February Thirteenth; The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

I’m sitting here listening to the rain falling and my windchimes playing. Both are a gentle, calming sound. One that is welcomed and appreciated. Yesterday was one of those hit the floor running days that didn’t stop until I finally rested my head on my pillow at close to midnight. So the calm beginning is received as a gift.

I did sit here and watch today’s church service online. I’m still coughing so felt it best to remain home. Even as I do miss attending the service in person, as there is a difference, but I don’t wish to be a concern to anyone should the coughing start. But, just as I noticed that for the longest time on the task bar of my computer it kept telling me that rain was to start and once it began immediately switched to rain to stop, so will my coughing spells eventually stop. I’ve been here before, every season actually. Something, this time a large amount of dust, will trigger my allergies and I will go through several weeks of working through the variety of symptoms until they finally work their way out and over.

But I’m sitting here reading that ‘rain to stop’ and considering it in a different perspective. Those moments when rain as in sadness appears. Those times when rain as in loneliness shows up. Those periods of when rain as in grief clouds your sunlight. It will end. Just as those moments of rain, just like the summer storms or spring showers, they will begin again, but they always will for a time end.

No matter what your situation, whether you are alone due to having lost your spouse or partner, whether you are suffering a divorce or break up. Whether you are single by choice or circumstances, it will come. Whether you have been single for a long while or a few hours, you will face a degree of rain.

Days like the approaching Valentine’s Day don’t help. There are those who have the strength and ability to let the day slide on by as just another retail marketing ploy. There are those who see it as a slap in the heart reminder they are alone. Then there are those who feel a little of both sides. But the rain will stop, and each individual can find a way to send the storms and sadness on its way yet again.

Circumstances may not allow one to adopt a pet, but you can go to many shelters and volunteer to walk dogs. Showing them some of the love they don’t receive.

Get outside. Take hikes in nature, prepare to plant and when the time is right, plant a garden. Flowers for the emotional or vegetables for physical well being.

Spend time near water. Allow the ripples and current to carry any sadness and longing away.

Find a place to star gaze. Look deep into the universe and dream.

Sit near a small bonfire. If you live in a place where you can have one, purchase a small fire pit or build one, and spend time sitting near it watching the flames and listening to the sounds.

If it is safe, sit outside at night and listen to the sounds around you, feel the peace.

Immerse yourself in a good book, movie or music. Music does sooth the savage beast and heal a hurting spirit.

Spend time with those who are good for you, be it family or friends.

Find your way, that will be the umbrella you need, the shelter and healing of your momentary storm and pain. Seek out what is best, what works best for you and allow that to be your rainbow after the storm. Understanding that sadness is something we all will face from time to time. Grief and loneliness will show up to cloud the day blocking the sunlight, but it is temporary. Because we find ways to make it such. Because we know that as Annie sings, the sun will come out tomorrow, we simply need to wait out the rain. Not resigned but in a proactive manner. Not by allowing ourselves to be pulled under to the point of near drowning, but by swimming and never giving up. We will walk through valleys, but if we look for the flowers along the way, if we look for positive things when we reach the mountain top and see the sunlight, we will realize how much we learned and how much stronger we have become.

We may be single, but never alone. On one of my dark moments, someone reminded me that God is always with me, His Spirit indwells and walks with me. That in itself brings a great peace to my heart. I may not receive flowers, chocolate or jewelry tomorrow, but I have the knowledge and understanding of the greatest gift, and a love that never ends. Of a Savior who died for me, Who rose again to defeat death and pay the price of sin. Whose love endures forever.

Let tomorrow come. Let the festivities be carried out and love shine. Because I know, love is like a box of chocolates, you never know all the ways it will show up. Even as you know the one definite. Just as you know in that box is chocolate, in God there is love.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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6 Responses to February Thirteenth; The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

  1. John says:

    I am single by choice and like this chosen lifestyle but it can be very difficult at times. Not for everyone! I hope your weather improves soon, your state seems to be located in the Flip Flop zone where it gets hit with warm and cold frequently.

    • Like yourself I have chosen to remain single, though there are moments when company for coffee and conversation would be nice, just go back to your own home.
      The weather definitely has a mind of its own and it loves to flop around. The upcoming week’s temperatures look like a roller coaster with all those ups and downs..but at least we get very little frozen stuff and low extremes are rare.

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