November Nineteenth; Morning Thoughts -An Hour Here or There

I missed the lunar eclipse.

I was reading the articles about the lunar eclipse. Keeping up with what time it was supposed to take place, how it was going to be the longest lasting in over five hundred years, how special it was going to be. I thought about setting my alarm and getting up to see how much if any of it I could see here among the trees. I didn’t.

I didn’t set my alarm. I didn’t seriously consider attempting to get up and see what I could see. I didn’t build a fire in the wood stove to warm the house. What I did, was prepare a cup of hot tea that supposedly helps with sleep and take a long soak in a hot tub of water. I hoped to relax and to soak away any possible soreness from sliding down the woodpile yesterday. When I finally called it a night around midnight, I had my nightly prayer time and then stretched out in my warm bed. I have a lot of cover on my bed. During the night I did get a bit warm so I’d toss off the blankets only to get cold and pull them back in place. That happened a couple of times, but other than that..I slept. I slept. Without the cold medicine that I had been taking every night for almost if not two years.

This is in spite of the fact that I had been listening to the wind blow for hours as it came in ahead of the cold front. High winds tend to make me nervous since Hurricane Hugo. But last night, I slept through the sound of the wind and everything that was falling from the trees striking the roof. Acorns can make some really loud sounds when they fall from a great enough height. Yet last night, I slept through all that.

Unless you have or have had in the past,sleep related issues, you don’t realize how it feels to sleep so well.

On another thought, it seems that we have Thanksgiving plans all coming together. I hope so anyway. Once my sister in law speaks with her son and his family, all will have their lists to bring. If he agrees and can get what I asked for. Mom even though she says she isn’t in charge now, still worries, still questions. I think she worries that since she isn’t able to do everything now, that we will fall away. I do hope to prevent that as much as possible. Even though it tires my folks out, they do love seeing the family together. The plan is for us to do everything and them come down when it is time to eat. Leaving everything else to us.

And now, my technology hates me moment. And yes, that is exactly what my son tells me every opportunity he gets even if he has to create them.

I lost my fitness watch. I didn’t pay much for the thing, it was one of those special buys off of social media. I had it for almost two years and knew how to get it to work. I mainly wanted the pedometer so to make sure I got my steps accomplished. When I discovered I had lost it, I began to search for another. I was offered one someone had, thank you dear friend, but my son helped with the one that arrived yesterday. It was on sale and had a coupon and free shipping. The thing ended up costing me very close to what the one I lost cost.

I didn’t really mess with it other than take it out of the box until my son got home. Mainly because of the moment I saw the instruction sheet.  To accommodate the instructions in five languages the print is minuscule.  I have seen gnats larger than this print. When I handed the paper to my son his “uh, yeah” comment told me he understood why I had waited. We figured out how to charge up the battery and that was all. He was tired and called it an early night and I became distracted with other things.

 This morning I was looking at the watch trying to figure out how to change any of the setting or even get my preferred settings in there.. like, the correct time for example. I picked up the instruction sheet again attempting to read what was there. With or without my contacts it was impossible. I then remembered something I had seen recently. I took my phone and began taking photos of each block of instructions and information. Once I had all of that, I could enlarge the photo and read what was said. That was when I discovered that the ‘Intelligent Sports Watch’ is a bluetooth product. I need to scan the QR code to install the app and then I can do all those things I have been attempting to figure out.

Now my problem is finding out how to use my phone to scan that code. I’m thinking (duck that’s dangerous) that there has to be an app for that as well and if so do I have it installed? I remember a while back discussing it with my son, but I’m not sure if that was with this phone or the one I had before. Hopefully he will come in for lunch soon, until then I’m  living just over an hour in the past. Lead well you people of the future, I am coming along behind you. 

What I have discovered is that the heart rate, pulse and oxygen levels show without the app set up. I do want to set my step goal though and the time..but then come to think of it, I haven’t changed the time in the car or the clock beside my bed. Don’t tell my son, he laughs at me enough as it is. While I am not completely inept, I do have my moments. Am I getting any better with it? Probably not or not much anyway. Does it bother me? Only when I see the annoyance in my son’s eyes (that he tries most times to hide) as he moves to fix my latest issue. Its amazing though, that with as many times and things that I have messed up in the past, God doesn’t wash His hands of me and mutter, “I’m done” He forgives and guides me forward. It is in Him, that I have found my peace in everything that has happened in my past. No matter how long ago, or how recent. I have learned better how to be a more even keel person emotion wise. That in itself brings a lot of peaceful contentment. Whether I am living an hour in the past, current time, or some time in the future… technology wise.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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