Day Five; Footnotes Still Physically Strong Enough, Available Enough, and Smart Enough

At least I still can.

I took mom to a local warehouse store today. She needed bottled water for dad because for what ever reason, he won’t drink water from the spigot. She also needed bird seed because she was out and her birds…yes her birds…need food.

The water was back where it always, up until they decided to remodel, is located. I asked how many she wanted, and she wanted two packs of forty-eight bottles. Okay. I did manage without embarrassing myself to get the water up and into the buggy. We had looked for the bird seed when we first arrived but had no luck. I asked the first employee I saw where it would be. They had told me if they had it, it would be in an area with all the outdoor stuff. After getting the water loaded, we went off in search of not bird seed, but candy. Because mom has to have candy for her great grandchildren. We managed to find the candy and then went in search of bird seed. I did manage to find it, even as I almost walked right past it. Getting that big bag of seed up and into the buggy was another matter. It is simply not easy to pick up and move a twenty-five pound bag of seed. But, again, I managed.

Thankfully when we went to check out, I didn’t need to take any of it out of the buggy. It was rang up, mom paid and we headed out. As we walked out the door my phone rang. My son was wondering if I was at home. When I told him where I was, that was even better. He was hoping I would bring him a soda. I had to get the stuff in the car, but yeah.

Taking heavy items out of a buggy is much more difficult than putting it in. It was not easy, it was awkward and I’m seriously hoping that there is no video of this anywhere in existence. But I finally managed. Everything was loaded, we were moving and I was headed to purchase his sodas. Which was a challenge in itself. Instead of pulling around to a convenience store, I stayed in route and stopped at the big box. I went inside, grabbed the sodas he wanted and then stood in line at one of the few open registers. Finally back in the car and on my way, mom was laughing at me.

Dropping off the sodas we headed home. I backed into her drive and up to the house. The less distance I had to carry this the better. I did manage to get everything inside and in place. I had once again taken her out and got her back safely.

I had not been home long when my dogs which I had let back outside went insane. When I looked there was a truck pulling into my drive. I got the dogs inside and walked out. It was another individual there to look at the tree that needs to come down. They looked and considered and checked over drop zones and then left without leaving an estimate. I guess that may be yet to come.

After they had left and the dog were back outside guarding the yard, I put a big pot of soup on to cook and began to tidy up a section of the house. Another day. It did not go anything as I had planned, because I really had no plan. But mom needed me and that is more important any day over things that can be done any time. I know that tomorrow I will need to follow my son when he takes his car to have the glass replaced and then on to work. I still have no idea how he is going to get back to the car but then, it isn’t there yet so no need to worry over what hasn’t happened. Like the email I received threatening to release a video supposedly of me in a rather not safe for family viewing circumstance. I do not visit adult sites. My computer ‘monitor’ is a not smart television with no camera nor microphone. So, compromising video? But all would be well if I sent them several thousand dollars. um, no. I may be getting older, that doesn’t make me stupid.

Now, hours later, soup that was very good consumed, the dogs contentedly sleeping nearby, and a body showing signs of growing weary. I am thankful for a safe day, a quiet day, a good day. I have a longer list of places to call over the tree thanks to the knowledge of friends. I am thankful for days such as today. They do leave me content and grateful.

Just hanging out with a big stuffed duck traveling for St. Judes

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day Five; Footnotes Still Physically Strong Enough, Available Enough, and Smart Enough

  1. John says:

    That’s a nice photo of you and Star! The guy leaving without talking with you about an estimate is really bad business.

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