commenter, that makes all teachers bad and not to be trusted.

That list could go on into infinity. Is suspicion wrong? No, not always. Is caution wrong? No, absolutely not. It does pay to be aware of what is going on around us and taking care not to fall victim of one bent on wrong doing. Just as the one with bad intentions looks for the right type to groom, the ones who are having a difficult time at home, the socially awkward, the ones who are insecure, so are there those who target types. And that, is wrong in itself.

As an older, single, caucasian , female, I don’t draw a lot of attention. I am your typical senior citizen taking care of their elderly parents. I don’t consume alcohol so you don’t see me purchasing beer or wine. I don’t smoke, or partake in any chemical substances. I have no tattoos. I use the manners and responsible actions I was taught and had deeply instilled within my makeup from a young age. Am I faultless? Oh heck no. Are the things I mentioned bad? Only when used in a way that causes problems to oneself or the public.

Are there officers who profile people? Unfortunately, yes. Is that wrong? Definitely yes. Just as individuals we should not immediately say that this person or that cannot be trusted simply because of who they are or their profession, the police should not immediately say this or that individual is up to no good simply because of who they are.

Back when I was working, I worked with a very diverse group of people. Most of them were absolutely incredible to know. To attempt to judge them or categorize them due to gender or race would not have worked because even as who they are as a group, they were also important as individuals. Shining in their abilities and personalities.

Back to the police. I shared part of an event(s) within the comments of that social media posts. I’ll add that here. Several years ago there was a mobile home across from my parents. The owner had health issues and addiction issues. When he was sober and on his medications he was an amazing individual. However he was easily taken advantage of by so called friends. He and others were hospitalized several times due to overdose. It was not unusual to see police and rescue in their driveway. Then, it reached a point where the guy began to act unstable. He began to make threats and the police were called. They talked to him, they calmed him down, they took him to come down off what ever he was on. Days later he was back. He stood across the road shouting threats at my dad and my son who was helping him work on something. Threatening to beat them up. My son was much larger and younger than this guy and my son is trained in martial arts. (Not sure how well he could do now after so many years out of training but then was different) He stood up, the neighbor backed down. A couple days later it began again. Screaming, shouting, threatening. The police were called by a neighbor. My parents didn’t want to call. The police did finally tell my parents if he kept it up, to call them. They would make a point to get here quickly. Then the real event,  He was walking up and down our dirt road screaming obscenities and swinging a wooden table leg. He destroyed my mailbox. He didn’t try to come into my yard though as he was terrified of my dogs. A neighbor called the police as my son told him to go home and calm down.

 I have no idea what the neighbor told the police, but it looked like an episode of cops. They swarmed the road and encircled his mobile home. They talked to him for almost an hour before he came out. He voluntarily went with them to the hospital. He was then taken to an assisted living residence of some sort. Mom swears that was his plan all along.

The point here, even as bad as this guy got, he was always treated with respect. Even with the shouting, the hiding, the threats, the police never hurt him. They could have gone in shooting, but they didn’t. The neighbor was a drug addict and well known trouble maker, one that could have easily been taken out, but wasn’t.

Not all police are bad. Not all preachers, teachers, bosses, mother in laws, are bad. But I respect your right to think differently.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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5 Responses to April Third; I Respect Your Right

  1. cindy knoke says:

    I like the way you think. It makes good sense.

  2. John says:

    I loved reading this, Rebecca. You and I think very much alike on these topics, it’s wonderful that the police didn’t go in with guns blazing, it would not be warranted. I’m also glad that you easily see through the ridiculous comments people make about the police. There are indeed good and bad police but I respect them anyway. Our “news” and social media have done so much damage to the public, and the devil laughs with delight, right? Sickening.

    • Thank you John. It bothers me when you see so many officers who lose their life in the line of duty, but yet all are villainized. It also bothers me to hear the term popo come out of an adult. A derogatory term meant to lessen respect. And yes, you are right in that the so called news and social media has really done a lot of damage.

      • John says:

        Popo is so ridiculous! Just like defund the police crap! Defund them so that these evil people these days regardless of age, can complete the destruction of this country even faster and easier. They want total, complete anarchy. And after every single thing is destroyed, then what? Do they all kill each other? And Earth becomes like Mars, just another dead world… Such a horrid thought, right!

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