February Fourth; Thoughts of Handling the Storms

Outside my windows the world appears dark and miserable. The clouds thick, creating a barrier preventing any bright rays of sunlight getting through. This giving the landscape a depressed feeling. I can see the trees swaying in the wind, caught up in a dance as old as time. It is warm this morning, I’ve allowed the fire to burn low, eventually it will go out and I can remove the ashes that was once trees like those I see outside. Above the trees a hawk circles, seeking a meal. The outside cats having been fed earlier are playing in the yard during this intermission from the rain. This is temporary. This storm system will pass on and the sun will break through the clouds as they depart. The sky will be clear and bright and chase away the dreary feelings brought on by the rain.

I’m sitting here, safe in my home. It is dry, it is warm, the lights bring that artificial brightness. I have my coffee and I have examples on how to face the storm.

My dog Molly and I are inside. We are comfortable sitting here looking out through the windows at the current situation. We see it, not ignoring that it is going on. Accepting that it is happening while understanding it will pass. We are content and at peace, even as we wish for a better, brighter time. We are making the best of this time. Molly napping and I am writing, creating, virtually visiting those I know through social media. It is a relaxed busy.

My other dog Bella went outside earlier to meet the day head on. She walked out the door and across the yard. Patrolling the yard and making sure that all was well. I can see her through the door, comfortably placed near the gate on guard for what ever may appear. She is prepared to stand up to anyone or anything she deems a threat. I know she cannot protect us from the weather, but she can from those man made storms.

The cats, are having a wonderful time playing. Jumping, dancing, chasing something or nothing. Simply enjoying the moment together. While there is no rain falling currently, I have in past moments, watched them happily playing in the rain. Ignoring the fact they were getting wet while they had their fun.

The hawk that was just below the clouds and yet high above the trees, circling and looking teaches me that we should always be on the lookout. Always searching for change, for better, for the food of knowledge and understanding.  It is out there, we need only to search constantly. To put ourselves in a vantage point that we are able to see what it is we need see, hear what we need hear, and grasp what it tells us.

We are going to face storms in our life. There are going to be those moments when the clouds are thick and heavy and block the sunlight and sky. We can find ways to deal with them.There is always a way to deal with what we are facing. Whether the storm is one of fear, of grief, of addiction, of financial, social, illness, any amount of sadness and depression whether due to illness or circumstances, there are ways to get through. There is no shame is reaching out to others for help. There is no shame in mental illness as it is an illness just as physical problems are.

One of the reasons Molly is still inside, Molly is afraid of the wind. She doesn’t understand what it is, and why suddenly those things on the porch, the windchimes, are making all that noise. I think that many times we are afraid. We don’t understand why life has become so dark, grey, miserable. We don’t know how we can get through the dark to find the light that waits beyond. We don’t fully understand what the noise is, so we find somewhere to hide. Hoping it will just stop.

Many times we may feel empty. That there is nothing within, and nothing around us as we attempt to survive in what feels like a vacuum. Void of anything but hopelessness and despair.

The cats have it right. While I have seen that they don’t always get along with each other, they also draw on each other. In those moments, they reach out and play. They reach out and snuggle together. They see the storm and face it together.

We need to do that. We need to know we can reach out to others. We need to know that everyone has those moments in the storm when they need someone to be there. Someone who will listen when there is a need to talk. Someone who will sit in comfortable silence when there are no words. Someone who will be there to light the candle in the dark. Someone who will dance with you in the rain. Too often now we think that we need to have this wonderful life. That it has to be all sunlight and flowers. Excitement around every corner. Many attempt to create this  life, trying to live up to it because they see what others share and believe that is how it is supposed to be. Always happy, always smiling, always living an adventure. Not realizing that many times it is simply a facade, not always real, not always so bright. Because no one wants to admit they are less than perfect, even as we all are.

I’ve watched the cats dance and play in the rain. We may not always feel like dancing, but we can stand in the rain and allow the sadness its time, then watch as it moves away. We find ourselves still standing, damp, maybe soaked, but standing. We are stronger, more at peace.  It is even better, when we have invited a friend to help us in that dance.

A promise, This too, shall pass.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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3 Responses to February Fourth; Thoughts of Handling the Storms

  1. Okay, where it has a link that says home.. that is the link to the suicide prevention page. 1-800-273-8255

  2. John says:

    The opening paragraph reminds me of Michigan weather, dark and dank so much of the year. Thank God for a warm home!

    • Oh yes! Its actually 62 here at the moment. I was afraid that I would be dealing with the dampness from outside seeping in but so far no. I am still hoping that no one wants me to go anywhere today as I have become quite content sitting right here 🙂

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