Day fifty-two; Footnotes of Strike Two and a Bit of Magic

Second attempt and still not fixed. The back up camera  on Star is hit or miss on working. It will work perfectly for a while, and then it won’t. I’ll have this blank screen until I shift into drive then everything is all hunky dory again. Friday they thought they had it repaired but no. I dropped it off today only for them to call around five this afternoon and tell us that the mechanic can’t get the camera to malfunction. My son tried to tell me that no, they would not think I was making it up as it happens all the time. Someone will come in with a problem only for the vehicle to be functioning perfectly for them. It happened back a life time ago when I was working. A machine would be malfunctioning and we would call the shop only for everything to be fine when they arrived. I always told the shop guys that the machines were afraid of them.

My son drove me over to the dealership where I talked with them, saying I would call and schedule a day to drop it off so they would have more time to check it out. Once we were home my son told me that he wasn’t hungry. I knew there was still the spaghetti and left over chicken that he likes in the fridge so I didn’t cook anything. I decided I would watch a movie…again.

I had purchased the DVD about a week ago and finally got to watch it for the first time yesterday.

I knew from watching the previews that I wanted to see the Disney movie Encanto. The big kid in me love kids movies and this one seemed as if it would be a good one to watch. It is.

I won’t say too much even as I would like to but I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen the movie. The thing is, I can identify with this movie. What the main character is dealing with is very familiar. Not the magic, well maybe not that particular magic anyway. I think that everyone has their own brand of magic within them. I do love how this movie works out issues between family members as well.

Most movies have a lesson to share, a moral to offer. Most though are more subtle. Or maybe they have simply been more I could simple empathize with the the characters. 

I feel that it is important to pay attention to everything around us as we take this journey. We can get a message, find a truth, learn a lesson in everything. If we pay attention. I wasn’t expecting to find anything other than an enjoying moment of escape in this movie. I found the reminder that we all are seeking to find our personal gift. We are seeking ways to fit, to help, to be a part. Obviously the big kid in me likes this movie. I also give it a big thumbs up for many reasons.

When you don’t have a streaming service

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2 Responses to Day fifty-two; Footnotes of Strike Two and a Bit of Magic

  1. Do you have ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’? That’s another good one.

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