Day Sixty; Footnotes on Differences

Well, as usual, that didn’t go as hoped.

I had hoped to take Bella and go hike Crowder’s Mountain. That didn’t happen. I asked mom if she needed to go to the bank, but she didn’t feel up to going. Dad however, wanted to know if I would come help him cut up wood for kindling. Yes, I will. Ignoring my dog Bella’s obvious disappointment, I headed for my parent’s place next door.

I walked down and helped get the saw out of the building. I have no idea what that thing is called. Table saw of some sort? Its mounted on its own stand. As soon as I had it in place and the drop cord stretched across the yard and plugged up I realized I had forgotten to bring my phone. I told them I was going after it I would be right back.

As I stepped into my house the phone was ringing. My son needing me to go after something for him. I told him what I was doing and that as soon as I finished I could do that for him. As soon as I walked back around the house dad was already cutting, he hadn’t waited. I spent the next hour or so helping him cut up the smaller wood. By the time I had dug all the smaller stuff out and we’d gotten it cut to size, he had a good size pile ready to be chopped smaller. Finished with the saw I moved it over closer to the house until someone came in who could help me get it back into the building. I could get it out, but it was too awkward to lift up into the building.

Back home I called my son and told him to send me a text message with what he needed me to go pick up for him to work on his bike after his work day was finished. As I was headed toward the cycle shop the texts came in. No, I didn’t look. I went into the shop and told them what I was needing. I even showed the man helping me my phone so he could read exactly what my son wanted. With one of the items he got some free thing. Paying for the parts, I headed for the place my son works. Parking I gave him the bag. He asked about the extra item. I told him they thought I was cute. The admitted that it was free with the one thing he bought. Asking if I could leave my car where it was parked, I then walked around to speak with another employee. They weren’t working today but I left some paperwork for them to look at in case the owner wanted to be a corporate sponsor for Relay for Life.

Back home I waited on time to go pick up a shirt I had ordered as a souvenir for our Thin Blue Line ride. I did remember the saw and got my nephew to help get it put away. I went around the house and walked several laps around my mini track. Finally it was time to head for the scheduled meeting.

I knew exactly where I was going, but going alone still had me nervous. But I arrived without incident and parked way back at the back of behind this cookie store. The lady I was meeting was on her way so I just sat back and listened to the radio until she arrived. Once she did and we exchanged money and shirt, I wandered up toward the front where she was meeting someone else. Someone who has a new jeep and needed the jeep tattooed. I hung around to watch, to chat and to watch small town activities. I was there maybe an hour and a half. Hanging out with friends, chatting about dang near anything, laughing a lot, was so much fun. I didn’t want to leave but, the sun was going down and I really hate driving in the dark. When I pulled down the drive my son had just arrived home. If he was surprised that I had actually gone somewhere, he hid it well.

I had brought a cookie home with me from the shop there in small town USA. Pouring a cup of coffee, after enjoying a slice of pizza I started on that cookie. I had avoided the shop due to feeling that once I started, I would be a regular customer. After finishing the one I brought home, I will be back down to small town after more.

My normal, calm, peaceful day. I hung out and laughed. I picked up a shirt and a cookie. I stood in small town, not far from the road and had no worries. No fears. No concerns. So different from what the people of Ukraine are facing. Tonight in my prayers, I will say thank you. Tonight, I will pray for those who are dealing with this battle, this invasion. I will pray for safety, for an end to this. As my heart weeps for all who have already been lost or injured. I sit here sipping herbal tea, the dogs stretched out near my chair, no worries. In Ukraine, it is so different. As the gunfire and explosions sound. As the citizens take up arms, determined to protect their homes, I sit here safe. As parents try to calm and reassure frightened children, I sit here listening to some babble on the television. So different, so very different.

A just filled bird feeder across from the cycle shop in the midst of a shopping center.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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