Day 301; Footnotes of People Must Know

I became interested in a program called The Chosen a while back. (Can be found here: ) This is an amazing program, it brings a different light and perspective while remaining true to the Word. It gives a sense of life to what we have read. I saw today where they will be distributing a Christmas special and upon researching, it will be shown locally. I haven’t been to a theater in years, I hope to break that streak and go to see this production.

A line that was spoken in earlier programs, that will be in this, “People must know” It struck home. It has caused me to think more about conversations I have had with others.

Many believe the end of time may be near. Of course many have thought this in the past. People have predicted that on such and such a date Christ will return. Some listen and believe, others ridicule, especially when it does not come to be. Man seems to wish to ignore that Jesus Himself said that only God knows that time, I personally do not believe that He placed hints through out the scripture telling something that again, Jesus himself did not know. I personally do not believe that we can through any variety of methods discern when the time of Christ’s return will be when He Himself plainly said that only God knew.

Yet, we are seeing many of the signs that we are warned of within the scriptures taking place around us. Signs that we were told not to worry over, that they are like birthing pains. Telling us of what is coming, warning us to be ready. Warning us, instructing us to be prepared, to share, to tell, to gather as many as we are able together with us as Believers.

Believers have been told since the day that Jesus instructed His disciples to go and tell but this was true even before. When the disciples of John came to Jesus and he told them to go tell John the Baptizer what they saw:,

There are many who take offense when Believers and Followers of Christ share their faith. Offering a knowledge and gift that has been given to us. Not as a high pressure salesperson working on commission, but as one who wants to freely share, a gift already paid for by Jesus.

I remember my baptism. I remember going under the water and rising up. Baptism is a symbol, death to the old life, arising into a new birth, a new life of faith.

I remember the Sunday morning when my husband stayed behind to speak with the pastor. At that time we had an early service, Sunday School Bible study then a second service. The pastor walked with him to the class and they shared that he had given his life to Christ. Even as we celebrated the news, the celebration is Heaven was greater:

I vividly remember watching my young son when he was feeling the calling of the Holy Spirit, the invitation to come. He did not go forward during the service, but stayed afterward and talked with the pastor. It was then that my son answered the call on his life and was saved.

After many years passed and my son an adult, we were talking one day and he was telling me about how he had shared about Jesus with someone online. He had answered that go and tell, because they must know. As I watch and hear all that is going on around us, that is true more than ever.

We are to share. We are to love. We are to walk and talk and act in compassion. Not judgement. That is not our responsibility. When Jesus walked the earth, he walked, talked, ate, with sinners. He did not judge, He taught truth, and forgave those who sought forgiveness, instructing them to go and sin no more.

So I share what I know. I share what I have experienced. I share and I hope that what I do, is understood that I am not attempting to force what I believe on anyone else, but to offer the same gift, that was given to me. That’s all well and good you say, but what has been given? What have you seen? What proof can you offer?

Other than being a survivor of domestic abuse and of cancer that was discovered very early. Other than being provided for in our time of need. There is the guidance of the current journey. When I have felt alone, when I have had dark days, when I have walked and talked, praying for understanding and strength. Then to realize that I have received just that. I have learned and accepted the wonders and strength in solitude. I have found the peace, the healing, the gift, of this time of my life.

There is also the miracle of a friend. Someone who had serious health issues to the point we were afraid. But many, oh so many prayed and those prayers were heard. For their privacy I won’t say much, only that we watched a miracle take place before us. God is still a miracle working God.

I’m sitting here listening to the rain falling outside, the darkness outside comforting in a sense, even as I miss the long days already. Even as I miss the warmth of summer. I know that seasons have their time and there is going to be change. The earth goes through its cycles and here is approaching the time for the land to rest. But Believers, can not, should not rest. Through what ever means are available, we should go and tell. We should share. Something that is much more critical than a video, or song, or program on television. Those will fade away. Those offer nothing but a moment of enjoyment. Salvation, is eternal. People, must know.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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