Day 265; How Much Wood Would a Wood Stove Burn if a Wood Stove Could Burn Wood or Smoke Screen Anyone?

Autumn. Rats.

I managed to make it through the summer and not turn on the central air conditioning one time. Open windows and ceiling fans made it perfectly comfortable for me. My son, has a window unit so his room was comfortable for him. The fact that the door my husband installed to his bedroom has a gap at the top, allowed some of that conditioned air out to cool that end of the house a bit also helped. I can tolerate heat, my son can if he has to but would rather not. I cannot tolerate cold. My son doesn’t get cold unless the temperature has fallen to a point well below freezing. It doesn’t bother him. If I get too cold, I feel it all the way to my bones and it takes me forever to get warm.

We have a gas pack furnace/ ac unit. I just need propane. We have a thirty-two year old wood stove that needs minor repair, but I do have wood.

The wood stove has a metal plate that bolts on the inside at the top.The problem is that all the nuts, unknown to me, had worked loose over time and fallen into the stove. Without knowing, when I cleaned out the ashes, the nuts went out with the ashes. Eventually that metal plate fell. That plate has something to do with directing the smoke and or preventing the flames from reaching the catalytic converter that is in that stove. That converter can’t be any good now, but who knows. I do know that the stove will not function without that plate in place. I tried. Smoked up the house badly, scared me and the cat. Anyway…. my son found nuts to fit, but the washers he chose, didn’t. When I walked down to my folk’s today to relocate mom’s cactus from the front porch back inside the house, I asked dad if he had any washers that would fit. I had one of the ones that didn’t with me. I needed some just a size bigger.

With that question, off we went on a scavenger hunt. Stopping first at their kitchen junk drawer, nope. No washers but who has such an organized junk drawer?? They have a second junk drawer near the back door, nope, that meant out to the storage buildings. Inside the first small building I felt a bit as if I were stepping back in time. I remembered my grandfather inside that building. All of his tools and various odds and ends perfectly organized. After checking all the small cubby holes and various shelves, there hanging from a beam at the ceiling, was a packet of washers. By sight alone, they appeared to be the right size. I told dad I would take those and let him know. They are the right size. I just have to find someone to help my son as I simply don’t have the strength needed to hold the plate in place. I can’t manage to contort myself into the position to where I can reach in and hold it while he tries to get a washer and nut on the bolt. He said if he could just get one in place, he could manage. If I only had some sort of miniature jack..

One thing though, it is only the first day of Autumn, here in North Carolina. There is still time before the really cold weather will arrive (I hope). Even if we have some cool nights, if patterns run as usual, the temperatures will stay in the really nice range for a while yet. Even if we have overly cool nights, I have blankets, sweaters and a nice space heater. I will be fine until I have one or the other operational. Who knows? I may even get creative and figure out a way to get it done myself. Channel the pioneer woman deep within. I managed to cut my own wood last year, I should be able to figure this out…right?

Back when I was working in the manufacturing plant, situations would arise that we would need to diagnose the problem and seek out solutions. Especially when it was a malfunction in the machinery. Though untrained in repairs, I had ran these machines enough that often enough I could see the problem and in the very least direct the technician in the right direction. Many times I was able to simply correct and move on myself or with the help of the operator.

I believe, that God gives us knowledge to be able to see, understand and often correct a problem. If we cannot, we are given the discernment to seek out who can make the repairs. It is important that we actually use the ability to discern who is truthful and who is not. Asking for recommendations, asking who had done the work needed for others and what they thought. Checking to see if there were any issues reported to any type of business bureaus. Making sure we are careful and precise in what we need and expect and that all parties know this and have it in writing. It doesn’t make it one hundred percent foolproof, but it gives you a safety net of sorts.

Once we have given our life to following Jesus, God does not simply allow us to drift alone in a sea of confusion. We have His Word in the Bible. We have places of worship, though it is important that we make sure it is a Bible believing church, one that preaches God’s word not the world’s. There are many people who share God’s message in ways that are true and understandable. They share the knowledge that will help all Believers grow and mature. But as with the ones sought for home repairs, it is more important to make sure that those you are listening to are sharing truth, God’s truth, not a half truth, not bent and twisted to suit their purpose. Like a spider they are out there, waiting to draw you into their web of lies and confusion, don’t fall prey to them.

Pray instead for understanding. Pray for the truth, for the right guidance, for the Holy Spirit to show you exactly what you need. We are not alone, never alone. Once you answer the call of “Follow me” God is always with you. The Holy spirit indwells within you. Pray for the peace, the strength, the courage, the hope and love that comes with faith. Life will not always go smoothly or as we would hope. There will be struggles,  battles and dark nights. It is in those times we grow and strengthen, especially if we trust in the One who loves us. He has given us that in writing.

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A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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1 Response to Day 265; How Much Wood Would a Wood Stove Burn if a Wood Stove Could Burn Wood or Smoke Screen Anyone?

  1. Mrs. Gumboots in Japan says:

    Prayers for a mild winter for you and if not then I pray that you are able to tolerate the cold with the Lord’s help. I’m the opposite. I can not tolerate the incredible heat and humidity of a Japanese summer. I lived on a tropical island most of my life but I’ve never felt heat like I do here. But thankfully…. It’s now autumn!

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