Day 284; Footnotes of Maybe This is Wrong


I am by no means the biggest NASCAR fan out there, I wouldn’t even say I’m middle of the pack, but I do enjoy a good race. Growing up my dad was always watching racing. My son took up the interest years back. After his dad died, he got to where he would come into the room where I was and ask if I wanted to see the start of a race, then come back later and watch the last twenty or so laps with me.
Yesterday (Oct. 19th) my son went to see the race over in Charlotte, not even asking if I wanted to go because he wanted to sit where he wanted to sit, up high. So high he even called me at one point and said maybe he over did it, but he was still happy with his seat.

After a while I decided I would turn on the television and catch at least part of what was going on at the race.It might be important to note, somewhere along the line, I joined in with those who follow Chase Elliott as their driver of choice.

I knew of recent happenings, my son keeps me up to speed on all that. However, turning on the television to see Chase being wrecked, did not do good things for my mood. And yes, I know, that’s racin’. I watched as the race continued. I heard along with everyone else, the comments made on the radio. Retaliation, pay back, was coming. All the while, two sentences ran through my head, ‘don’t do it’ and ‘that’s racin’. I watched as Chase was finally catching up to the one who shall not be named. The one who had tried to take Chase out and failed. I then watched as just before Chase reached him, he over drove his car, locked a tired and rammed a wall. You can’t drive straight while watching that rear view mirror. This prevented? took away? saved him from? the opportunity for Chase to retaliate.

from facebook

I have laughed though at the things I have seen online today. A comment made by Chase during his post race interview has gone viral. He has designed a t-shirt, fans have created memes, and more. All while NASCAR officials are saying they will need to have a talk with both drivers.

from facebook
they are actually selling this shirt, photo from face book
photo from facebook

I’m sitting here writing this all the while thinking, how much like life is this? We plan, we prepare, we run the race toward our personal goals and finish lines. Along the way we will be faced with challenges, needs to stop and refuel our minds and bodies, we will deal with so many others who are headed in the same direction with the same goals in mind. There will be those, who will do all they can to derail us, to sideline us, to put an end to our progress.

How often, do we believe that we have right to retaliate? How often do we make plans to wreck their plans? How many times, do we feel we have to take them out of the race? And I do not mean anything fatal. I mean do something that will prevent success in this endeavor. Give them incorrect information, an incorrect date or time. Share information that will make them appear in a lesser light. Gossip, hints, lies.

The events at the race has made it more exciting. It has been a while since anything of this sort has happened. The fans have needed something to add a whole different level to what is going on down on the track. But its a show, its sports, but its also entertainment. Life is different. Life is reality. It is wrong to retaliate. It is wrong to hold a grudge. It is wrong to plot and plan and seek ways to prevent another from succeeding. This life, would be much better if we would drop the grudges and ill will and seek to uplift and strengthen each other. The race is a challenge, life…is not.

Darlington, because I don’t have a photo from Charlotte

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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  1. It should be noted. The only photo that is mine here is the last one of Darlington. Everything else was taken from Facebook.

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