November Seventh Thankful for the Positive


How do I look at this in a positive light? This changing of time, this day where the dark will shove its way up into the early afternoon. When night, rules the clock, or so it appears. Dark and cold, hand in hand taking the season and making it theirs. There has to be a positive way to consider this time.

Back when time and schedules were of importance, I always made sure the clocks throughout the house were changed before I called the night done. Last night, as exhaustion claimed me, I shrugged and went to bed. The Good Lord willing, I’d see the morning and change them all then. As of this writing, I still have only changed one of the clocks that have to physically be changed. For some reason Molly decided to make last night long and somewhat sleepless.

I knew when I was finally calling it a night, closer to morning, Molly was acting as if something had her afraid. Even though she was inside, safe, warm and protected. She was showing every sign of fear. I have a feeling she was hearing the sounds of the cats outside and not able to see what was causing it had her fearful. I gave her a treat, turned the radio up louder and the light off. She proceeded to punish me by barking periodically through the night. At two in the morning her barking became more frantic so I dragged myself from my warm bed, grabbed my robe and made my way through the house. Putting the training collar around her neck I opened the door. She tore off across the yard while I waited. If she didn’t come back soon she was spending the rest of the night outside. (Safe in our fenced yard, where two dog houses sit close to the house) She did come back inside though and I closed the door and headed back to bed. Interesting start to this new season.

I now sleepily sit here, wondering. There has to be a way to see this as positive.

Currently, the not so stray cats are outside waiting to be fed. I’m waiting on my son to become more awake and prepared to cover an opening the cats have used to gain access to the attic area of my house. I don’t want them up there and they have access to an area under the house so they have a safe place. They can hang out in the back of my carport, behind the cabinet or old console television we haven’t hauled off yet. Safe, out of the weather and wind.

As I watch the cats, the sun is bright, the sky clear. The sunlight shining through the leaves of various colors brings a bright, magic appearance to the woods. The wind blowing, making the trees sway and their shadows dance. All across the yard surrounding my home, the leaves have created a carpet. They cover the ground and will before its over be much thicker than now. I don’t rake in the fall for under that blanket of leaves life is protected. As the leaves break down, they will feed the earth and that life. They also alert me to anything crossing my back yard.

All of this is well and good, but where is the positive of early night? Where is the positive of the cold that walks with that darkness? Is there a reason to be thankful for this changing of the clocks?

An early morning sunrise can bring about a more energetic beginning to the day.A readiness to begin with enthusiasm. It seems that many are not only not bothered by the cold, be welcome it over summer’s heat. But that early dark?

Bon fires built to gather around. Enjoying the company of friends, enjoying the peace that night can bring.

Warm lamp light in a window. Keeping the dark outside. Inside we gather to enjoy the company of friends and family.

The early dark, one more sign of the season’s change. A time of rest. A time of reset. A time of seeking peace that comes with the night.

The cold has caused me to bring inside the plants that hung around my front porch. Their greenery filling this room. Along the window sill are candles operated by battery. Soon I will change out the batteries so I can set them to come on with dusk. An internal timer will turn them off hours into the night . By lamp light, I will begin to catch up on the books that have waited for my attention. I have plans to prepare a pot of soup later today. Its comfort food weather.

The change of the seasons is different for different people. Couples will snuggle close, sharing secrets, dreams and plans. Friends will gather around fires or in restaurants or bars with televisions showing their favorite sporting events. As a single person, I do not feel left out. I feel the peace in the solitude. I find the comfort in the quiet. I find the healing in the time of rest and reset. So yes, there is positive in the change. There is also the knowing, that the Good Lord willing, come Spring, the rebirth will begin. The days will warm, the leaves and flowers return and the clocks will be moved once again giving us those longer days of light.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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3 Responses to November Seventh Thankful for the Positive

  1. John says:

    This time change has got to stop, it serves no purpose!

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