Day Seventy-eight; Footnotes and Thoughts on Today’s Project

I hurt.

Today would have been so much easier if I had a tractor or other way to simply push that pile down the hill. But, I don’t so it was a slow, manual process. One I didn’t finish but did put a big dent in the mess.

The morning started out with the appearance of approaching storms. The cloud cover was heavy and the winds were strong.I waited until after lunch when the clouds seemed to be clearing but the wind was still rough. Molly of course being afraid of the wind spent a lot of time inside. Leaving both dogs inside, I headed out to start clearing away a mess that had been there for several years. Gloves on, headband holding hair out of my eyes, I pulled the garden cart out while grabbing the rake and hoe. My concern, was uncovering snakes. The hoe was going to allow me room to drag wood from the pile from a safe distance. I would then wrangle the wood onto my garden cart and haul it across the back yard to the hill behind the house.

At one point in my work, I stumbled over something hidden in the leaves. Not able to retain my balance I sat down very hard. Thankfully I landed on leaves and soft dirt. Uninjured I managed to get back up and dust off the leaves and dirt. I grew thirsty and went inside to grab a drink. I was greeted by a quiet dark. The power was out. The way the wind was blowing, I figured a tree had fallen on the line somewhere. Checking my phone I found the notification and the potential time for its being back on. Late in the afternoon. I figured I might as well go back outside and work some more.

Trip after trip, I traveled back and forth across the yard. Trip after trip the mess grew smaller and less. I did rake some but not a lot. The raking I did was mainly to clear away where I was working so to better help me see where I was reaching and where I was putting my feet. The way the wind was blowing it was almost a wasted effort but not completely.

At one point I received another email notification from the power company telling me the new estimated time of getting power was now hours later. I figured I should walk down and let mom know. As I walked into her house I saw the lights were on. She said the power came back out the minute I started to open the door. Shrugging I told her I needed to go back to work in the yard. When I started to head home I saw where the wind had blown trash  from the neighbors across into mine and my parent’s yard. Mom gave me a large trash bag so I went up and picked up the trash, tying the bag securely I placed it with the other trash they had piled next to the road. Walking back down my drive I returned to clearing the old wood away.

As it began to get late I decided I would go over to my little walking circle and try to finish reaching my goal of ten thousand steps. As I walked I noticed that more trash had blown across the road and was caught in my fence. After I had walked many times around I gave up and walked around the house. Walking up the drive and along the road I went to where the plastic and plastic bags were hung on plants. Gathering it all up I headed back down the drive where I tossed the stuff I had picked up into our trashcans. It wasn’t a lot and to have put it in with the neighbor’s trash I would have had to try and untie the bag I had filled. That was just too much trouble. As I headed toward the house I reached my step goal.

I had really hoped that when I began my project I would manage to get it completed. I wanted to be able to look at that location and see it cleared away and for the most part empty. As I worked I managed to scrounge up wood that was still usable. I stacked the usable carefully considering how often our projects can be lessons.

When I first found myself jobless I took the time waiting for that call back and began cleaning and clearing a yard that had been severely neglected. My yard isn’t as bad as it was then, but it does need work. As we live, we are constantly working on who we are. We are always seeking change, growth, accomplishments. There will be times when we will need to clear away the clutter. We will struggle at times, but it is in those struggles where that growth happens. It is when we work on ourselves, where we find our strength. When we seek knowledge and understanding we grown, mature and become better.

We clear away the mess that we have allowed to collect. Looking at the cleared, clean space, we have given ourselves room to grow and enjoy the improvement we have brought about. We simply have to put in the effort and work.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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5 Responses to Day Seventy-eight; Footnotes and Thoughts on Today’s Project

  1. I’m glad your fall wasn’t bad and boy I can see why you’d worry about snakes there! It looks like a place they’d love to be. 😳

  2. elvira797mx says:

    Thank’s for share dear Rebecca, you can do it, keep well.

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