Day330; Footnotes of (Back) Up On the Rooftop, Don’t Fall Off

So much for total avoidance.

I was sitting here making a mental list of all the things I thought I would do today. I wanted to finish decorating the inside of the house and get the lights up outside. That meant I would have to go down to my folk’s place and get there extension ladder. I had that mental list of many things waiting to be done. Then…mom called. Mom needed to go to the big box store to get something for dad. As soon as my son had come in and had his lunch and left, so did mom and I. We weren’t gone long, but long enough to get an idea of what was coming traffic wise. It wasn’t pretty.

After we got home, I figured I might as well do the outside stuff. I went and got the ladder, which has gotten a lot heavier since the last time I carried it up here. I got it in place and then tossed my broom up on the roof. I checked each strand of lights that I was going to use on the roof/eaves area. Once I knew they were all good, I poured a cup of coffee in my travel mug and began the climb up onto the roof. This time I was very nervous for what ever reason. I think because my son wasn’t home and no one would know should I slip.

Once on the roof I began sweeping the new layer of leaves off and away. This won’t be the last time as the trees still aren’t bare. The wind blowing occasionally added another degree of difficulty. Sweeping the back part of the roof was easy as the wind was blowing the way I was sweeping. The front I had to wait for the wind to stop so as not to have the leaves blowing back into my face. As I swept, I noticed that my sweet dog Bella was watching me carefully. I know partly was her hope that I’d toss a stick down to her, but even when it was obvious no stick was coming, she watched every move she could.

After I had done all I was going to about the leaves I made ready to string the lights. Carefully. I carried the lights over to the edge of the roof and began slowly working my way across. Crawling, sliding, easing my way across as I am no fan of heights and even less of a fan of falling. Finally, I had the lights up all the way across. Everything else I dropped down into the bags that I had used to carry the lights up the ladder. Then, I grabbed my coffee cup and walked over to sit down on the roof and enjoy the view of looking into the woods behind the house. Just as I was relaxing I heard the dogs barking. Standing I looked to see a big delivery van coming down the dirt road. Oh…no. I had to get down and get down now. I just knew that van was bringing the replacement computer part my son had ordered. Just as I was hitting the ground the van was backing into my drive and my dogs were going insane. I managed to get them inside before the driver started walking toward the gate. I met him, thanked him and watched him leave as I entered the gate back into the yard. Deep, relieved, sigh. The last time something was being delivered I was up on the roof but my son was home. I neglected to tell him to get at least one of the dogs inside and before it was over, they were fighting. Can’t get the invader, trespasser, take it out on each other. Today, I prevented that.

I climbed back up onto the roof to get all of the stuff I had left in my hurry to get down. Once I was back down, I walked over and figured out how I was going to string the lights from where I had stopped. I strung them across the top of the carport entrance and around the corner, across the front of this room where the light strand ran out. Finding my drop cords I ran that over the tops of the windows and to the light fixture on the front porch. Testing what I had done, I saw that one of my lamps wasn’t lit up. These lamps are decorations from several years ago. They are designed light outside lamp posts. I had purchased twenty light strands and wrapped the lamps. I had replaced a strand on one lamp the other day, now I had another that had blown the entire strand. Swapped out, everything was now working.

I got nothing done inside. All of those plans. At least I got the lights that I needed the ladder for on the house. I’m hoping that I can get enough more of the lights working to wrap around the windows. Then get the lights for the bushes that ling my drive. I know at least most of those were working when I checked the other day.  If I get them all out, I’ll have to get my son to help me set the timer to get the lights along the drive to work on schedule.

Then, I have all of those boxes to move back to the building and out of the yard. And my decorations are nowhere near as elaborate as some folk’s yards. But I’ll do what I can and be happy with what I’ve done. Ladders, leaves and lights oh my.

Sitting here now, my back very unhappy with me, I still feel accomplished. I didn’t get everything done, but I got started and finished one part. What is the saying? A journey begins with the first step. I took a first step, I got part of the decorating done, I feel okay with that. Just as I feel okay with all the other little steps I’ve taken helping me accomplish the progress I have in other things.So I sit here tired, sore, but content. And the lights outside, look pretty good if I do say so myself.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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5 Responses to Day330; Footnotes of (Back) Up On the Rooftop, Don’t Fall Off

  1. Your lights look terrific and you have every reason to feel proud of yourself for a job well done! 💞

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