December Sixteenth; If I Could Give a Gift, It Would Be New..


Last night one of the outside cats pushed his way past me into the house. I poured the food that I had taken outside into the bowl and headed in to find where the cat had gone. I found Slash standing in the kitchen looking around as if deciding if he would like it inside. Picking him up I carried him through the house toward my son’s room. Slash was comfortable in my arms and purring happily. Right up until I knocked on the door and pushed it open. The noise it made startled the cat and he made it plain he wanted down. NOW!When he jumped down he then strolled slowly through the house, walking back the direction we had come. He glanced left, right and up as he walked. He was in no hurry now that he was on the floor. I followed him as he made his way back toward the kitchen and the door he had entered through.Once he was back outside he knew exactly where he was and went to check if any food had been left for him. I closed the doors and looked at my son and shrugged. But no, Slash will not become an inside cat. One is enough, especially considering how much of a Diva, drama master that she is. Cricket shows her disapproval every time we have been out with the cats outside. Cats can be devious, I don’t want her angry with me. We had a cat once that I made angry. I don’t remember what I did, I do vividly remember his revenge.

The head of my bed is this huge thing with cabinets on either side with a recessed mirror in the center. We had a small shelf top stereo sitting there. The  night I made Sawyer angry, I was sleeping so well. Suddenly, I was in agony. I sat up in bed screaming at the pain in my stomach. Sawyer had jumped from his hiding place near that stereo on the head of the bed, onto my stomach, claws extended. I knew it was deliberate as he was sitting at the foot of the bed looking at me as if thinking, “gonna do that what you did again?” Then he jumped from the bed and wandered off through the house. So no, I don’t want Cricket angry.

I’ve sat here and watched the outside cats play out back. I’ve watched them try to catch insects or lizards. I’ve watched as they dug through the layer of leaves and sat on the steps either staring toward the woods or the sky. Learning and discovering. At least now they don’t act afraid of the falling leaves.

Life is an adventure in the living. From the moment of birth, until the moment of death, we are learning. We are discovering that next thing that we didn’t know. What makes it even better, if we can take someone with us along the way. If  along the journey, we can make things better for those we pass, those we meet. If we can share our knowledge as we learn from them. We each and all possess knowledge, of our heritage, of our life, of our heart. We can never know it all, but the more we know, the better prepared we are for what may come.  The better prepared we are to understand, to assist, to improve. With the discovery of the what, how and why, we can be safer, and help others be safer. We can be a guide as well as student as we still walk and learn. Whether it is scientific, humanities, faith based or any of the other infinite lessons and knowledge that can be attained.

Discovery is essential. It is learning, it is growing it is helping. It is creating, it is building, it is living and making better through each discovery made.

Discovering the new, is an adventure that never ends. From the moment of birth, we are discovering new and learning great things.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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