November Sixth; Thankful For the Wind’s Reminder

Watching the wind blow.

Okay, so I’m watching the results of the wind blowing. The trees are swaying crazily and its raining leaves. The sunlight shining in my window is alternating in intensity due to the swaying trees and what is left of the leaf canopy. I see the shadows created by the leaves falling drifting past the window. I hear the varying thumps of small limbs and acorns landing on the roof.  Bella is still inside while Molly is outside. Molly has a fear of the wind and barks when the wind picks up. The raining leaves aren’t helping. Molly’s fear is not as bad as it once was. At one time when the winds picked up I would immediately have to let her back inside the house from where she would stare at the door and bark toward the offending sounds. Bella ignores it all. She is getting older though so I don’t insist on her going outside until it is her choice.

For now though, as I sit here watching and listening, I am thankful for the decision to purchase the propane. Yes, I took a financial hit, but it will work out. My son is supposed to borrow my parent’s brush and clean the chimney tomorrow. I’ll make sure the wood stove and pipe is clear, then I can begin lighting the wood stove for heat. I was gifted firewood months ago, and I do live surrounded by woods. If nothing else I could find the fallen trees in a size I can handle and cut them with my son’s chainsaw.

All just another reminder to me.

I am sitting in my home, protected and warm. I can sit here listening to the wind blowing, watching through the windows while not suffering from the effects. My phone says it is forty-six degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill of forty. While that is not severe weather, it is coming. I also know that where I live, winters are mild to non-existent compared to other locations. We rarely get any snow and when we do, it is usually in small amounts.  I have been teased and laughed at in the past when I mention being cold, reminded that I in truth, don’t know real cold. Admittedly I don’t and for that I am grateful. Even as I dress in layer upon layer, shivering in the cooling temperatures.

I can sit in a home, dressed in layers, sipping coffee and staring out the window at the falling leaves, warm and safe. I have a bed already piled with blankets. I have multiple coats and sweaters purchased over time. I am aware of how blest I am and I am thankful.

I have seen posts on social media where people are collecting outer wear for children so they will have coats and gloves against the coming cold. I have seen posts requesting items for those in need. Proving yet again, one can have a home, and yet be in need. I need to go through what I have, to find the best, the sweaters that I have collected but no longer wear that are still in good condition. I have a multitude of scarves, at least one never used. Things I can donate to help keep another at least a little warmer. Why hold onto something that is still on good condition, that is no longer worn? Something that will not only be used but appreciated against what is coming.

The weather prognosticators are saying that due to the weather patterns, we may have a warmer than normal winter. That’s fine when you have a home, a job to go to, a selection of clothing to protect you from the chill of winter. It really doesn’t make that much difference if you are trying to live in a tent, or an underpass, or simply a blanket behind a building. When your simple possessions do not include anything that will keep you even remotely warm.

I am thankful for the winds that remind me, I am in truth, my brother’s keeper. I am in truth meant to assist and take care of those around me who are in need. The poor and needy will always be among us as long as this earth revolves, waiting on Christ’s return. Maybe we are not in a position to donate a lot of money. Maybe we are not in a position to clothe a neighborhood. Maybe we are not able to feed a multitude. But one dollar to a shelter. One sweater or pair of gloves or coat to someone cold. One meal, makes a big difference to at least one individual, and that is a start. If we each took care of one other, it becomes a wave of compassion and love. In the end, making a very big difference for the least of those among us. That, is what we are called to do, that is what we should remember.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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7 Responses to November Sixth; Thankful For the Wind’s Reminder

  1. John says:

    The real cold is Michigan. Try riding a snowmobile in -30F temps with a windchill factor of -70 below! I can’t explain why you can’t always comment on my site, nobody has ever had any trouble. Sorry, Rebecca.

    • I’m not sure what is going on. My wordpress has been odd for a while now. There are some blogs that a window pops up demanding I am who I say I am before I can comment, or the issues such as pop up on yours with an invalid signature request..I’m guessing its all on my end for some reason.
      and um, no.. I’ll pass on the Michigan winter.

  2. We are hunkering down for winter as well. Bit cooler here than there no doubt. But our winters have been relatively mild in recent years. Not mild enough to help those living on our streets. They need all the help they can get here.

    • I agree, they really do. No one should have to live in that way..

      • It is brutal here. The government keeps trying to get them off of social assistance, but at the same time taking away any help that could eventually get them self sufficient. Keeping people too poor or uneducated to work, in jails, in courts, involved with law enforcement, social services, child services, unhealthy, addicted to drugs and alcohol – all makes for a lot of well paying jobs for ‘friends of the government’.

      • I fear that it is more than merely a making of well paying jobs for the friends of government. I fear that they – meaning all governments- are determined to create more homelessness and powerlessness as a manner of control. I do hope I am mistaken though.

      • Yes Rebecca, that too. 😢

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