March Fourteenth; A Chapter In The Story

What day is it? Other than it being Monday, bane to many, according to the National Day Today web site, it is a very diverse day indeed.

From the selection, I chose to write my story. But which part of my story? Which part can I share today?

Since I have registered to be part of Relay for Life and do have a fundraising page set up, the part of my story to share today, my cancer journey. Remember though, this was from fourteen years ago it isn’t current. So, if this is that long ago, why share? For the same reason I wrote about it back then, in case someone needs to see this. And as always the reminder that this is my story, my experience, my memories..

Right after my fiftieth birthday I was talked into going to a long overdue physical. Up until that time my doctor had told me not to worry about having a mammogram, this time was different. This doctor was an amazing individual, and I believe to this day that he sensed something. The mammogram was scheduled and I went, without a clue about what was to happen other than it was going to hurt. After the images were taken I prepared to go get dressed when I was told that since it was my first mammogram, not to be surprised if I was called back being they had nothing to compare image wise.

I did get called back and I went in with one of those this is nothing attitudes. An attitude that immediately shifted when they would take an image, disappear for a moment, return and take a different set of images only to disappear yet again. After several times of this happening I knew something was wrong. I was told to get dressed and wait as they wanted to do a different test..just to be sure.

Taken to a different room which was very cold and uncomfortable, the imaging was done and I got dressed and headed for home. I had been told I would be contacted. And I was.

A visit to see a surgeon who wanted to repeat the ultrasound imaging. Spotting something very small, she decided and explained how a needle biopsy was in order. Those hurt…badly, by the way. When that came back suspicious a surgical biopsy was scheduled. Going in for the results, was when I heard the formal words, you have cancer. Surgery was scheduled and I began to prepare for what was to come.

I won’t go into all the details, what I did, was have a lumpectomy. They went in, removed the cancer, a few lymph nodes and closed it all up. They got all the cancer and discovered it had not spread. I did however have to endure six weeks of radiation, five days a week. While making sure to rid anything that may resemble cancer, it also sucks all the energy from your body. By the time I had the last radiation treatment I barely had the energy to move. That, was the worst part of the medical ordeal.

The emotional part was feeling alone. I did receive a lot of cards from people who were praying for me and wishing me well. But there was no one physically with me. My own husband was distracted trying to find a job and I had to help with that. I went to all of my appointments alone. I faced the fears alone. There was one day that stands out in my memory. I was sitting in the waiting area, ready to go back as soon as my name was called. I sat there alone, watching people pass the cubicle were I waited. Whether they passed in groups or couples, there was someone with the patient. The abandonment I felt in being alone was very heavy that moment. Fear flooded my spirit and threatened to drown me. The feelings only lasted a moment before I found that inner strength and peace. Knowing that even as no one physically sat with me, I wasn’t alone.

I had joined a Relay for Life event. At that time it was still over night and was being held at a local high school football track. Long about two in the morning, during a moment of quiet, I was walking that track and understanding how I had been given another chance. An opportunity to share and let others know that cancer is not always a death sentence. Even as I have lost many family members and friends to cancer. It is for them, I Relay.

One thing I did, was to decide to try and take better care of myself. Get the exercise and sleep that I need. Eat better, more proper foods and food amounts. Less processed foods and more home cooking. Less red meat and more vegetables. Find ways to lessen stress or deal with the stress I faced. For the cancer and treatments, I was reactive. Since then I have been more proactive in my health. Not just the physical, but mental, spiritual, and emotional as well.

This, was just a chapter in my story. As long as I have days and continue this journey of life, I will have more chapters. Just as we all will. Chapters with lessons to learn and adventures to live.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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