Day Twenty; Footnotes The Strength in Words

Somehow I think he knows. Even though he removed the apps from the phone, I think he knows.

I took my mother to pick up dad’s medicine not quite an hour after my son had finished his lunch and gone back to work. We talked about the stuff she needed as we headed out, one of which was the tomatoes that she had forgotten yesterday. I manage to find a parking place fairly close and we head inside. First thing is get those tomatoes as I knew if we didn’t, we’d somehow forget again. After picking up dad’s medicine we started looking for a few other things. Like the food for her dog that is so hard to find. Item by item we picked up what she wanted and then headed for check out.

Taking our place in line I saw it was going to be a few minutes so I told mom I was going to look for something and would be right back. Finally finding what I was looking for I got back beside her and waited. Just as I got the last of her items on the belt, my son calls. When he asked if I was home and I told him where I was, he was happy. He was wanting caffeine…oh, and a certain snack. This meant getting out of line and going on a scavenger hunt. Mom was going to pay for her items and wait for me near the register.

I was checking for the snack he wanted and having no luck. I walked up to a couple of people who worked there and asked if they knew where this particular items was. They looked at me as if I had just asked them if aliens had landed. Then they admitted that they had never seen that particular item up front. Off I went in search through the store, having no luck, I just grabbed a bag of chips, stopped at a cooler and grabbed a soda. Then, took my place back in line to wait.

We took the snacks to my son and headed for home. I got mom home and all her stuff inside. I came home and started a pot of coffee. It had been raining all day and didn’t appear as if it was going to stop any time soon.

Now, here I sit hours later and its still raining. Actually, the computer is telling me that it is rain and snow. I did go peek outside but saw only rain. I did show my son a project I’m working on. He told me that he was the wrong person to ask, but that part of it is off center. That much I knew and I’m pretty sure I have figured out how to fix that. It will also help me accomplish the result I’m hoping for. The fun part is trying to work on it with the dogs inside and in the way. Its almost like having toddlers in the house. They have spent most of their time inside since we got the snow. I can’t see making them stay outside in the cold.

I was glad for another reason. Mom called earlier and asked if there was a possibility that one of my dogs was outside the fence. Nope, both inside the house. She thinks she saw a coyote running into the woods between her house and mine. She was glad my dogs were safe as I was. Now I just have to worry about the cats, but they seem to be hanging close to the house and when they are out in the open are very alert to anything going on around them.

I have been trying for a couple of hours to figure out something to write. I started searching through past things I had written elsewhere, but it wasn’t a good day to see so many memories. I’ve been stressed over things that I shouldn’t be, but I am and adding reminders of my late husband wasn’t helping. Scrolling through social media and seeing people being able to help others, donate to charitable events, make a difference in ways I can not, wasn’t helping. I sit here wanting to act, donate, contribute in such a way as to make a difference, but am severely limited and that is frustrating. Right now, all I have are words and I wonder, how much of a difference, can words make? Too many times words can seem so empty. Yet at times, it is words that we wish to hear so badly.

Even though the two employees at the big box store couldn’t really help me, I did say thank you. When I took the snack to my son, he was quick to say thank you as he always does. He knows bringing him the soda and chips is out of my way and he appreciates my doing so. My mother is quick to tell me how much she appreciates what I do for them. Thank you, two words that carry a lot of weight.

I do love being able to give someone, anyone an honest complement. Today as we were shopping, there was a young girl sitting in a shopping buggy singing her heart out. Mom being mom, had to tell the child that she had a lovely voice, and for one that young, she really did. The child and her mother (?) both smiled big.

Every time my son leaves the house for work or off on an adventure, I tell him to be careful and I love him. He knows, but I want him to hear those words and remember that I was never afraid and never forgot to say those words. Because it is true, you never know when you won’t get another chance. It is also true that knowing someone loves you, the world seems to be a bit of a better place.

I think that its important too, that others know you are there for them. Ready and willing to listen when they need to talk. Ready to sit with them, when there are no words. Ready to give them the encouragement they need to face what ever storm surrounds them. Ready, to be the friend of a friend in need.

It doesn’t always take money, even when it seems that it does. Money does help in many ways, but I think that there are times, when the personal touch, the being present, means just as much.

So ready for Spring

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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