Day 274; Footnotes of, Just One of Those Days

 I’ve been trying to get my email notifications caught up, not a chance this side of anywhere in that happening. I’ve been working on it for the last couple of hours and still have 844 email notifications mostly from WordPress. Y’all are very prolific.

Earlier today mom called and asked if by any chance I would drive her back to the bank. Mom and dad do not have a computer. Dad would have it so messed up that not even the best the Geek Squad has to offer could straighten it out. She doesn’t want to call and ask for balance information, so, in the car and off we go for in person question and answer.  Before we left, I asked if the bank was the only place she needed to go or was there anywhere else. When she said just the bank, I left my two barkers out in the yard. Its fenced, they’re safe. Finding out everything she needed, we headed back to the house. Once she was home safely, I came back to my own abode.

Before I left, I had closed the door to this room to keep the cat out. As I walked into the kitchen I opened the door and just stopped and stared. Books were spread all the way across the floor, they were sitting haphazardly in the chair and on my desk. When I stepped into the room I saw what had happened. The weight of the books had pulled the shelving loose and down it came. I was glad the dogs weren’t inside and that the cat couldn’t get in here. I would have had some heavily traumatized animals. I managed to get all of the books picked up and stacked out of the way. I have yet to figure out what I am going to do about fixing or replacing the shelves. All of those books cannot stay where they are now.

There are even copies of my books in this mess.

As I was picking up the books my dad called. Could I, would I, come down and help him saw up some of the wood that we had brought home? I told him that I would do it after I had all of the books picked up but I finally gave up, found my garden gloves and safety glasses and walked down. He was sitting on the couch waiting on me. I had to help him get his skill saw out of the building and over to where he wanted to work. Somehow, I never imagined that I would be lugging around woodworking tools, but there I was, killing it. I got it where he wanted the thing and started putting slabs of wood in place. He’s cutting that stuff up to use for kindling. We worked for less than an hour but he was all done in. The thing now, how was I going to get the skill saw back in the building? This thing is on a heavy metal base. I can move it, but I would have to lift it up higher than I thought I could. I sent a text to my nephew and asked if his son could come over and give me a hand. It wasn’t longer before he crossed the yard and helped me get it into the building and safely in place. I locked everything up and headed for the house.

Mom was taken care of, dad was taken care of, my son was not home, I could now get my Jeep cleaned up for the Show and Shine tomorrow. It took a while, but I managed to get it all vacuumed out, mainly because dog hair doesn’t vacuum up easily. I then carefully washed it. As I washed, I was listening to crows calling in a tree at the edge of the yard. They better not. I now have it pulled up in the carport, ready.

I will admit to being a little nervous over this, but I am more excited. This is a big deal for the jeep family and everyone has been talking about, working toward and preparing for this for months. Now, we are hours away. The weather should be nice, the people nicer. From the looks of what will be there for auctions and raffles and vendors and so many other things too numerous to mention. I’m doing this on my own, my son won’t be able to attend, so I’m going to need to brave up and show up. I’ve got this.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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7 Responses to Day 274; Footnotes of, Just One of Those Days

  1. John says:

    Wow, that’s a huge mess of books! I too am glad your critters weren’t hurt. Your car has a great color! How sweet that a family member came by to help you move the saw! Have fun at the Jeep show. 😎

    • He’s a real sweetheart, will do anything he can to help anyone. Best thing, he’s only eleven I think..I can’t remember at the moment my brain has gone blank.
      Thank you John, I’m very glad they weren’t in here. I can only imagine how that must have sounded as it all came crashing down.
      I just have to get there. I tend to lean toward near if not full out panic attacks with new things. But I really want to do this so, we’ll see..

  2. Irene Melgoza says:

    Maybe bookcases will work best if you have more books coming. 🙂

  3. Webb Blogs says:

    Have an awesome time tomorrow!

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