Day Twenty Seven Footnotes One More Time

And yet again, but.

We are being told that another winter weather event is heading our way. We are also being told that it is going to be a lot colder this time around. I’m not sure (yes, I am) if I’ve mentioned that I do not like cold temperatures. I do not like cold temperatures. But, I know there is nothing I can do about it other than simply prepare and endure.

If, there is any accumulation with this one, they are saying maybe an inch of snow. For many places that isn’t much at all. For us, those who are not all that accustomed to this, it is a nightmare. Runs on items at the grocery stores are a running, frustrating joke for many. For others who can’t jump and run at the first report, are left struggling to find needed items.

There is always the concerns over loss of electricity. It doesn’t matter whether one is a city dweller or living in rural areas. Everyone is at risk when the storms come through. Many without an alternate source of heat should the power go out. Many without a way to prepare a warm meal. If the roads are bad, they are trapped at home, trying to endure.

Of course if it does snow, and if it does accumulate, the kids and kids at heart, will love every minute of the snow. Snow does have a fun side. Building snowmen, igloos, snow sculptures, snow cream, and obviously sledding.

It isn’t so much the predictions of more snow that concerns me so much, it is the temperatures they are saying is coming. Like, in the teens. How many blankets can I get on my bed and how many layers of clothing can I get on and still be able to move?

Right around noon today, my son called and asked if I were home and if I were busy. Yes and no, what do you need. He had the most difficult time asking if I would bring him lunch as he wasn’t going to be able to leave. It was like pulling teeth getting him to finally tell me what he wanted. If I had time. If I didn’t mind. If I would, but if I didn’t want to or couldn’t that was fine too. I did go get him the lunch he wanted and take it to him. He thanked me even as he hated asking. I told him we could work out a trade by splitting wood. It was then he mentioned contacting a mutual acquaintance and ask if they had any wood. I told him I would try. He knew what I was concerned over.

What worried me, was the amount of wood I had left. I have some that is too big, but the hours my son works and how many things my dad asks him to do on his day off, makes splitting that difficult. It wasn’t easy, but I reached out to a friend asking if they had any wood, and thankfully they did. I watched for their arrival, even bringing the dogs inside early. If I had waited for their arrival it would have been much more difficult as the dogs want to make sure anyone in the driveway knows they are seen and entering the yard would not be wise. Once the individual arrived I went out and helped unload and stack the wood.

 I had managed to move my son’s trailer that he uses to haul the trash off. I had seen him move it so I was hoping it wasn’t too heavy and it wasn’t. I moved it out of the way and placed pallets on the ground in preparation for the wood. When the individual arrived we unloaded the wood and stacked it, covering it with a tarp. Mom walked up to see what was going on. I’m not sure whether it was her curiosity or dad’s or both, but she walked up and spoke for a few moments before turning to go back home. I talked with the individual for a couple more moments of various things before they headed off for their next venture of the day. Not long after I came back inside the house mom called to let me know she had got home safely. She was glad I had been given the wood, she had been worried and felt guilty because I had given her part of the wood I had. She knows too, that I would do it again.

I understand why my son has such a difficult time asking for help. He’s like me. I have the most difficult time asking for help. I am one who tries their best to take care of their own needs. My family has taught me to do my best to be self sufficient. It is hard admitting when you can’t do something, when your limits have been reached and you need help. There is also the not wanting to be a bother or feel as if you are taking advantage of others. This person didn’t make me feel in any way as if they thought I was taking advantage of their generosity. They were doing what we are told to do, take care of others. Provide for the needs. Show the love of Christ.

Thirty-two years ago a storm came through that took down a lot of trees. Today, part of the wood from some of those trees was stacked in my yard. Its an amazing thing, God’s provision.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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