January Eighteenth; Faith Over Fear, Reaching the Peace of Home

The following happened in 2020, I made three separate posts about the one incident.

To all of those who was traveling the main road above my house. Thank you for slowing and not hitting my crazy escape artist dog. Poor Molly was terrified and so very glad to hear my voice calling her. I know it was annoying,but your compassion for her was amazing. I’m going to purchase new fencing to prevent her escape again. But again, thank you so much.

What a day. I had gotten the bright idea to go to Sam’s Club today and do their health assessment. Theirs was a little more in depth than wally world’s. Still the total cholesterol is high, but when its broken down its not as bad as it seems. I still need to work on it though.Then I went to Walmart for what ever reason, I guess if I’m close might as well go..that was when I got the call that ‘your dog is out’ I left what I had in the buggy where it was and took off. By the time I got home, I found out that Molly had panicked and ran for the road. I have lost count over the years of how many dogs we’ve lost by getting hit on that road. I feared Molly would suffer the same fate. Thankfully she didn’t. We got her home safely. She is now, curled up in her chair and dreaming. I hear the whines and grunts, look and see her feet moving. I only hope she isn’t having nightmares over today’s events. She’s safe now, and as soon as we get that fence replaced that should stop her from escaping again. Of course, after her little adventure, she hasn’t wandered far from the porch anyway. Then, as I had promised, James and I went to Riverside Fish House and I bought him his (early) birthday supper. As usual it was so good and more than we could eat in one sitting.

When I was walking up the main road looking for Molly, me on one side, my nephew on the other I was afraid to call for her. I didn’t want her running out into the road. Little did I know, that a quarter of a mile up the road that was exactly what she was doing. Cars were slowing and easing by her, waiting until she moved out of the way. I was amazed and so very thankful- there were a lot of good folks traveling down the road today. When I called her, trying to move to where she would get off the road instead of right down the middle, she heard me and started in our direction. When she got near us, she was afraid, afraid I think that she was imagining things and it wasn’t really me. When she realized that it was indeed me and I was there she ran straight to me, couldn’t get close enough. She was so glad to see me. She knew, now she was safe. That is the way I want to be with my Lord. I want to run to Him when I’m afraid. I want to get as close as I can, knowing, now, I’m safe.And yes, I do now have the new fencing and posts. I was hoping to put that expense off until I paid the propane bill, but she’s important.

I remember that day very vividly. Parking my car to have my dad shout that Molly had went to the road. My nephew meeting me and walking toward the road with me. I was very afraid for her. Molly is a sweetheart. Molly is a big goofy and clueless love bug. Molly is afraid of everything. Molly was running loose somewhere and we needed to find her. Praying she was still okay.

As stated above, we did find her and she was safe. It was incredible watching the cars that slowed down, moving to the side or waiting for her to move. Watching her when she heard my voice and came running only to slow when she got close. She watched me as I called her, making sure it was me, making sure she wasn’t in trouble. When she was assured and calmed she dove at me nearly knocking me over. She was absolutely overjoyed at the knowledge she had been found and was safe. I watched as the guy in one of the vehicles had slowed and watched the unfolding scene before him. Watching to make sure she was safe.Watching to make sure she was going to the right people. Then he drove on.

Remembering this, remembering Molly’s joy, makes me even more excited about my faith and the coming eternity.

I look at it this way. Before I was saved, I was the one running down the middle of the road. I was the one that had danger on every side even as there were those seeking to protect and save. I was the one afraid and lost. Running because that was all I knew to do, run. Fear of the unknown, fear of what was around me, fear because I knew I was lost, but had no idea where to go.

But there was a voice, I heard it, it seemed familiar. It seemed…right and I found the Lord waiting for me. I have made mistakes. I have wandered off on wrong roads, but I’ve always been called back. Life is this wild, amazing, sometimes scary journey where we are running, dodging, fighting fears. A journey where we find amazing adventures and opportunities to share the hope we have found. 

Eventually my journey will end. My time and responsibilities done. It will be time to go home. My hope, is that when my time comes, I will run just as Molly did. I will see my Lord and Savior waiting with arms outstretched, welcoming me home. I know, I may hesitate, the feelings of unworthiness lingering, but I know that smile and His calling my name will ease that and I will run to Him. Run to the One I know will keep me safe, will grant the peace, will envelope me in the love that has been so longed for. I know, I will be home.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to January Eighteenth; Faith Over Fear, Reaching the Peace of Home

  1. John says:

    Wonderful. I’m glad that Molly is OK! The last paragraph is so full of hope in Him! ❤️🙏🏻

    • Molly is still this amazing, clueless, goofy love bug, but thank you. We’re glad she’s safe as well. She did though teach me that lesson so it shows that even goofball pups have purpose.

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