January Sixteenth; There are Two Sides to Everything But One Truth

Well, it sure looks different out there this morning.

I don’t know what time the storm arrived, but the ground outside is covered with a nice white blanket. Snow and sleet is still falling outside and its anyone’s guess how long this will go on. I had got up one time to put wood in the woodstove but didn’t look outside. Molly began barking not long after needing to go outside. I again get up and head for this room. Opening the door Bella ran outside, Molly took a half step into the blanket of white and stopped. Don’t try to tell me you can’t see emotions on a dog’s face. The fear and confusion was all over her expressions. She did go out but only because Bella was looking back at her with an almost, “I dare ya” expression. They were only outside long enough to take care of needs and are now back in this room.

As the sky lightened I began watching for the outside cats. This is their first snow as well. They are out there having a blast. Running, jumping, trying to catch the falling snow. No fear there, only fun. I went out to feed them and exchange the frozen water for something a bit more liquid. They interrupted their play to eat a little and get a bit of loving but then quickly returned to their games.

Two totally different reactions to the same event. We do that. Especially if it is something we don’t fully understand.

Let’s take covid for an example. (Now remember, anything I write, is all my thoughts and opinions. My observations and experiences.)

The virus and its many mutations are still a very hot topic. From the day it was announced right up until today it has been part of conversations. Over the course of time a lot of people have dealt with it in some form. Many have died. It is a very real issue. One that has two very well entrenched sides.

There are those who are vaccinated and who wear the masks.Their reasons many. They want to protect themselves, they want to protect others. They are careful when they go out, keeping a distance from others. They don’t go to events where there are large numbers of people. Most are being cautions, some are afraid.

There are those who refuse the vaccine and have only worn a mask when there was no other option to accomplish a task. They go and do as they wish. They don’t seek harm for others, but see the virus as another illness that we will deal with in life.

Those are a condensed description of course. There are many more descriptions and yes, there are those who move back and forth between the two.  From day one of the virus, we have been told many different things. the information changing and shifting almost moment by moment. Some would say that is because of learning about the virus and how it acts and reacts. Some would say it is all a control measure. Some would say they wish they would simply make up their minds and let us go back to living.

My opinion is that we need to educate ourselves fully. Research may mean doing some work, but in the end we have a better comprehension of what is going on. We also have a better understanding of what we need and can do to take care of ourselves and those around us.

Faith and Christianity can be looked at similarly in some ways.

There are those who do not believe in God or Jesus. Those who do not believe in eternity. Those who do not believe in Hell. Those who compare Christianity to all the Pagan religions of the past and present. Those who think it acceptable to take the Word of the Bible and twist it to their intentions. Those who think the Bible no more than fairy tales written by men.

There are those who believe not only in God, but in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Those who not only believe but anticipate the moving from this life to life in eternity. Those who believe to change the meanings of the Word to where those hearing are mislead is a dangerous sin to be paid for. Those who believe and know the Bible to be God breathed and inspired.

Then of course there are many variations of beliefs all who have those who believe, who disbelieve and who wander between the two. Again, this is a very condensed description.

The same thoughts hold true in a sense. Educate yourself, seek understanding, ask questions of those who are further in their belief.  They may not be able to answer all questions, but they should know which direction to point you in to find answers.

When it comes to things of this world and life, we find answers through researching and educating ourselves to those things. Whether it is medical, financial, health, or any of the infinite things of this life. When it comes to faith, meaning a relationship not religion, we find that through research and education yes, but also through prayer and walking with God. We were created to have, to be in a relationship with God. That is a longing that is placed in our heart.

We can go back and forth between the sides. We can argue points, ideas and words. But when we find that relationship, that faith, we also find peace. Then the things of this world are less stressful, less important as we seek to move closer toward that eternity. We find the hope and love that calms the soul, removes the fear and guides the heart. We find the One truth.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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9 Responses to January Sixteenth; There are Two Sides to Everything But One Truth

  1. John says:

    The virus has caused so much damage to humanity, I’m sick of it. Those who refuse the vaccine and masks are foolish. Just like believing that global warming is real as caused by humans, foolish belief.

  2. Catxman says:

    Animals react to snow differently, it is true. It depends on how much time they’ve spent indoors and how housebound they’ve become. One dog that lives by the fireplace won’t like it very much, a backturn on its heritage, moving away from the wolf ancestry that was its by right.

    Dogs can transit fear to other dogs.

    That will see dogs whimper at the opening door, where there are worries that the dogs — birthed to live in a human environment — will be forced to go outdoors, when they really don’t want to.

    — Catxman


    • My Bella and Molly are indoor outdoor dogs. If the weather is good, they are outside. My front yard is large and fenced so they have plenty of room I also take Bella hiking.
      For some reason Molly has always been fearful of darn near everything. The wind blowing, the windchimes, leaves falling, the things most dogs fear such as thunder, fireworks, gunshots.
      My son did finally manage to get her off the porch and once she realized it wasn’t going to cause her instantaneous bodily harm she started having a grand time playing.
      But yes, I do understand what you are saying. And yes, I agree that emotions can be transferred not only fear but others. As long as Molly is with Bella she is much more calm and brave.

  3. My Kat is an indoor dog but has the run of a large fenced in yard. She doesn’t mind noises but she is scared of anything that falls – leaves, snowflakes, popcorn. Definitely nothing she learned from the older dog we had when we got Kat. Just Kat being Kat.

  4. pkadams says:

    Unless the truth becomes so censored that you can’t find it . Seek it while you can .

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