January Thirtieth; We Are, What we Consume

I had planned on attending church today.I need to get back in there before I lose my favorite place to sit.  However I woke up with my allergies acting up and no daytime medicine handy. I figured me sitting there with the sniffles and occasional cough would not be appreciated. I know what it is, but with the many mutations and symptoms of the virus being the same or nearly the same as innocent bugs, I felt it best to stay home. I’ll watch the video online when I won’t be disturbed. I was trying to watch it live but my son wandered in here at least three times making that impossible.

My son did go out and get us a breakfast biscuit from a new gas station in town. He thinks they are really good. I think it tastes like one would imagine as gas station biscuit to taste. It was edible though, just barely.  When he got back home from going after them he told me that Moe, one of the cats was across the dirt road under the neighbor’s van. I told him that Slash had been all the way down at his grandparent’s place. I may give them some food and water and even allow them to live under the house, but they aren’t mine. They are still strays at heart so they are going to wander.

While my son was gone, I had changed out of my sleepwear and into something more daytime appropriate and warm. Dressed for the day and what it would bring.

I share all of that because of what is on my mind.

We are what we consume. It may be in the name of entertainment, it may be a distraction or a way of finding relaxation. No, watching horror movies isn’t necessarily going to cause us to wander off and kill someone, though for some, it may. Those who are teetering on the brink, may fall off on the wrong side. The thing is, what ever we put into our system, does effect us. If we allow the wrong things to distract us from the right things.

If we sit and watch hours of the news being told, read the countless articles out there, it can and will create stress and fear within our heart. If we look at all the so called celebrities and enfluencers, we can get a distorted view of how we should look or act or think. If we listen to those who seek to divide and conquer, that is what is going to happen, is happening.

It is important that we put the right things into our head and heart. We need to seek truth. We need to search out the honest. We need to fill our heart with love and compassion for others. We need to seek out what will bring us together, becoming stronger, better, more able.  We need to find our faith and seek a relationship with God. We need to spend time in His word and with His people.

It is true that there are those of us, who will wander. We know where we are safe. We know Who feeds and protects us, Who provides that Living Water. And yet, there will be temptations that cause us to stray. The good thing, is knowing we will always be called back. We will always be welcomed back.
I dressed this morning to be warm physically. I also need to wrap my heart and spirit in His Word. I need to dress in the armor of God: https://equationofhope.com/how-to-dress-with-the-armor-of-god/


Whether we like it or not, whether we intend for it or now, others are watching us. They see how we act, they see what we consume, they see the outside us. The outside us, shows what we are putting inside. Like that biscuit. It satisfied a physical hunger though it wasn’t the healthiest of choices and had little real taste. It is when we put the right things into and on our body and spirit, we become the best person. We become healthier in more ways that physical. And that, is what is important.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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1 Response to January Thirtieth; We Are, What we Consume

  1. John says:

    Don’t watch the so-called news anymore, you’ll feel better! And don’t eat gas station food, yuk. 😂

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