October Third; My Thoughts and Feelings About the Show and Shine

I was hoping to see the final totals from yesterday but that will come, and when it does I’ll update.

This morning was one of my scheduled days to volunteer in the nursery at church. Waking up this morning wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done as this aging body was still tired. But yes, it was a good tired. We played with cars, a million over size legos (oh wait, I was at church, several dozen over size legos) pretend food and coloring books. We had the usual come apart moments where one child walked away from a toy but the moment another reached for it, “That’s mine, I was playing with that!!!” Oh yeah, definitely extra exclamation marks warranted. But it was good, it was teaching moments, and in the end, I got the best hug.

So I’ve been home a while, I was waiting, and right on the edge of taking a nap, when I figured I needed to write what I promised. Yesterday. What an amazing day, did I say that already? Trust me, I’m not exaggerating here, it was amazing.

I arrived just after ten yesterday morning. I was directed to pull around the church and parking would show me where to go. Asked was I staying all day and when I answered in the affirmative, was told to pull up into the upper field. There was a slight hill. It was slight, to a Wrangler, or Gladiator, or anything lifted, Star is all basics, but we made it. Then…then..the parking guy showed me where to park. Where to back up and park. I do have a back up camera. I don’t depend on it though, in fact I rarely pay it any mind at all. I’m old school, turn around and look. Use your side / rear view mirrors and look. This Jeep has those big headrests that make doing that less than easy. But thank’s to parking guy’s help, together we got her exactly where he wanted and I got teased about my saying I couldn’t back. Which I think my words were, I don’t like to back, but hey, I could very well have said I can’t back in the hope of getting out of it. But, no, backing into parking seems to be another Jeep thing, so there we were…parked.

I made my way to the registration booth and got signed up. Received my volunteer shirt, my bright yellow/green shirt that I’d swear glows under a black light, the swag bag and the paper to put on the windshield for the judging. And yes, my mind did some weird matrix type slip and for some reason sent me back to 1918 in writing the year of my Jeep. I did catch it and correct. That taken care of I went off in search of something to do to help.

All of the booths of craft items were already well on the way to being set up and ready. The main booths for the event were ready. The tents for the raffle and silent auction items were up and everything set out. Food trucks were in place. One of the energy drinks were there, the blood donation bus, a couple other business type, sponsor type set ups up and ready. The retired patrol car for Officer Herndon was there. I wish I had found out if they managed to sell all of the bricks for the garden which will be built in his honor. Last I heard they were getting very close to selling out. A DJ playing music that was a dollar donation per request. All the money to go back to the Love Like Lauren Foundation. He did play some of the popular dance songs, but since I don’t know the steps I stayed back and watched.

I ended up at the tent that was selling the Just Jeepin shirts and hoodies. There was two of us, then two more, then me for a while. Just before 4PM I was relieved by a sweet couple. Who were then joined by two more. It goes full circle. It was funny, I had been having so much fun that it covered my fear and I didn’t realize how much time had passed.Between the moments of helping people find what they wanted, I watched the jeeps pulling in around the back of the church. One at a time to full out convoys. I’ve since watched videos of lines of Jeeps waiting to get into the event. We went from using one field and part of the parking lot, to every available space to park a jeep.

At one point I was seriously thirsty and was hoping that someone of the group would wander by that I could ask if they would get me a bottle of water. I was talking with a really sweet lady who I thought would fit perfectly in a sock hop setting and happened to mention that hope. Before I realized it off she went and back with a bottle of water. I was very thankful as I feared dehydration. I did that once, I don’t want to deal with that feeling again.

One of the great things about where I was helping, the people in the tent next to me were/ are people I really like and respect. They are who they are. They have the courage to let their individual lights shine with no regrets. I know others, myself included, who wish for that amount of courage. Dare to be.

After the many raffles were done. The silent auction winners and the judging of jeeps announced, just like that, it was over. Everything began folding up and coming down. Trucks, Jeeps, trailers were packed up and pulled away. The grounds were cleaned up, all trash cleared away. So many volunteers not quite ready to separate, even with the sore feet, the aching backs, the over all exhaustion of a day well spent, they were still wanting to hold onto those last few moments.

I don’t know the exact figures. I do know that there were over four hundred Jeeps that participated as at one point in one of the raffles the numbers called were in the four hundreds. I have seen many photos and videos that have been shared and I am in awe all over again at the magnitude. The fact that so many people came together for such a great cause and it worked so well. People who didn’t know each other, people who met for the first time, within moments were talking like old friends. People who would buy and item and tell you to keep the change, it was for a good cause. People who smiled, laughed and enjoyed the moment. People who over ate, over spent, over loved. It was as near a perfect day as one could ask for. The weather was amazing, the temperature typical southern summer ain’t letting go yet hot, but with a breeze. People were friendly to a point of leaving you wishing we could always be like this. Jeeps of every shape, color, size. Stock and beyond creative. It was a Jeep owners heaven.

As I was headed home my son called me. We were talking about the event and I told him that Star was ducked. This is unusual because as most know, Star isn’t a Wrangler and non Wranglers rarely get ducked. For those who don’t know, being ducked is when someone places a small rubber duck on your jeep, often with a tag reading something along the lines of “Cool Jeep” then.. what ever words they wish to add. A friend of my son’s laughed and said I get excited over the simplest of things. Well, yes.. but this event, the success of this event. How well everything went, how well everyone worked together..has me more than excited. It has left me overjoyed because so much work went into this. So many tears, so many prayers, so many hours. All culminating in a rip roaring success in so many ways. This was my first time for this event. To be able to watch from my just off center viewpoint and see everything in sight, from the frustrations to the success, understanding with my limited knowledge, what went on into the making of this. I am in full out awe of these people, and I respect them all deeply.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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6 Responses to October Third; My Thoughts and Feelings About the Show and Shine

  1. Brenda Auten says:

    We had a wonderful time……A huge success and a beautiful day it turned out to be!!

  2. Wise Hearted says:

    Hey, I taught the little kids today too. It was fun. Thanks for all the pictures of the jeep event. Looks like a lot of fun and great fellowship. It’s encouraging to my heart to see how so many took their love of jeeps and used it to help others. Blessings.

    • The kids are so much fun and such a blessing to be around. It helps keep one young. I always am humbled when I see groups come together for good causes. Whether it is the jeep groups or motorcycles. My son participates in the motorcycle toy run every year. Its so heartwarming.

  3. Dia Jae says:

    Sounds like you had a busy and great day!

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