February Sixteenth; Love in Various Forms Remains

I’ve been sitting here sipping coffee and watching the morning pass by outside my window. The cats were fed long ago and the dogs are in and out this morning. The fire had almost gone out in the wood stove and it took what seemed like forever to get it burning again. There are days like that in all things. Something falters, and you have to struggle to get it going again.

Whether it is following your dreams, liking a job, a relationship, faith, life in general. The following are two examples of love. They were part of the listing of memories that showed up for this day, for two different years. Buddy left us a while back to cross the rainbow bridge and many know my husband has been gone nearing five years now. Still, the love remains and echos through time, memories and heart.

From 2016:

Our older dog Buddy is an outside dog. He always has been, even though housebroken he prefers outside. Out there he can see what is passing by, he can smell all the wonderful odors, and he can hear the sounds of all the woodland wildlife as they cross the backyard. Out there, he has the whole outdoors. (He also has not one but two dog houses filled with shavings and fabric doors to choose from.)

The thing is, outdoors also has something called thunder and thunder (and gunshots and fireworks) frighten Buddy. When I know there is going to be someone hunting or target practicing, I bring Buddy in. When it is the time of year for fireworks, I bring Buddy in. when I hear a storm approaching, yes, I bring Buddy in. He prefers our small bathroom with the exhaust fan and the radio on covering the noises from outside.

Last night around midnight, I heard Buddy trying to move one of the doghouses to get to the window to my bedroom. I tried to ignore it at first thinking he would quiet down and go to sleep. When he didn’t I heard what the radio playing behind me had been covering, thunder. Not loud, not close, but still thunder and Buddy was frightened. I pushed the pile of blankets off and rose from the bed. In bedclothes and slippers I went out into the rain and got Buddy and brought him inside. He made a bee line for the bathroom, turned and gave me that “Thanks, I’m good now” look and settled in. I didn’t even have to turn anything on, he was inside out of the rain and away from that scary thunder and he knew he was safe. He could now rest in peace, (and so could I)

Where do you run to when you’re in a scary situation? Where is your shelter, the fortress that protects you from harm? Who rescues you to the point that you can turn, and smile with that, “thanks, I’m good now” look? Where, is your place of peace?


Day 47– page 47 in faith

If you’ve read much of what I share on here, sooner or later you will see that I am unashamedly Christian. While it has never been my intention to be -in your face- or shove it down your throat, but I won’t hide it either. There have been times, when I have had people tell me they aren’t religious, but then, neither am I.

Religion is rules and laws and you must and must not. I walk in faith. I walk, knowing that no matter what, I am not ever alone. I am human, I will have those moments when I feel alone, when I feel abandoned, when I hurt from the sadness. Even then, I know, all I need do, is reach for the hem of the robe, of the One who died for me. Besides that, being Christian means being indwelled by the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Helper, Guide.

There have been times in my life, that when I look back, I see how I should not be here, but am. At twenty something, I was electrocuted. The doctor gave mom this list of things that had I come into contact with them, it would have killed me. Every, single, one of the things on his list, were within reach. I was in a very bad relationship before I met my husband. I don’t discuss that one. I’ve been in a couple of automobile accidents and there have been many near misses.

Months after I turned fifty, I was diagnosed with cancer. This I’ve shared many times. Every day, I walked. I walked the same path every time. Every day, there was something different waiting on me. Every day, when I felt tired to the point of giving up, when it was all I could do, to keep moving. The strength and peace came.

But that, was eleven years ago, what about now?

Some know, some don’t. Almost two years ago, I lost my husband of thirty-two years. He was a long haul truck driver who was out of state when he was called to his heavenly home. From the moment I got the call, during the battle to get him home until now, it has been a frustrating, lonely, painful journey. One that I couldn’t have done,without my walk in faith. It has sustained me during the worst of times, helped me grow during the best.

My walk, isn’t a long list of do this, don’t do that. My faith, teaches love. My faith, my walk, teaches and practices compassion. My walk, my faith, shows me, that I am no better than any other, nor am I an lower. I am never alone. Even, when the human side of me, feels alone.

Every walk, is a personal walk. There is one central belief, that Christ is the Son of God, born and died, yet rose again so that we may be free.Just as every person is individual, so is their walk. Each seeking the Lord in their own way. Each learning and growing as they go. We are all just travelers making our way through life. We all travel a road, it is up to us, to decide which road.

I don’t walk a religious walk, practicing rituals and rules. I walk in prayer and peace. While I do not smoke or drink alcohol, that doesn’t mean I don’t have any fun. that doesn’t mean I’m sitting up here judging others, I’m not, its not my job..my job, is to love and share love.

May we always know love in its various forms. May we know the peace that it brings as well as the joy. May we understand that with love, there will come moments of grief when we lose someone important. It is a part of loving and being loved. May we know and hold close true love and may we share it freely and readily.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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