Day 316; Footnotes of Snipe Hunts and Coffee Cups

Snipe hunt..sorta

I told my son that I was probably going out with his grandmother today, to which he said good, he needed pants. He buys his own work pants because he didn’t like the ones provided. I knew it had been a while since he bought any, and I knew he would pay me back so no problem.

There was a problem.

My mother and I head out, the first place we stopped for her, did not have what she wanted. Maybe the second place would have what we both were searching for. Well, partially. She managed to get most of what she needed while I, did not. I made my way over to the men’s wear section that held the work pants. I kid you not, it looked as if someone had pulled all of the pants off the shelves and then just shoved them back where ever and how ever. I did try to look for his size but quickly threw up my hands and walked away. Mom paid for her stuff and we left and headed down the road to the big box store of the same name in a nearby town.

This one didn’t have the candy mom wanted either. In fact both stores had very little candy and have not had much since halloween. We then walked over to where the men’s work pants were located. Here they were in much better order. As I began my search, mom headed off to see about something else. I managed to find four pair of his size. Two that were alike then two more, but each different in style. I thought it best to give him a call and get his input. I told him what I found. I told him the cost per pair. First he said to get three pair, then as he considered, he told me to never mind. He’d buy some later. But thank you for looking and trying.


I put everything back exactly where I got it from. Each on their own style and went off in search of mom, leaving a dumbfounded store employee looking after me. Yes, some of us do still do that. Mom wasn’t where she said she was going. I loop back around to look for her. I could just hear my brother’s voice… “What do you mean you lost mom??” Finally I see her looking for me. We walk over to look for a food processor. We walk into an empty aisle to look, we must have attracted the others for suddenly the aisle was filled with shoppers. I shrugged and we left empty handed. I didn’t want to risk mom getting knocked down in the limited space.

Later, about the time I thought my son would be getting off from work I get a phone call from him asking if I were hungry. He offered two options, our usual place or fish. We rarely get fish anymore so fish it was. We would meet there and oh, would I bring him his gloves. He was on his motorcycle and it the temperature was dropping.

Have I bothered to mention that I absolutely do not like driving at night? I can, I just don’t care to because some people think they have to have headlights that can be seen from the international space station and that allows them to see a bug crossing the road three quarters of a mile ahead. A while back my son gave me a pair of those yellow tinted glasses that are supposed to help with night driving.

I get there to see what appeared to be a full parking lot. Easing my way through I find a spot that I later called the back forty. My son pulls in and moves to park his motorcycle in front of my car. His bike is not a big Harley so it was be easy to not see in the dark lot. While we did have to wait to be seated, the wait wasn’t long. The server took our drink order, I ordered what I order most places, coffee with cream. They bring it to me in a to go cup. I have no problem with that as it meant that no one had used that cup before me. But it also reminded me of something I had read earlier today or yesterday.

I’ve developed a habit of reading these worst of, best revenge, biggest nightmare stories. One was about a couple who went into a shop and ordered coffee. They had no regular cups available so they had given the couple their coffee in to go cups. They were an older couple according to the story and the lady blew up. She wanted a regular coffee cup not a to go. Even as the server tried to explain that all the regular cups were being washed. Another customer placed their coffee order and said a to go cup was fine as the coffee would taste the same.

This makes me wonder. How often do we blow up and show out over small things? How often do we make others suffer because we didn’t get exactly what we wanted the way we wanted? How often do we get upset if we have to sit in a different seat or park in a different spot or what ever small thing may be different than our usual? Even though in the long run it doesn’t make any difference what so ever. Its largely how we look at things. We can allow our attitude and self entitlement to glaringly blind others with our bad side, or we can see things through a different lens and know, in the end the coffee, will still taste the same.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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5 Responses to Day 316; Footnotes of Snipe Hunts and Coffee Cups

  1. John says:

    I never drive at night if possible, much safer. Can your mum shop online? This would save trips and gas money. ❤️

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