Day 293; Footnotes of Exasperation


So maybe it was the fact that so much happened today when my days are generally easy.  The other day I run up on a really good deal on a garden cart. It was some pre early bird, before black Friday, come get it now event. I really needed that cart as the one I had got squashed when a tree fell on it a while back. I kept trying to use it anyway but it finally just let me know it was done a couple weeks back. The one I found on sale was  at least fifty dollars off so I jumped and ordered. It came today. Thankfully the delivery person brought the package down the driveway and placed it in the back of my carport. (Hopefully my son will volunteer to put the thing together otherwise it will be all up to me.)

Then, the propane delivery showed up. The delivery person was very friendly and informative, answering all of my questions. Then the really nice, informative, delivery person gave me the bill. Propane plus hazmat delivery charge plus North Carolina tax plus county tax brought the bill to $691.43. For 170.1 gallons of propane. The good thing is the tank is full. The bad thing is trying to figure out how I’m going to stretch my social security to cover this. But, the Lord will show me a way so I refuse to worry.

Then mom, bless her, needed to go off in search of food for her dog. The type and flavor that her dog prefers is seriously difficult to find. We headed out for one of the big box stores that we rarely visit. Upon arrival I carefully drove through their parking area because it is a disaster of potholes. Parked we made our way inside. Straight back to pet food, to discover they did not have the flavor she was hoping to find. They had one, and she was going to get some of that until we got back to the registers. Three open and lines back across the store, even at the self check out. So we parked the buggy holding ten containers of dog food and left. Something we do not generally do but did.

Back in the car we headed for our usual shopping location. One good thing about this odd store, they had installed stop signs at one of the intersections. Before you get to the stop signs they had put in rumble strips to get your attention.

Arriving at the usual store we go straight to pet food. Nope. But there were a few other things she wanted, and she preferred purchasing them at this store because she knew where everything was. So around and back and across we finally got everything she needed, paid and headed for home.

Once I got back home I was sitting here and noticed I had notification of messages on messenger.  One was from someone I had just accepted a friend request from a couple of days ago. And here, is where the exasperation comes in. I am careful in the requests I accept. We must have friends in common- and they be people I actually know. You have to have an actual profile photo. I must be able to see your page and see whether you are a nice human or a demon.

There have been times when I would accept a request and almost instantly I’m getting messages. “Hey beautiful!” or anything similar, will almost immediately get you unfriended.

I was not brought up to be rude. The message said thanks for accepting their friend request. Then a question of you there? I wasn’t then, but since I was now, I answered, apologized and said I hadn’t been on. In a very short time there they were. And the questions began. How was the weather was I was. How was my day. Had I ever been to Germany? Um..what?? No. Then, I’m really glad to meet someone as beautiful and lovely as you. By now, I’ve about had enough. As fate would have it, my son came in from work. I told the person this and that I had to go. Their next question, no lies, “Do you have kids?” I haven’t responded and won’t.

I am not looking for a romantic relationship. I’m just not. I especially am not looking for some unknown individual to toss fake compliments at me in the hopes of gaining favor. Just…don’t. I don’t want nor do I need that. At this time, I am comfortable and happy as a single adult. Being single offers me the opportunity and ability to do as I want and need in my own way and time. I have no one I have to answer to and I’m happy. Selfish? Maybe. But so be it. Should the Lord in His wisdom and time send someone my way, it will be someone I can be friends with, someone I can share hobbies, thoughts, conversation, ideas and ideals. No fake compliments needed.

So maybe it was the busy morning, maybe it was my being tired, maybe it just struck me wrong. Maybe I have grown weary of trolls and fakes and people who seek to take advantage of others. Maybe I’m wrong and this is a super nice but clueless individual. For now though, I am sitting here, listening to the crickets, the vehicles passing on the main road which for some reason all seem to be having backfiring issues, and seeing the full moon shining through the leaves on the trees. The dogs are stretched out on the porch, enjoying the evening. What could be better than this?

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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10 Responses to Day 293; Footnotes of Exasperation

  1. pkadams says:

    Next question, Can I borrow $500? Lol. Trolls! Bots. No thanks. Hope you can find the dog food and stock up! Ouch on the propane!

  2. John says:

    Trolls, creeps! Enough. Can ya block them? $692 for 170 gallons is outrageous!

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