Day 291; Footnotes of He Came, He Saw, He Sawed

Its fine mom… really.

Mom called me at one point this afternoon and asked if I could help dad cut up some wood. I told her I would be there in a couple of minutes. She asked if I would bring back the ladder we borrowed so that they could check the level of fuel oil in the tank. But of course.
As I was preparing to walk down there I asked my son if he would come and help. He was in the middle of doing something but said he’d be there in about five minutes. I went out, grabbed the ladder and walked down to my parent’s place.

Dad had tried to go ahead and start but his electric saw wouldn’t start. I followed the drop cord to here it was plugged in and changed where he had it plugged in and made sure it was in securely. Walking back to the saw I checked and it started right up.

I was holding the wood, which what he had up there wasn’t much more than branches. He had managed to cut a few of those when my son walked up. He took the saw and we began working in earnest. Dad had walked over and sat on the edge of the flowerbed and watched. After a while he got up and went for a chair. My son and I continued to work as dad watched. At one point the chain came off and my son had to walk back up to our house to get what he needed to remove the cover and get the chain back in place. While I waited, I carried armloads of wood and stacked in in the back of the carport where it would be kept dry.

Mom was not happy when she looked out and saw dad sitting in a chair watching us work. I told her it was fine, don’t worry.

When my son got back between the two of us we managed to get everything back in working order and began cutting again. Him using the saw and me putting the logs onto the sawhorse. Each one seemed a little bigger than the previous. Either a little longer or a bit thicker, but none too heavy for me to lift. We managed to get a lot done, making a good portion of what he had waiting disappear from log to firewood. When the saw began to get warm we stopped cutting. My son placed the saw on the back of dad’s truck and I began carrying wood. We got a lot of it stacked while dad put away the drop cord and saw. While I stacked wood, my son walked around and checked the level of fuel oil which they had plenty. We finished stacking all the wood in place then prepared to head home.

When my son disappeared I wasn’t surprised when he came back out carrying mom’s dog. The dog had a meltdown when my son had walked by the window before without stopping to visit with her. He had to make up for that by all means. Mom was still upset about what dad did as far as leaving all the work for us. I told her I would much rather us do it than risk dad getting hurt besides it wasn’t that much or that difficult.

A frustrating part of my day was that Bella discovered or created, a way to escape the yard to go chase the cats. As if I didn’t have enough taking my finances off the scale now I have to replace fencing. She managed to get out three times before we managed to find her escape point. She had chosen well as it was hidden by the limbs of a bush. We have it repaired for now, but for now I can’t trust her in the yard if I go anywhere.  This is the dog who never tried to get out of the yard, who obeyed commands, who stayed inside even if the gate was open. But cats. I guess we all do have our price.

When I asked my son what he thought he would want for supper he suggest going out. The Cracker Barrel is where we usually end up and that was the case tonight. We timed it perfectly as our only wait was for them to seat the folks ahead of us then they lead us to our table. The food was really good tonight, and I ended up bringing part of mine home. Along with three biscuits.

Moments ago, my son decided he would eat one of the biscuits, but he brought it in here. Where I am sitting and both Bella and Molly were sprawled out, half asleep, until he brought food into the room. My son did not get to eat the entire biscuit. I…have not laughed so hard in a very very long time. I tried to apologize, but kept laughing. It was this perfect hilarious, gotta pay attention or its snooze and lose your biscuit. My son has since gone off through the house and both dogs are innocently asleep. I do wish I had that on video though.

Sitting here now, I’m thinking back over the day. It really does bother mom and dad that they simply cannot do what they once were capable. Time and aging is a thief that steals something more valuable than material things. It steals strength, ability, balance, memories and more. It leaves one dependent on others in so many ways. Because of that, the loss of a great deal of independence, leaves one frustrated and unhappy. Wishing that they still could, while knowing they can’t. But I know, that as long as I am able, as long as the rest of the family are able, they will be taken care of in every way that is needed. And we know, that every thing that is done for them, every act of helping out, is more than appreciated.

If only we would all understand that a few moments of helping others, is not going to hurt. A few moments of assistance for one in need, means a great deal. An act of kindness and compassion, goes a long way. And not just for the elderly but for all.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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