November Fourteenth; Appreciating the Sudden And For More

For the unplanned.

It really was not in my plans to climb up on the roof and sweep leaves today. It was also not in our plans to receive a package that was days early, while I was  on the roof. By the time my son got outside to accept the package, the dogs decided to fight with each other. The one slightly humorous part was how quickly the delivery person left.

When I say that my house sits in the woods, my house is in the woods. Large Oak trees tower up around the house, huge limbs stretching out and over. Absolutely wonderful in the summer as the canopy keeps the house hidden and cooler. Autumn is another story however as the leaves begin to shower down. The roof can become deeply covered in a short amount of time. This of course can and does cause problems if left alone. The leaves can cause rain water to back up creating leak issues with the roof. They can hide damaged shingles. They are a possible fire risk.

I’ve already been up on the roof once sweeping leaves, today made the second time and I know I’ll be back up there before it is all said and done. Not even bringing up the fact I need to put up my Christmas lights.

But there I was, up on the roof attempting to sweep leaves while the wind was alternating between blowing them back, or making more fall. I wasn’t trying for perfection, just progress. It was during this time when the delivery truck started backing down our driveway. I called my son and told him so he could accept the package. As the delivery person was getting back to his truck our two dogs decided to fight with each other. Bella wasn’t feeling the best this morning so I imagine she really didn’t want to be messed with. We managed to get them apart and separated. One in one room the other in another to allow a cool down period.

As I finished our roof my son was making preparations to go clean of his grandparent’s roof. He prefers using a leaf blower. I seriously wished I had videoed the fun he was having. He would get the leaves blown to the edge of the roof only to have them blowing back at him. He did finally get the job completed and climbed down off the roof. From there we cleared a section of the driveway and yard so they can get out easier and also walk their small dog. Once done he returned the ladder to where it belonged. We gathered our gear and headed home. Since the dogs had been apart long enough to calm down, we let them back out in the yard.

And my point, you ask. What can I be thankful for in this? Where in does the gratitude lie?

Simple. Its all in perspective.I could have grouched and complained about having to climb that ladder up onto the roof again. I could whine about it being cold. I could grumble about having to do it to begin with and why wasn’t my son the one up there? But I didn’t. I didn’t ask him if he would clear away the leaves. I didn’t tell him I was going up on the roof to sweep the leaves. Because.

I am fully, physically able and capable of climbing a ladder and sweeping. There is also the fact that I love the view from the roof as I look down into the woods. I would love to have steps behind the house making it possible to go up on the roof when ever the mood struck. To be able to sit and peacefully watch what ever passes, or not. To be able to see the night sky and enjoy the solitude.

When I am doing the unexpected such as sweeping leaves, rebuilding a walkway, or cutting my own firewood, I feel accomplished. I have stepped up and taken care of myself. The Good Lord has given me the ability to do so, and I will make use of that gift.

The fact that we were able to break up the dog fight without major injury to person or pup was a good thing. The last big fight didn’t end well. Today was a reminder that when ever a deliver driver shows, to make sure at least one of the two is inside the house. The delivery driver was never at risk as my front yard is fenced and the dogs were secure inside.

Then, there is my son up on the roof of his grandparent’s home. We are able to help when needed. We have the time and live close enough that we can be there within moments if need be.

To be able to help, whether it is a relative or friend or stranger on the street is an amazing gift. It isn’t always about money. Some occasions it is about time and taking time to help with the unplanned. It may even be about willing and ready to help if help is needed. It could be about being willing to spend a little time with someone, have a conversation, remember those who may have use for something that you do not. One example, I have been gifted firewood on several occasions because of trees that fell or were cut down in a friend’s yard. Someone took the time to remember me, for which I am grateful. Its the time of year that Samaritan’s Purse is collecting shoe boxes filled with small gifts for children. I’ve seen posts asking for winter wear for children. Small things, can make a big difference. We simply need to be on the look out and ready for those moments and needs unplanned.

My son on the roof
and then there is me

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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