October First, Another Day, Questions Without Answers

 Another day, another month.

Here we sit, October has arrived. The tenth month of the year. Some may wonder, how did we get here so quickly? Others may be asking, what has taken so long? And yet, here we are…

Another day has arrived. It has brought with it what it has. Some will feel the intense heat of a relentless summer sun. Others will be dealing with heavy rains from seasonal storms. Others, will be facing everything in between. Seasonal change is attempting to shove summer out of the way and bring in the colors of Autumn. When Summer finally relents and gives way, Autumn accepts that it is short lived for Winter is a jealous, impatient season that wants all the time it can drag out before Spring nudges it out of the way and back to the waiting room of the seasons.

Another day has dawned, stretching out before us. People every where, are hurting. Many are jobless, lost in a flurry of a bad economic time. Lost, in the midst of jobs disappearing. Jobs that have gone to other cities, other countries, or simply gone away. Companies, in their attempt to stay alive have cut back drastically. People that have worked the same job for their entire lives, are now standing outside, ten, twenty, thirty years in one place and its over. And they are lost. Trained and experienced in jobs that are no more. Trained in jobs where they are over qualified for some positions, not enough for others. Left in limbo as they watch the jobs flee to other places and they are left, with empty pockets and creditors at the door. Age discrimination, though technically illegal, still happens. Those who still are able, those who desire work, left standing outside looking in.

Another day is here. People sit alone, feeling abandoned, lost, afraid. A spouse has passed on, children have left for lives of their own. They find themselves alone as a much loved significant other, moves on to follow a different path. Someone is sick, a catastrophic illness, chronic or not. An illness or injury that leaves one in need of full time care, and the other shouldering the burden. Wondering, if there is anyone that cares. Some one who is left alone due to deployment of a military family member, left alone due to the nature of the job of their partner..and they try to handle all the responsibilities that needs to be done, wishing, there was someone who was better suited, more talented, stronger, wiser.. that would help, just for a while. Someone with a rope, a ladder, a broad shoulder who can guide them out of the maze and confusion. Someone who can build the bridge from life’s storm to the sunlight.

Another day, and they sit by the window wondering, will any one come today? Tucked away in a long term care facility feeling abandoned.  They sit in their wheel chairs, they sit on the bed, they sit…and watch as people pass by. Wishing, for a friendly word. Wishing, for someone to acknowledge that they do exist, they are worthy of just a moment of time. The tears slip down, as they wonder, where has all of their family gone. Where are the friends who once were their comfort? For even those whose mind has weakened, leaving them in a lost world, need the moments spent with another, the kindness and compassion that touches their heart and reminds them somehow, they are still cared about.

Another day stretches out before us. On the streets are those without homes. Lost in a fog of fear. Some are here deliberately, some due to loss of all they have, some due to illness or addictions. Shelters or the streets are what they now know. Soup kitchens and the generosity of strangers. Hand outs and hard times. All they own packed in the back of a truck, pushed before them in carts, stored in the boxes in which they live. Lost and alone, they wander and they wonder. Will they be allowed to remain where they have camped out this time, or will someone else come along and make them move? Will they have the meager belongings still, or will some official bully destroy it yet again? Will the voices of the homed and the upright, in their indignation, treat them more like unwanted vermin instead of humans with needs?

Another day, we sit and we listen to what we are being fed. How much is truth? How much is propaganda? How much is fact? How much is conspiracy or conspiracy theories wrapped, warped and twisted? How much information is being shared to lead us to what we need to know and where we need to be? How much, is being shared to lead us to where the dark side wants us to be? Is there a dark side, or is it conspiracy? Is there a dark side that plants confusion so they will not be brought out into the light?

Another day, many sit afraid due to the never ending pandemic. To get the vaccine, to not get the vaccine. Will it save us, will it destroy us? Is it safe? How many different variations will appear before the masses break and take a shot whether they feel confident or not? Will it keep one safe, or does it in itself, create issues to those who take it? So many questions, so few competent and comforting answers.

Another day is here…someone is feeling depressed, saddened by thoughts, deeds of others, saddened because it is all they know, and they wonder, does anyone care.

Someone, is looking at a shelf before them, the item they need just out of reach. Those that work there are no where in sight.

Someone, is carrying one item too much and they drop something or a lot of somethings.

Someone for what ever reason can not open a door.

Someone is having a bad day for one reason or many.

Some one, is thirsty. Some one, is hungry.

Someone is hurting, physically, mentally, emotionally.

Another day stretches out before us. What is it we will do on this day, with the hours before us? Will we take the time, to do what we can as we can, to make a difference? Can we, will we take the time. make the effort? Can we, will we- do something that will rekindle hope in one person’s heart?

or will this be..just another day?

This showed up in my social media memories this morning. I wrote the original eleven years ago. I did adapt it slightly, updated and adjusted. The most of it is still as first written. Eleven years, and look at us now. Still in much the same boat, battling the same waves, seeking the sunlight through the clouds of the same storms with different lightening strikes. Is it really, same storm, same battle, different day? Why can’t we learn and grow? When will we learn and grow? When will we seek to be the difference for those around us? Because at any given moment, it could be us.

Another day dawns, offering opportunities. How will we, be the difference today?

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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3 Responses to October First, Another Day, Questions Without Answers

  1. John says:

    The year has blasted by far too quickly, seems much faster than 2020 did but we know the passage of time can’t be changed. Lovely photo!

  2. Dia Jae says:

    Seasons and people are the constant change. Good or bad

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