Day 294; Footnotes of Trunk or Treating with Jeepers and Kids

 When all is said and done…

This morning I went and helped change the church sign to announcing the Trunk or Treat that will be happening at the church. Afterwards I headed for home.

I was sitting here untangling the strings of miniature lights that I had purchased for the Jeep parade for the Toys for Tots run. I had also planned on cutting star shapes out of white poster board. You know, ordinary, boring stuff. Then my son called asking if I were busy. When I told him I wasn’t doing anything that couldn’t be interrupted he told me to get the scratch off lottery tickets out of his car, cash them in, bring him a soda and use the rest for candy for the Jeep group’s Trunk or Treat happening tonight.

Okee dokee

I cash them in, take him the drink he wanted then headed for the big box store to see how much I could get with the money allotted. That usually means you’re not getting the very best of candies, but the kids are happy for candy, they can trade amongst themselves later. Candy purchased, I headed for home. I had to figure out some way to decorate Star for the event.

I knew that most of the jeeps were going to be seriously decked out with all manner of spooky decorations. My budget didn’t allow for that, besides, again, while the decorations are cool, fascinating and amazing, the main draw was the candy. So I decided to stick to the Star theme. I cut out the stars and attached them to pieces of yarn. I had all the lights untangled and made sure they worked. I then tried to attach the stands of tiny LEDs to the headliner with regular tape. Nope. I then got the old faithful, duct tape. That kinda worked. I loaded everything up, found my ball cap with stars, and a shirt covered in stars and made ready to leave.

By the time I arrived, there were already row upon row of Jeeps in various stages of decorated. Many adults in costume as well as kids. Once parked I turned on the lights, spread them out best I could and hung stars from the back of the hatch. I opened two bags of candy, got my chair and was about as ready as I could be. I may or may not have motioned toward my jeep and star decorations and made the comment about being ‘the star of the show’.

That, ‘if you build it they will come’ also works with trunk or treat events. If you line up with candy, they will come. And they did. Name the character, they were probably there. The kids laughed, played, danced, and got candy. I have no idea who had the most fun, the members of the Jeep group, or the families and kids who came for candy. I can’t say my son was having the best time, but it was his own fault. I will say thank you to Larry for finding water and making sure I had a way for him to drink it. I would like to think my son learned something, but I doubt it seriously.

As everything ended, since my son had ridden him motorcycle over from work, I then followed him home. He still wasn’t feeling one hundred percent himself but he was well enough. We got to the one small town between there and here and he pulled over. I pulled in behind him and waited. A few moments and he was moving again. He made it under a traffic light before it changed catching me. I then spent what seemed like forever catching up with him again. Only to have a truck get between us at the last intersection before home. He’s now doing much better. Just because its nearing Halloween doesn’t mean one needs to consume ghost peppers in honor of the season.

There are two more trunk or treat events coming up. The one at the church and one in a nearby town. I know I’ll participate in the one at the church, the other one maybe. It depends on candy availability. I know, that these will be just as much fun as tonight’s was. So yes my son, the answer to your question of did I have fun, is yes. There is life outside of this house.

Oh and yes, Star was ducked, not once but three times. She’s going to get spoiled.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day 294; Footnotes of Trunk or Treating with Jeepers and Kids

  1. Coincidence, I was untangling string lights too…we have the festival of lights coming up on 4th November. There was a time when the whole family used to sit and do it, in anticipation of celebrations. Now the children have flown the nest and living their lives. But I still maintain the tradition of lighting up the house with string lights and earthen lamps.

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