Day Forty-six; Footnotes Considering Shifting Plans

I made a mistake, I had a plan.

My mother called me just before lunch today. Her first question was to ask me what I was doing this afternoon. “I don’t know, why?” My plan of doing some much needed housework that had been neglected, got put back on the shelf. I was now going to the big box store after lunch. In that conversation it was decided that dad would ride along. He needed a pair of shoes, and after hearing the story of the last time he purchased a pair of shoes, there was no way we were going to try that without him.

My son came in for lunch and while he was home mom called and said that my brother was on his way to fix a wobbly table could we go after he leaves. Of course. My son returns to work, I get mostly ready and hurriedly fix myself something to eat. I was almost ready to go when she called to let me know my brother had left. I told her that I would be there shortly.

When I pulled in their drive mom walked out alone. She had talked dad into not going this trip. It was okay either way, as it is, he will need to go look for shoes eventually. It doesn’t take long to get to the store and get parked. We go into the store and there was an employee offering masks. My mother asked if they had any of the new free ones. She did, and actually gave her one for her, one to take to dad and one for me. I haven’t worn a mask since my son and I went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra but I took it because, well, one never knows.

My mother had a list. We still ended up wandering around in this pattern that reminded me of that cartoon when the kids would circle the neighborhood every way possible and a few that seemed scientifically impossible. While that straight line would have taken them to their destination within minutes. Still, she kept thinking of or remembering items not on her list. Finally she decided she had all she needed and we went to check out.

We were able to get checked out by one of our favorite people. Conversing some while getting everything out of the cart onto the belt, off the belt back into the cart. Once everything was paid for we headed out.It didn’t take long to get her back home and everything inside. Once I was back home I prepared some coffee and rested a while. But the stuff that needed to be done, kept calling to me.

I finished putting away laundry. I cleared out some of the shelves in the bathroom and got newly laundered towels and wash cloths back onto the shelves. I got the living room though I did not get the floor vacuumed. I did manage to get the kitchen almost finished. Then my son came in from work and mom called. She asked me if I had something that I had already told her I didn’t but I answered anyway. Its all good.

What isn’t good is that a cereal that my dad loves, may no longer be available. No one has any and I saw in two different unofficial, online comment threads that it has been discontinued. I hope not as he loves that cereal. I may try to contact Kellogg tomorrow just for confirmation or to find out when it may be available again.

Its interesting and been an interesting day. I saw that today was Singles Awareness Day. I didn’t celebrate it in anyway, actually only acknowledging it in this write. If we think about it, no matter the status, everyone is important. Whether we are in any form of a relationship or not, we are important and have value. We are not less if we are single, being single offers possibilities that one who is in a relationship does not have.

I had plans. I planned on growing old with my now late husband. I planned on working right up until my full retirement age. I planned on doing housework early today. There are times when those plans get changed. We need to be adaptable, being flexible and ready to change and adapt those plans to the new purpose.

Today, I managed to take care of mom’s needs. I helped her take care of dad’s needs. I took care of home responsibilities and supper for my son. It was a busy, shifting, productive day. I have come to believe that days like today are to teach me to be less rigid and more flexible. To be ready to shift to the less important to the essential. I think I’m learning.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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5 Responses to Day Forty-six; Footnotes Considering Shifting Plans

  1. elvira797mx says:

    Amazing flowers Rebecca. You ca do it, be happy.
    Have a wonderful time!
    Take care.

  2. Never heard of Singles Awareness Day. To bad we don’t celebrate it, here.

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