December Twenty-fifth; When The Best Gifts Don’t Come From a Store

The day has arrived. I gave my son his gifts this morning, he felt guilty that there was nothing under the tree for me. I told him that it was fine because he gifts me every day through what he does for me. The help, even on the days he really doesn’t want to, is more precious than any material, brightly -or not- wrapped box. It is supposed to be really warm today, I may ask if he wants to go and walk through Christmas Town again before the lights are turned off for the year.

Today is filled with so many emotions. We remember the reason, we watch the children excited and happy, we gather with family. We miss those who are no longer with us with a deep ache even as we smile at the memories of our time with them. My late husband loved Christmas. He loved giving to others even when the wallet said no, he had that ‘watch me’ attitude and would purchase what he thought would make others happy. He would figure out how to pay for it later. He loved gathering with family for Christmas Dinner, he loved time with family and he did so love to eat. My late brother, loved Christmas. He loved spending time with his children and grandchildren. He loved them, and they knew  that with no uncertainty. Over time many family members have left us to carry on, which we do, but not without them in our hearts and memories.

Speaking of memories, here are a few of what was waiting for me this morning over on social media:


Good morning my friends-Merry Christmas The day has arrived, outside my windows it is still dark, my son still sleeps so the house is quiet but for the sounds of brewing coffee, carols playing softly on the radio, and the furnace knocking the chill off the air. I already have the ham in the oven, soon I will need to start slicing, dicing, chopping and peeling. Soon, I will be elbow deep in my part of the preparations for our family gathering. But not yet. First, I will enjoy the quiet, first I will watch the reflections of the lights on the tree, first, I will spend time in reflection and introspection.

Over the course of the years as is the normal, things change. We have lost family members,and we have added family members. As we grew, we went from being excited over receiving toys, to being the ones giving the toys. We have gone from being too excited to sleep, to being too tired to sleep. We have grown, adapted, changed, but the reason, the real reason for the season has not changed. Among the carols, among the gifts and wrappings and parties, it remains. Among the lines of traffic and people shopping or viewing light displays, it has not changed. On a night, long ago and far from here, a baby was born of a virgin. He was and is, the Son of God, Jesus the Christ, Immanuel, God with us. Born a lowly birth, born to serve, born to bring salvation, born to be King. Born to be the Way, to Heaven and the Father. That, has not changed. Whether the day celebrated it correct or not, the reason is the same, Christ came, the purest form of love. And those who profess faith, those who are called by His name, those who follow, should do likewise, show, act in, and be.. love.

Merry Christmas my friends and family. Many of you, myself included, are missing someone this year. My peace is in the fact that I know, their celebration is in Heaven with the reason for the season. They are celebrating with our Lord, even as I miss the ones gone on, I will rejoice in that knowledge. May you do the same. May your Christmas Day, be joyful, filled with the magic, the laughter, the colors, food, family and friends that create the moment. May you and the day, be filled with love and peace.


Good Christmas morning all- Joy to the world, peace on earth, good will toward men. The day has finally arrived, the day we have anticipated, the day we have prepared for, the day that our children and grandchildren have longed for. The day, we celebrate the amazing birth.

Today though, is a day of opposites.Many will be tossing back the covers from their warm beds, rushing out into warm homes into the morning, some, will not. Many will be opening gifts, some will not.Many will be gathering with family or friends, some will not.Many will be enjoying a feast of the kings, some will not.-As we enjoy each and every moment of the day, do not forget that there are those out there who are struggling to get by. The homeless with nothing, or those with a house, that is merely a shelter. Many, do not even think of gifts anymore, or it is a thought and memory of something from long ago that may never be seen again. To many, a gift is that next meal or shelter to sleep out of the weather. There are those who whether homeless or not, who are estranged from family and friends. They no longer see or speak to them. They may have someone that keeps them from being fully alone, but then again, they may not. There are those who have lost loved ones and battle the sadness and loneliness of that loss every day.To some, that feast of the day may be the scraps of a take out meal, or food found while dumpster diving. The few who are fed in homeless kitchens, are the ones who feel as if they are eating the feast of the kings.-

As we rush about this day, preparing food and cleaning up wrapping papers. As we take calls and enjoy conversations, let us remember those who suffer and long for better. Not all homeless are drug addicts or sufferers of illness, some are suffering from circumstances that they did not foresee. But it doesn’t matter how they got to be that way. The important thing, is that they are not forgotten.


Good morning and a very Merry Christmas one and all.I’m half way through the first of many cups of coffee. I’ve got more wood in the wood stove and the house is warm as the wind softly blowing outside is much cooler and has the wind chimes playing beautiful music. The day is slowly brightening on the glorious Christmas morn.I cannot be sad this day. Mostly because of the miracle it represents, but also because of all the gifts I have been given this season. Not only in the recent days, but in the days leading up to now.

There is the gift, of knowing that my Lord has been with me all this year. From the time of the phone calls alerting us of my husband’s passing. With all of the people who were there with and for us during that sad time. The strength and peace we gained from Him, through them. In the financial gifts that were given to us, that kept us financially stable. Where all of our needs were met. As in the Lilies of the field or the birds of the air, our Father cared for us, through the many here.The times that I felt so alone, and posted my laments here. So many cared, so many encouraged me and my son. So many prayed for us, keeping us strong and helping us along.When I finally pulled up my boots and taking Bella headed for the mountain where I found new friends, and a new peace. That first day, I found a feather, saw a butterfly and made a friend. As many know, Bella and I have returned many times, and will return again soon. There is a healing there.

Many things here in the house have had to be replaced or worked on in the past months. Each have been taken care of without causing a major disruption in our financial state. As one told me, having to replace these now, will mean we are good for the future. At least, they were replaced while I am working and not after retirement when the funds available would be much less. While there are still needs here, I do not worry over them. I know that all things will be taken care of in their time.I have had friends walk up to me at work, in stores, at church and drive long ways, to see me. I’ve had them ask how we are, if we need anything. I’ve gotten smiles, hugs and much love. True gifts.James has been here for me. He has done much around the house, god has worked through him, to be my comfort and strength.There are gifts under my tree for the little ones today. There is a gift for James. My husband’s sister gave James and I a gift last night. Material things, liked and needed, but yet, material things. They will wear out, be used up and will fade.

This Christmas, I will celebrate and hold dear the gifts I have been given that no one can take away. The gift of love. The love of The Father, the love of family, the love of dear friends, those met and those yet to meet.Merry Christmas my friends, may you be as blessed, as you have blessed me

As I step away from the computer to begin my part in the preparations for today, my wishes, hopes and prayers, is that your day is one that will be filled with love,laughter, joy and adventures that will be tucked away in that book of memories to be treasured forever. Merry Christmas my friends, God bless us every one.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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