Day 272; Footnotes of Out and About With Mom


Mom called me this morning and asked me if I had any plans on going to a local big box store. Me,(thinking no, not really)but saying, “I was actually thinking of going some time after lunch, why?” Mom, “I was thinking that If you were, and If you didn’t mind then maybe ….if  it was okay, I would ride with you.” Full guilt mode activated and in operation at level 10x. Me, “Of course you can go mom, I’ll call you when I’m ready.”I write my morning post, found here: yeah, I don’t know how to do all that fancy, simple, click here link so you get the long version.

 My son comes in for lunch and we talk for a few moments while his food is heating. I told him about  his grandmother asking me about if I were going out. His response? “You are now.” Yep. After he leaves to return to work, I get ready. I call mom and make sure she’s ready to leave. The company that picks up trash for the apartments and someone further down the road came by as I was preparing to leave. They collected what was in the supplied containers, but not all the mess that was piled up on the ground along the road. We knew they wouldn’t but hopefully someone will come out and collect that before it gets scattered from here to yonder and back.

 As we are getting close to the shopping center mom interrupts her own monologue to ask me if I really had a reason to be coming out or was I just coming out for her. All I said was “Yes” she didn’t ask for clarification. I did turn to go through the maze of a parking area. Mom asked if I needed gas because that is usually the only time I take that route. I take the weird way because I hate the one intersection in the parking area that has so many drivers playing an odd version of vehicle roulette, when there are often losers all the way around. My husband once saw a truck that had been broadsided so hard it was over on its side, and this is inside the parking lot y’all, not out on the highway. So I avoid it when ever possible. Anyway, I told mom that yes, I was going for gas. I had half a tank but she didn’t know that. Finally at the big box store we go inside and find everything she was wanting but the specific dog food that her dog will eat. The shelves were still bare of that. Everything else we found.

 To make mom feel less guilty of dragging me out I bought a box of trash bags, a box of coffee creamer, and a carton of eggs. I did need the eggs because even though I try to check the eggs before I buy them, sometimes I am less attentive. The eggs I bought last, this morning when I went to prepare breakfast I found three cracked eggs before I found two I could use. The outside cats enjoyed the raw eggs but I wasn’t happy. The fact that I had filled the Jeep up and then purchased those few items calmed mom’s guilty conscious.

 I got her home, let my dogs back outside and prepared myself some coffee.

We were not gone long, but we don’t have to be. Even a few minutes is a gift to mom. She gets out of the house that has become like a prison. Trapped and alone, she and dad trying to get through this and not get on each other’s nerves too badly. Every time out for either of them is that wonderful break. Even as they love each other deeply, even the deeply in love need a moment every now and again.

 My son called me when he got off work. Doing in a sense for me, that I do for my folks. A moment out.  He was hungry and wondered if I wanted to meet him at a local restaurant. I told him to let me change and I’d be on my way. Someone tried to call me as I was driving, but since the sun was in my eyes, I couldn’t see who was calling so I ignored it. When I got to the restaurant and parked I checked to see who it was. My son and I went inside, he had already put our name in so it wasn’t long before we were seated and had ordered. I then tried to return the call but got their voice mail. 

After we got back home the friend called, she wanted to give me an update on her husband. Protecting privacy, I’ll say that he wasn’t happy about something, his unhappy anger, may be the one thing that is going to push him to getting better quicker. Anger is a very strong emotion. Hopefully, prayerfully, he will be well enough to go home soon.

  The only thing that really bugged me about today was that the minute I stepped into the restaurant, I found myself falling into the Christmas season. Stuff for Christmas was everywhere, trees, angels, Santa, Elvis, all manner of decorations whether one would associate them with Christmas or not. I asked my son if that meant I could put our tree up now and he told me to go ahead, but he wasn’t helping me. He is a purest, he wants every holiday to have their own allotted time. And no. I wasn’t going to put my tree up yet. I simply love giving him a hard time. What are family for after all, if it isn’t good natured teasing?

Are you listening to me? Yes, ma’am, I’m listening.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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