Day 286; Footnotes of A Heart So Full

Peaceful, easy feeling

I’m not sure why, but that is exactly how I feel at this moment. Maybe, because I got up, went outside and walked. I still didn’t get up to the mountain..Crowders Mountain State Park; Instead I went out to my own little walking circle and started doing laps. I wanted to try and get as close to that ten thousand step goal as possible.

I will be back..

The weather here has been so amazing. To be the middle of October and still so comfortably warm. I’m currently sitting here, ten thirty at night, windows open and its still almost seventy degrees Fahrenheit. The crickets are singing happily. And my heart, oh my heart is content. My heart is so full.

I had to go grocery shopping today. Mom asked me as she always does to check on dog food for their dog. For some reason it is difficult to find. Today though I found everything I wanted -even her dog food- except for my son’s favorite pizza. Checking out it was under Two hundred dollars. Its so amazing and sad how expensive it is any more. And this is just for me, my son and a few critters.

After I got home, put everything away and took mom the dog food, I came back and figured it was too late to go hike the mountain as it was late afternoon and would probably be crowded. I prefer to go earlier when it is less busy. Instead, I went out and began walking my laps. Lost in thought, which is easy when you are doing your NASCAR imitation and just turning left at the turns. I’m not sure why I walk those laps counter clockwise but it really doesn’t matter. I was happily taking my time, half listening to the sounds around me. It felt so good to still be able to walk outside in shorts and tank top, in October. I smiled inwardly remembering how before I became unemployed, I had not worn such an outfit in years. Now I am quite comfortable.

At one point I noticed the sounds of yard work going on, but didn’t pay much mind as to who was working. When I heard what sounded like a crashing tree limb I did look up but had no idea where the sound came from. Unexpectedly a voice came from the neighboring yard. Startled I had no idea what the man had said. Turns out it was something about exercising, which I gave a noncommittal response to and kept walking. The guy took that as an invitation of sorts and every time he was close he spoke. I ended up walking away thinking I’d go inside.

I changed my mind and walked down the hill to the small pond. I tried taking some photos of the wildflowers growing with the camera on my phone but they didn’t turn out well so most have been deleted. I did walk carefully around the pond, watching my step for anything slithery. I had already almost stepped on a harmless garter snake when I had walked down to mom’s earlier. It was almost funny, just as I was putting my foot down I saw it and did this odd jump, hop, step to not put my foot down onto the snake. I rushed back inside my house, grabbed my phone and back out to capture photos of the slithery.  It really wasn’t all that excited to be dealing with paparazzi but allowed the photo session grudgingly. I feared there would be less willing slithers around the pond.

No snakes, but I did manage to run right into a spider web. Finding a small spider crawling up your arm goes a long way into teaching you some fancy dance moves.

By the time I got back up the hill my son had arrived home from work. He had dumped part of a container of fries in the not so stray cat’s bowl. I shook my head at him asking if he thought they would actually eat those. He reminded me that our Gypsy would always eat them. The not so strays finished out the fries within a short time.

I hadn’t met my step goal yet so back outside I went. I decided to walk up and down the dirt road where I could see where I was putting my feet. I spoke to my nephew briefly as I passed his house. Finally, on one of my laps the fitness band alerted me that I had met goal. Right now the number is 10,702 or 4.72 miles. Not bad. I need to get back to doing this daily.

So maybe, it is a combination of things. Maybe it is none of these things. Maybe it is knowing that my nephew is feeling better after feeling not so well. Maybe it is finding out that a friend who has been in the hospital (not covid) for a while is doing better. I do know that usually walking goes a long way to bringing that peace to my soul. Getting outside in nature. Feeling the magic and comfort that is found outdoors. I saw a meme on that other social media site that had me thinking that maybe, the reason I haven’t been able to go hike the mountain yet, is because for what ever reason, I haven’t been meant to at the particular times or days I wanted to go. Maybe, maybe not.

(facebook meme)

It could be that getting that dose of sunlight provided vitamin D helped. What ever the cause, I am thankful. The peace and contentment feels good.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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4 Responses to Day 286; Footnotes of A Heart So Full

  1. You are looking good Rebecca! I think not working is working for you. When I was first retired, I walked miles and miles and it felt so good. It was like walking off all of the stress that had built up over the years.

    • I did that as I cleared up all the crap that had collected around my yard over the years. It took several months of hard work and went a long way to working off that stress. The stress is one of the things keeping me away from going back to work. Mom and dad are the major reason but the stress the minor one.

      • I took care of my parents as well and have never regretted it for a moment but it probably would have been easier if I had taken better care of myself – especially as things got harder for them .

      • Which is one reason I walk. Its a matter though of timing since they seem to need so much now. But, like you, I don’t regret any of this and am very thankful to be able to be here for them.

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