Day Forty-one, The Struggle Is Real

I won’t do that again…at least for a while anyway.

My mother had asked me yesterday if I had plans on going to the big box store today. (Not the doctor, that’s another day) So yeah, I had plans to go to the big box store.

On the way I stopped to get gas for the car since I was going to be making so many trips in the next few days. While there we went to a different store to see if they had a large bag of the bird seed she uses to fill the feeders in her yard. Here, is where I made my mistake. I asked if she wanted me to drop her off at the door and I would go park the car. She thought that was a good idea. That would cut down somewhat on the amount of walking for her. I let her out, and find a relatively close parking spot. I go into the store expecting to see mom waiting. No mom. So I walk into the store and start across the front thinking I’d walk up on her soon. I didn’t. I then began walking down aisles, back up aisles. I go back to the entrance. The guy even asked if I were trying to leave, nope, I lost my mother. Concern was growing as I wondered where she had disappeared to in the store. Back inside I start down another aisle, she isn’t there so I go back to the front and start across in a way that allows me to see down the rows. Finally spotting her walking up toward me. I meet her and she tells me that she thought she would go ahead and look for the bird seed but couldn’t find any. We moved about two rows over and found where it was staged.

 We go up front and get checked out and head out toward the car. Now, this is a fifty pound bag of seed. I lifted it into the buggy and I could get it in the car if push come to shove. However, as we crossed the parking lot, I noticed an employee of the store headed toward us. So, I politely asked if he had a moment and could help me get the bag into my jeep. Not only did he walk with us to my Jeep, he walked in a way that protected mom from any approaching traffic. Once the bag was in the car he said a cheerful goodbye and headed back into the building.

 We then get to the big box store and head inside. The adventure continued.

 Dad wanted a ‘flat, square pillow’ a seat cushion. We head into the store, together, and start toward where the pillows were. On the way I saw a display of tulips in a Valentine’s Day display. I happen to like myself and think myself worthy so I bought myself a tulip.

 It took us a moment to find the pillows that dad was talking about because the stock was limited and were on the far end of the aisle from where we walked. When we found them and were making a choice, my phone rang. My son was calling me to ask why his grandpa had called him to tell him that my nephew was splitting wood in our yard. Because he said he would? Mom had found a pillow so we made our way through the store finding the other things that she wanted. Like a soda in two different size bottles. Not two liter but I think its twenty ounce and eight ounce. I could be wrong so don’t hold me to those amounts. The twenty comes in a six pack while the eight ounce in eight..maybe? There was only once each and they were all the way back to the very back of the shelf. For one I had to step up on the bottom shelf and climb into the shelving. I had to reach inside for the other as well but do no climbing. The things we do for those we love. Dad wanted a certain kind of cookie, we finally managed to find it, on a shelf that was above mom’s head. She could reach the cookies but I asked her to let me get them anyway so as not to risk dropping the bag on her head.

 I had picked an item or two along the way so that I could get some cash. We’re in line and as soon as I could, I began placing her items on the belt. Once all hers were in place, I put in a divider and had my couple of things waiting. Then, disaster struck. That square pillow, had nothing on it to get the price. No bar code, no numbers, nothing. The lady checking us out was trying to find the pillow on her phone. Mom asked if I would go see if there was another pillow back there. Back there being half way across the store. But of course mom. And I was off and nearly running. I’m betting if security watches through cameras they were watching what this crazy woman was doing nearly running through the store. I did find another pillow/ cushion like the one she had chosen and I was off and running again. Back in line I see that the employee had walked over to customer service for help, she saw me and came back. We got all checked out and started toward the door. I hope they fixed that other cushion so that there wouldn’t be a repeat performance later.

 I get mom and our purchases in the car, park the buggy in the cart corral and head for the dollar store to see if they had wrapping paper or gift bags for an upcoming shower. They only had extra large bags and wrapping paper for the wrong gender. I hurried back to the car and was ready to head for home.

 Once there I see that my nephew and his son were still splitting wood in my yard. I walked up and asked if one of them could help me get that big bag of bird seed into the house. His son walked down and carried it in for me. As I followed him I heard my mother asking the question she had said that dad would ask. If they were next.. I pulled my car up to my drive and walked up to where they were splitting the wood. They had everything finished splitting and even had it stacked carefully. I told him, but I do hope he understands how thankful I am for all the work that he did for me.

 I collected some of the bark that had come off the wood they had split and I carried it down to mom’s in that garden cart. That gave her a good supply of kindling, some outside and her kindling box in the house filled. I got a load of wood and bark down to the house and onto the porch. I’ll try to get out there tomorrow and gather up the rest of the bark and put it in something that I can move out of any possible winter weather that may or may not be coming.

Is there a point in my sharing all of that? Yep.

We do what we must, we do what we should, for those we love. Readily, gladly, with love.

As children, my parents took care of me and my brothers. Teaching us, sheltering us, guiding us through life. Making sure we knew and had what we would need as adults. They sacrificed in many ways to provide for us. Often in ways that we would not realize at the time what they were doing without or giving up for us. Looking back, we can see much more clearly. They did what they had to, what they could do, for us. How could I now, not do that for them?

One thing that amazes me, that brings a great joy, is watching others who step up and go out of their way to help and show love and compassion. The gentleman helping me with the bag of seed. The lady on the register trying so hard to get the cost of that pillow, my nephew making sure mom and I, have wood. The struggle is real, but then at times, most times, so is the love.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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