September Twenty-ninth Moving Beyond and Through A Jaded Heart To One of Kindness and Compassion

We become desensitized.

I recall as a child, seeing the commercials on television for the starving children. I saw the commercials for the animals being mistreated. The commercials did to a child’s heart what they intended. Other kids were hungry and without a home, puppies and kittens were being hurt and left to suffer. A child’s heart wanting to send money, a lot of money. A child’s heart wanted to rescue and help all who were hurting, hungry, in need. The commercials played and replayed, eventually they become noise in the background.

Today, while I am sure that commercials still play, I see it more online. I get emails begging for money for the hungry, the hurting, those in the way of harm. How easy it becomes to scroll on past. How simple to hit the delete button and move on to the next email.

Not because we don’t care. Not because one doesn’t want to help feed, clothe or house. Not because one doesn’t want to make sure the puppies and kittens and every other animal is safe from harm. I think part of the reason, is because so many of the messages were designed for shock, that we have built up protective walls. Just as we have had to walk away from the main stream news because of their scare tactics. The seemingly, if we continually scare you, then you will follow and obey our agenda, tactics.

When emotions are continually hit so hard, we back away. Especially when part of that emotion becomes anger. When we hear that those big organizations don’t always use the donations wisely and as the donor would hope. We become jaded. Millions have been donated, why are we not further along in the fight against this or that need? We lose faith and trust.

It is then, and now, when we must seek out the genuine ways to help. Find out through research, through investigation, through reputable sources, who to support who actually help those in need. Whether it be human or animal. Remembering that even the reputable, maybe especially the reputable due to small size and less resources, will fight bigger hurdles toward accomplishing goals. That doesn’t mean they are not honest, they simply have to fight harder. Animal rescue groups who have a real heart for the animals. Grocery shares, whether it is from churches, or charities set up in a permanent building, feeding the hungry. Homeless shelters. Clubs of various types who come together to raise awareness and yes money for the causes they support.

But we have become jaded. There should already be cures for diseases since research has been ongoing for decades. We should not have children going hungry because…Animals should not be suffering because there are ways to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens. There should be, but due to ignorance, to entitlement, to lack of respect, to the many hundreds of reasons out there, suffering still happens. Because the so called news sources prefer to share the bad, the sad, the horrific because that is what increases the ratings and the ratings are what sets their revenue. We see where the big so called charities, are not always what they say, and we close off.

I had sent out a few emails, to test the water so to speak, in the hopes of collecting a few donations so to purchase a gorgeous handmade wreath to donate to the Jeep group’s upcoming event. I have already purchased one, but this one is also gorgeous and would do well in the raffle. The response I received was basically, I don’t support the big, business charity farces. The big groups, the one with the dollars to advertise, have damaged the small groups who actually, honestly, openly in full view, make a difference. The true to the faith churches, the second hand stores set up to raise money for those in need, the rescue groups for animals be it dogs, horses or elephant, the ones who really do as they say. They are hurt because of the actions of others.

A jaded heart, can be changed. A heart walled in, a mind closed off, because of the thoughts of being a pawn in the hand of big companies, can be opened. If, we seek the true, the honest, the caring. They are still out there. And there is definitely still needs to be answered. And yes, this is one group, who are working hard to help. This is one group of the many with true hearts for charity, who are seeking to be and make a difference. I do and will support their efforts, for the children and their families.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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