February Second; Seeking Truth and Life.

This morning when I stepped outside to feed the cats I spooked something that was at the edge of my yard. I’m thinking it was a deer from the sounds it made tearing off down through the woods. There is also the fact that the cats were there on the steps, unconcerned of the mystery visitor leading me to believe it wasn’t something out for them. They notice all things in their territory. I hate I missed it but it isn’t the first time.

I’m seeing two things repeatedly today, the groundhog and numbers.

Apparently the official, first and more well known ground hog, saw its shadow this morning. Which means that a lot of boos and hisses have been going on. While I do realize it is all in fun, a distraction from winter and other things, some folks take this much too seriously. That or at least give that impression. Threats of groundhog stew run rampant. Personally, I’m going to look at it this way, first, I’m not placing my future plans on a rodent. Second, if its wrong, and the weather is nice, we will be pleasantly surprised. But again, as an adult, I do realize this is an all in fun tradition. It isn’t really meant to be a prediction. At least I hope not.

Then there is the numbers. 2/ 02/ 2022. Not Tuesday, but two’s day. It would have been hilarious if it had fallen on a Tuesday. I realize that a lot of people follow numerology. It isn’t my “thing” but what ever. Then while scrolling along social media, I see a meme that talks about all those twos being a super charged portal thing. One can expect all manner of wonders to happen, if you set your beliefs high or some such. I’ll go back and see if I can find the thing. I did find it, but decided not to share here.

There are a lot of beliefs out there. There are a lot of people ready and willing to express those beliefs. Even if those beliefs are wrong to the point of incredulity. It is when those beliefs are shared by people who have followers, that it becomes an issue. It doesn’t matter the subject because there are people twisting the facts and turning them into what they want them to be in all things. Politics, health, religion, history, all are fair game to those who seek to make it work for their benefit.

But, truth.

If one seeks out what is true, the whole, pure truth, life is changed. It is not an easy thing to find though. Too many have worked to hard over the course of time to subvert and alter facts. Maybe out of their own ignorance, thinking that others would not be able to handle or understand the real facts. Maybe for their own personal gain. Think Holocaust, think Trail of Tears, think anything that would cause one group to seek the destruction or altering of another. Think indiscriminate genetic modification of  plants. This list could go on into infinity as so many have sought to alter, to eradicate, to create a submission to the will of others. This, as none of my posts, is not meant to be political. It is a word bleed, meant to be thought inducing, truth seeking, fact finding seed planted.

Truth, facts, honesty. When the seeds are planted and tended properly, will grow. Not only grow, but thrive.

Last summer I noticed a pepper plant growing in a flower pot. I had planted one there the summer before, but not that summer. The plant had sprung up from a pod or pods that had fallen from the plant. I periodically checked this plant over the summer. When fall arrived with the threat of temperatures falling, I brought the plant down to the house. I eventually brought it inside.

I placed the potted pepper plant on a table near the window. Here it gets the morning sunlight. Every so often I water it with water supplemented with plant food. This plant has not only lived when all of the other vegetable plants left outside surcumed to the cold, it has thrived. Given the nutrients needed, it lives and is strong. There are even more pepper plants coming up around the adult plants. I am anxiously awaiting Spring’s arrival for many reasons. One of which is to take this plant back outside and watch to see it bloom again, producing the fruit of the vine, it is intended.

We can do that not only for others, but for ourselves as well. Placing ourselves in a protective area and making sure that our hearts and minds, our very spirit and beliefs are fed the proper nutrients. Feeding our minds with knowledge and truth. Feeding and growing into understanding of the facts, being able to separate those from the fiction that has been spread. Feeding on what brings a togetherness not only with those close to us but also those who are around us, no matter how distant. A coming together in compassion, in understanding, in acceptance that while there are differences, the fact remains that we are human, we are brethren in heart.

When we feed our hearts, minds, spirit with truth and compassion, we are growing and spreading good seed. The ones that grow on fertile ground. The ones that produce greatness.

There is another plant(s) near this window. When my brother died a couple of years ago, where I once worked sent a flower arrangement. From all appearances, it was cut plants. It was really nice and appreciated. Later, I was given this arrangement. I placed it out back on the steps where I could see it and hoped that the morning sun would help it last longer. This was before the cats. Surprisingly, parts of this plant not only lasted, it still lives today. Not only living, but thriving. One part has grown over a foot in height and a vine has grown from it that now wraps partly around the shelf it is near.

Even those that have been cut off and separated can live, grow and thrive. With the right care and nutrients. One can create and send roots down into the soil of learning and truth as they reach for the sunlight of faith and hope. Allowing no one to cause you to be afraid or ashamed for seeking truth and honesty. Do not allow them to divert you from the proper path. Seek that truth. My son ordered something recently that arrived today. As I walked out to meet the delivery driver he asked if *first name* lived here. When I said yes, he asked what his last name was. He sought information and facts. He sought truth so as to not leave a package where it did not belong. Do not leave your package, your heart, your life where it doesn’t belong. Seek that truth, seek life.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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  2. Love your last sentence!

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