Day 296; Footnotes of Meant To

So much for that idea.

My eyes were bothering me last night so I really didn’t plan on putting my contacts in today. I had used the night salve the doctor had recommended for dry eye right before going to bed last night, so my eyes were better, but I wanted to give them more time.

Since I wasn’t going anywhere, or so I thought, I cleaned out the refrigerator and dumped the leftover out for the cats or what ever else came along looking for a meal. As I was finishing up the dishes my phone began ringing. My son asked if I was going anywhere, when I asked what he needed, he was hoping I could bring him a soda as they were slammed at work. I told him that I would but I had to get my contacts in. In truth, I hadn’t even bothered to get dressed so there was that as well. He told me that there was some money on the console of his car where the lottery tickets I had cashed in Thursday had been. Okay..

I go and change clothes and as I walk back through the house carrying my shoes I remembered something vital. My son had driven his car to work this morning. I called him and asked, “You do know you drove your car this morning right?” That second of stunned silence was hilarious. He then said to never mind, but I had some cash and told him I’d be there soon.

By the time I got there they had managed to get caught up and the work bays were empty. He checked to see if he could find out why my back up camera-that I don’t depend on but since its supposed to work-doesn’t always work. The computer found no error messages so the other option was not a good one. Take the radio out to see what was up with that. Um, no. If its that, and that has that held up back ordered chip, we’ll not do that.

As I pulled down the dirt road I saw the smoke boiling where my nephew was burning leaves. He must have had some fire as the smoke was heavy. I got inside the house and was just sitting down with a cup of coffee when mom called to see if I would walk down and find out where the fire was. All she could see was smoke and she couldn’t tell where the fire was. She wasn’t feeling the best and didn’t think she could walk over there.  Sure mom.

I walk down, the fire was not where she thought. Just as I walked up my niece was getting out of her car from a shopping trip. I mentioned when I first walked up that a few of their chickens were across the dirt road in what had been my garden. There was nothing left for them to damage but they were a bit far from where they needed to be. Her son rounded them up and got them back in their yard. I stood and talked with my niece for quite a while. The topics were varied, but didn’t wander far from concerns over schooling, the fact that kids don’t play outside like we did. Kids don’t know how to play, garden, fish, hunt..outside stuff. I’m really glad that hers do. My own son doesn’t do a lot of ‘outside stuff’ he doesn’t hunt or fish, but I believe that if it came right down to have to learn how to survive, he would pick up quickly enough. In the middle of our conversation my dogs began barking crazily. I feared some stray had wandered down my driveway from the sounds of their barking, but it was merely that my nephew’s chickens had wandered across the road again into my parent’s yard and my dogs were going crazy at the sight.

There was another Jeep group event tonight, but I didn’t go. I wanted to, but I don’t drive at night unless I know the roads well. Where the event was, is not one of those locations. When my son, who would have driven, came in from work he was exhausted and crashed early.

I had meant to help get some of the leaves out of my parent’s front yard today. I had meant to run to the store and pick up an item or three. I had meant to wash my hair. I had meant to go to the Jeep event. A lot of meant to do, but didn’t get done. I would imagine that a lot of us have those days. “Meant to” days. I meant to get around to that, but didn’t. Most of the time, those meant to days, aren’t a big deal. What we didn’t get done today, we’ll just do tomorrow. Other things, shouldn’t be put off.

Bills should be paid on time. Families should be visited. Health issues need to be addressed. One’s salvation, needs to not be put off. We may, or may not have a tomorrow. We each have our set times, we do not know when that time will run out. We may live to be a hundred, or not. Our health may be perfect, and then an accident stops the life clock. Salvation is the one thing, the absolute one thing that we should not put off until tomorrow. It should not be part of the ‘meant to’ list.

Sunlight shining through the smoke of the leaf fire.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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