Day 271; Footnotes Happy and Grateful to Help

Just get it over with already.

Right after lunch I took mom to the bank. We spent more time driving over there and back than we did in the bank but that’s a good thing. As we were pulling in the dirt road mom told me she was going to take dad and go to the store they needed just one or two things. A while later I watched as the mail carrier stopped at my mail box. I listened to make sure I heard the sound of my mail box being closed before I walked up to see what wonders were waiting. It was something for my son, not me. As I started to walk back down the driveway mom and dad came around the curve in the road. Mom stopped her car and asked if the mail had run and I told her yes. So it had run? I held up the letter in my hand to verify.

Before she could pull away dad was asking when I would be able to go with him for that wood. Today dad, we’ll go today. When? How about right now.Mom takes dad home and I go dig out my yard work gloves and safety glasses. Dad was wanting to take his electric saw with him but I managed to talk him out of that. He was then worried that the little bit of dust would blow out of the back of his truck. I didn’t argue with him, I grabbed the broom and swept it clean. I know from talking to others, if the local police are bored and they see something blow out of the back of a truck they will pull you over. So, swept it was. Electric saw left secure in the building we headed for his wood source.

 Upon arriving he backed the truck up, I pulled my gloves on and started loading the truck. Dad was trying to help, but some of that stuff-most of that stuff- was too heavy for him. The man that is giving him the wood walked back to talk to dad. While they talked, I filled up the truck. I managed to get everything I could that wasn’t too long or buried under the stuff that was too long and too heavy to shove out of the way. Dad’s supplier said that they would try to get that stuff cut in half for him in a few days.

What does that mean? I’ll be back with dad loading wood. As dad said, its free. Its scraps and slabs. This wood that is mostly kindling material, but its wood and it will burn. And its free. When we got back home I went ahead and unloaded it for him. If I hadn’t and he took a notion he needed to go somewhere he couldn’t with all that in the truck. He was able to help move some of it out, mostly the really small stuff, but a few of the lighter, longer pieces. Once it was all out of the truck and on the wood pile, I climbed back up in the truck and swept it out.

As I walked home, I felt good, knowing I was able to help them in some small way. There are many things they need, that I am unable to accomplish, but there are many that I am. Today, I was able.

There have been times along this journey when I have been able to offer a hand to others. Usually something that to many would seem small, but to them, when you see their eyes light up and fill with tears, you know it wasn’t small to them.

Last year for Halloween, I participated in two separate trunk or treat events. There is nothing that will make your heart swell more than hearing children’s laughter and seeing their parents or guardian’s smile. Over a piece of candy. The excitement of the younger ones as they examined each decorated vehicle.

 In a few days I will be doing everything I am capable to help during the Jeep Show and Shine event. I want as do all the other volunteers, to do all we are able to make this event a success.

My parents helped me get home when life turned bad. They paid the bus ticket and they were waiting when the bus pulled in twenty four hours later. They gave me a place to stay and a vehicle so I could find a job and have a way back and forth. A ford pinto, nothing fancy but it did the job. They gave me life, and saved my life. Doing the things they need, will never measure up. I will do everything I can with a grateful heart. That I am able, and that they are still with us to be able to help.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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2 Responses to Day 271; Footnotes Happy and Grateful to Help

  1. Claire says:

    Lovely words, I’m in a similar position. I moved in with my folks when my marriage ended. They helped me get back on my feet plus free childcare. Now I help them with weekly shopping trips, doctor visits etc.

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