Where Does One Begin?

When they want to be and make a difference?

I’m sitting here watching the cats out back. Three of the four are finishing up the food I gave them this morning. They will eat, stop and look around, seeking the source for an odd sound. Watching something I can’t see from my position. They may simply be on alert to the dangers that being an outdoor cat brings. My son will try from time to time to bring one inside, their fear of this unknown is obvious and strong. Though I do see them occasionally peering in through the back door. Seeking an understanding of what is on the other side. Seeming to have that dawning comprehension that inside is better, even as they fear that unknown.

Both of my dogs are curled up behind me sound asleep. According to the icon on my computer the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees since I got up this morning. The skies so thickly overcast as to appear to have created a cover over the earth below. Blue skies and sun’s rays completely hidden. A cold, damp feeling to the day. A harbinger of possible coming events.

I sit here inside my home. I am warm, I am fed, I am safe. I may be limited in some things, but unlimited in others. Yet I am unsure as to how I can make a difference when the difference needed is so great. I am only one, how can one be of any real consequence?

There are times, when all it takes is one voice sounding the need. I recently watched and played a small part in a miracle. One man shared a vision. He wanted to collect water and take it to those in need. Within five days, the one sixteen feet long trailer became two tractor trailers, the sixteen feet long and a couple of flat bed trailers. One voice brought it out into the open and the word spread. One became many seeking to help. One voice, obeying a prompting.

I have seen video evidence of when one individual would see the need after flooding, after fires and seek to help those in need. I have watched as one became two became many. Joining together to be and make a difference.

As Christians we are instructed to care for one another. To take care of the widows, the orphans, the poor. They are no less human because of their status, because of their needs. Taking care of them however does make us more so. It shows our heart, our spirit, our compassion. The love for others, for our brothers and our neighbors that we are supposed to have and show.

I have seen the call go out asking for winter clothing for those without and watched as the items piled up. I have watched the call for nonperishable food go out and the items come in by the case load. I have seen what happens when someone loses everything due to disaster and how others share what they have to help those who now have nothing.

Because one individual shared a word. I guess to answer my own question, where does one begin? one begins by seeing, by caring, by being willing and by sharing the words needed. That is where one begins.

Back in December, my son took me to an event that was a concert and theatrical event as well. We parked ten blocks from the venue and walked. Along the way we passed so many homeless individuals. Going to and returning from, we passed those sitting against building walls, with their worldly possessions camped in bus stop shelters. As we passed, I noticed how many others ignored those in this sad circumstance. I wonder now, since the temperature has gotten so much colder, where they are. Wondering if there are enough shelters, if they would even go into the shelters, or are they trying to survive in this cold.

I see the people standing beside the road, sitting on the curbs with their signs. Sharing they are homeless, jobless, hungry.

I see the long lines at the food sharing events. Those seeking something to keep bellies from going empty too long.

I see those in need, if I can see them, others can as well. Wondering if they are safe is not enough. It is too easy though to pass judgement, to make assumptions and to walk by without acknowledgement of even seeing them. We often shrug and seek to leave the needs of others on the doorsteps of government organizations. Not realizing that those organizations may not operate fairly or adequately. While I know that those with the signs may not always be truthful in their need, but that isn’t for me to judge. I also know that we are discouraged from giving to those with the sign so as to discourage them. To that I say, if I feel led to give, I will give. If I hear the call for donations for a large event, if I have, I will share. Otherwise, I will use the one thing my mother said I have, my ability with words. I will share, I will speak, I will remind those around us of the needs of those who suffer from the cold, from hunger, from the inhumanity of man. That, is where one begins.


About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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