December Tenth; Seeing as Worthy

“I think they like you.”

That is what my son told me this morning after watching me feed the outdoor cats. He had watched them come running up and wind themselves around my ankles as I carefully made my way down the back steps. When the food was dispensed they happily allowed the petting and back rubs. I haven’t seen Itty Bitty this morning, just the three younger ones. As big as they are I can’t call them kittens any longer.

My son has long been gone for work, Molly is out in the front yard and so far Bella has refused to leave the dog bed. I don’t blame her the weather out there is not all that pleasant. The sky is heavily overcast and has the appearance of rain about to fall at any moment. It has been raining at some point, but I don’t hear it now. I’m listening and watching though so that should it begin, I can move the outside cat’s dry food under the steps so it doesn’t become soup. That is if they don’t finish it all off before any rain falls.

My neighbor dropped by last night for a brief visit. They didn’t come inside, but then, they usually don’t. I knew before they even pulled into my driveway thanks to my two barkers. For some reason they go absolutely insane over the neighbor’s truck. I made them come inside. We stood and chatted for a while over things that were, are and will be going on. They work at the park I visit and they keep me updated on when events are going to happen that will make the place overly busy. Once they had left, I let the dogs back outside so they could investigate the yard and make sure we were safe. When I finally brought them inside for the night, Bella took her place beside me, while Molly stretched out on the dog bed directly behind me. I think they like me. And my son of course.

There is also the entitled, diva cat Cricket. Prima Dona of the house who loves my son and allows me to pet her every once in a while because I feed her. I think she likes me but she’s an entitled cat so its difficult to tell.

As humans, among humans, we want to be liked. We desire to be accepted as we are for who we are. With animals its fairly easy. Be kind to them, feed them and keep water available, and they tend to like you. People have more complex expectations. Not all, but many.

There are those who require a certain level of financial or social status. They require that aspirations be high and influential. That one dress a certain way, speak a certain way, conduct themselves in expected mannerisms. It is my belief, that while they may not agree nor see it, but I feel as if they miss out on a great deal. When you refuse to associate with those who not reside within set parameters and guidelines, you are creating a less colorful life.

You may have that big house, fancy cars and designer clothing. You may be in a financial position were you want for nothing. Yet, it is my humble belief, that there are those among us who may not be as set up financially, who are richer by far. Because it isn’t all about the money or appearances.

Its about the heart. Its about the caring, the compassion, the desire to help. Its about those acts of kindness to others, no matter who they are. Its about seeing those we meet, those we pass on the sidewalk as human with human needs and emotions. Its about taking the time to listen to them tell their stories. I have seen many social media posts shared where when people took the time to talk with individuals, even those who are homeless, they found them to be amazing people. The reasons they are homeless as varied as their personalities. Their manner of dress does not define them. Their address, does not define them. What defines a person, is what is in their heart.

Yes, there can be wealthy celebrities who are compassionate, caring individuals who strive more to take care of others. We hear about them, but not as much. Many do their altruistic acts outside of the limelight and cameras. They don’t seek to grow their name, but act in compassion to quietly answer a need.

It is those who should be more well liked. The ones who quietly feed the hungry, whether it is through food or compassion. It is the ones who provide drink, clothing, acceptance and attention. The ones who see the person before them as worthy and important. It is when you watch someone who others have ignored walk away with a new light in their eyes, a new quicker step, an attitude of, “I think they like me” simply because someone took time to see them as worthy.

That is the wish and gift I would offer today. That as we step out the door, no matter what our errand or purpose, that we see all of those around us, no matter who they are, as worthy.

I don’t know who took this photo as I (stole) got it from a social media site. The last rider, that’s my son. Following a long line of bikers. People from all walks of life, but are often judged because they ride a motorcycle. Yet these people often have the biggest hearts.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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