Day 327; Footnotes of Being Comfortable with Changed Decisions and Let the Decorating Begin


I was told about a site called givesendgo. It is an alternative to gofundme. Christian created and maintained. You can set up fundraising accounts for just about anything, self included. So I thought why not? It might be a way that I could earn a few dollars that would help supplement my social security. Yesterday I set up an account. Today, I deleted-canceled-closed that account.

I have mentioned before that I am very technologically challenged. I’m learning, or at least I’m trying to learn, but I have a way to go. I did manage to get the givesendgo campaign created and set up. The financial, collect the money part, no.  Every time I thought I had it, something else would pop up that held errors or incomplete information. There were things that couldn’t be verified even though on the same page it said it was. I went to bed last night thinking I’d work on it today. Even as I was frustrated, worried and unsure if this was what I really wanted to do.

I did look at it briefly first thing this morning but logged out without doing anything at all. I still felt uncomfortable about the whole thing. It isn’t that I don’t trust the site, it is that this doesn’t feel right for me. It did and didn’t feel somewhat like internet panhandling. I felt as if I were taking matters into my own hands rather than trust in the Lord to take care of us. I felt…..greedy. As it is, we have what we need. Groceries in the house, gas in the cars and the clothing we need. It was those sudden extras that had me concerned. Even as they are getting paid, just not as quickly as I hoped. With that being the case, with needs being met, wanting more, seemed…wrong.

I thought about it, and decided that I would put up my Christmas tree and if there had been no donations I would delete the campaign. It was given extra time because my mother called me many times today. First for our usual morning call and then five or six times more. My dad also called asking if I were busy. I ended up during the day going down to walk their dog and also to help dad move some stuff from the back of his truck to his storage building. I then came home and put the tree up. Before I decorated it, I went to check the fundraising site. Nothing. I know that I hadn’t advertised it, but that was mainly because of the unverified parts. Still, with no donations, I decided this wasn’t meant to be so it was deleted-canceled-closed.

Once that was done, I went back to the tree. I brought the box holding the ornaments and lights for the tree inside and began checking everything. The lights for the tree, decided that they were done and the only place the were going was the trash. Checking what was outside, I brought a strand of colored lights in and wrapped the tree. I then used three small strands of white lights as well. Garlands of beads and then the ornaments. One step at a time, photo documents along the way. Once it was finished, I stood back considering how it looked. I’m satisfied with how it turned out.

I love seeing the lights and decorations for Christmas, just as I love watching the flames of a burning fire. There just seems to be something magical. There is a nostalgic feeling that comes as well as the love and peace. I didn’t decorate anything else, nothing else was set out..yet. My son walked in and made a comment on my using both color and white lights but also wondered if I wasn’t a bit early. Someone else asked the same thing, wasn’t it a bit early? Just a day or two as usually I put the tree up and the decorations out after dinner on Thanksgiving.

Sitting here now, the dogs are inside, the official cat probably in my son’s room while the outside cats are playing in the leaves out back. I can hear them as they run about, glad that they have access to under the house and warmth. There is a fire burning in the wood stove and hot coffee in my cup. My son has eaten and all is well. I know, we are blessed. Even as I consider that fund raising site, I’m glad I closed that down. I believe it is the same reason I won’t upgrade to a paid site to where I could have that donation button. its the same reason I won’t ask for help from friends. I’m not comfortable doing that, it simply doesn’t feel right. Maybe if I were producing material that I felt was beneficial and helpful for others I would feel differently. Maybe if I were in a more dire position, I would feel differently. But I don’t want to act rashly and improperly. I don’t want to ask, for the wrong reasons. 

I have what I need. I am learning to be content with having the necessities. The extras are not as important. The extras are materialistic clutter. I do wish that I could do more to help others, but I believe that will come when the time is right and proper. In the meantime, I do believe that I was right when I changed my mind and made the move to delete-cancel-close. God has made sure we have the essential, He will also provide and gift us with anything extra.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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7 Responses to Day 327; Footnotes of Being Comfortable with Changed Decisions and Let the Decorating Begin

  1. patrick's writings says:

    Nice looking Christmas Tree. Last year i made one our of a manilla folder to at least have one then decorated it, it was cool. the Christmas tree that we did have was an import that was nan0o lighting that lights up at the end of the plastic needles. the base with the plastic Christmas tree set into take a 40-watt bulb, that 40 watt bulb overheated the inside of the base of it and began melting the 120 wire coming in from the receptacle outlet. i tried to fix it by taking the plastic base apart and taking the stem of an old hairdryer we weren’t using anymore since its made to withstand heat and made a heat tube for the inside of the Christmas tree base and it initially did work flawlessly, yet my clumsiness broke another part of the tree then we had to throw it away. It is a old saying that is beyond the definition of being very accurate and true, they don’t make things like they use to at all, i mean look at the cars, they have plastic for bumpers compared to a full metal bumper. many things weren’t suppose to be improved upon. hen they began making the plastic bumpers the foreign country was doing the same thing and they began volumizing the plastic with air bubbles to make the plastic last and that led to volumizing the metals to make the metals laszt longer by putting air bubbles in the metals in the fiorigen made automobiles, the fatalities that took place in automobiles from volumizing metals and plastics with air bubbles could had been prevented, the fatalities in foreign made cars because of that is unrepairable, its very true, it was something i was studying because i knew three people that passed away in a auto accident and was wondering about why the frame and metal parts had bent the way they had in the accident they were in and found the metal was being filled with air, tiny little bubbles, that weakens the strength of the metal frame or chassis, it also weakens everything else, one guy wrote me and stated those forigen com0panys was also doing that to make the cars more light weight and better on gas by making them with air bubbles, if it weighs less it costs less by requiring less fuel to push the vehicle yet that led to a tremendous amount of deaths, its a manufacturer fault, the same thing was happening with every day items as well that are plastic or metal, some tool that are suppose to be raw iron or stainless steel was being filled with impurities and or air bubbles and the wrenches would breach sorta speak where i also long ago question a tremendous amount of mechanics that grew up building automobiles and or repairing them

    • So right. Nothing is built like it once was. A year or so ago I had to purchase a new side by side fridge-freezer. The guys delivering the new one told me I wouldn’t get anywhere near as may years from it as I had the old one they were removing.

      • patrick's writings says:


      • patrick's writings says:


      • patrick's writings says:

        those new appliances, if your running city water threw them, as if it has a ice maker, the ice maker could get clogged from the pollutants in the water. we replaced a water heater last year due to the pipes going to the water heater and the water heater itself was cakes with goo or debris in the pipes and severely limited the amount the tank of the water heater could hold as the chemicals that kept going through the tanks was layering the insides of the tank. We just installed a water filter on the bathroom spicket to try to filter the water due to extreme hair fall out from the chemicals in the water, florides, clorines, chromium 6, numerous other pollutants. we went to home depot to get a free water test kit, ya fill up a little bottle with home tap water, put it in the styrofoam sleeve so it don’t break and then mail it in with their postage paid for envelope. they called us back for the test results yet we were on the phone Friday when they called, we called back to ask them to recall us back for the results.

      • Thankfully we are out in a rural area so we have well water. I can’t stand city water and never drink it when we go out to eat anywhere.

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