Day 357; Footnotes Traffic, Shopping and Stress Oh My

My plan, was to stay home. I have things to do after all.

Then in conversation with mom, she asked, “Have you got the bananas for the pudding?” oh no. That meant I was actually not going to stay home, I was going…out there. What was added to it, was when my son asked me to bring something to him. That, wasn’t going to be easy.

When I picked up mom and headed out, I decided that I would go a different route in the hopes of it being easier to get into where my son works. I was partly right. There was this one intersection that I feared I wasn’t going to get through but finally managed. It was obvious that my son was watching on the app on his phone because he asked why I chose that route. It was a little easier, and I managed to get him what he asked for so hush.

Then, mom and I went to the big box store. I drove behind where my son works so to come out at the light then turn onto the main roadway. It was a nightmare and would only get worse. We did manage to get there without incident and get parked. I wasn’t close, but I didn’t care. We weren’t in there too terribly long. I got the bananas and another item or two and we headed to the check outs. Mom had picked up a box of cookies and paid for hers first. As mine was being rung up mom accidentally dropped her walking stick when she tried to put away her change. A random guy stopped to help and the lady checking me out went to help as the same time. I was barricaded behind the shopping cart but had a good viewpoint of kindness in action.

We started back for the car, carrying our couple of bags. We get to the edge of the sidewalk nearest to the row I was parked on. I watched for a clear spot in traffic then made sure she was able to step down safely. Before we got all the way across there were cars waiting. No one acted impatient. They waited until we were safely and completely across before driving by. People can be amazing when they want to be.

When we got out on the main road headed home traffic had picked up even worse than it was just a short time before. People were blocking intersections because they didn’t want to wait where they were supposed to wait. It was wild watching people trying their best to get around those who were in the way. I was very glad to get home and out of that insanity. I even ended up going out back and petting the not so stray cats for a while, just for the peace that comes from hearing the only sound they make with their purring.

Now, hours later, both dogs are stretched out near my feet. I can see the lights outside as I listen to some nature documentary on television. I know that I’ll be busy tomorrow trying to do all I can so to have some less to do Christmas Day as far as cooking goes. I think that we have taken a day that is supposed to be joyful and made it very stressful. We have taken what should have been an easy meal enjoyed with family and turned it into some feast of grand proportions. Where instead of being able to sit and enjoy the morning and its meaning, some are struggling to get that feast ready. Worried and stressed about how it turns out. Fearful over the gifts for family and friends. Were they good enough? Expensive enough? Where they the right brand, color, model? When all should be happy recognizing it is a day that is supposed to be a family event, spent enjoying the gift of family.

I’m enjoying the quiet of the moment. The cup of hot tea, the blanket of the night sprinkled with lights that offer its own comfort. Soon, I’ll call this day done. I’ll close all the doors and lock them tightly. I’ll add wood to the wood stove and turn out the lights. Soon seeking the rest of a body tired, preparing for tomorrow and the beginning of the events meant to be fun and joyfully spent with family.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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10 Responses to Day 357; Footnotes Traffic, Shopping and Stress Oh My

  1. John says:

    Regarding the traffic, you would not handle it here at all!

  2. elvira797mx says:

    Merry Christmas Rebecca! Full of blessings. Thank’s for share.
    Beautiful Christmas Tree.

  3. Silk Cords says:

    I’m glad you had a better experience out and about than I did. The last two days hunting last minute items for menu changes, I saw nothing but self-centered behavior in the parking lots and grocery stores.

    This too shall pass though. In fact, since I’m done shopping, it already has, lol.

    • Yeah, I stayed home today. The farthest I went was down to my parents to borrow mom’s mixer. I’ve heard sirens ever so often during the day and evening. People are way too distracted to be safe.

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