Day 261; Footnotes of Recognized Blessings


One of those days, where not much happened. I didn’t fight dragons. I didn’t go into dangerous situations and rescue the helpless. I didn’t jump from a plane, swim the English Channel of do anything amazing. But I did, get to do what this time has blessed me the ability and availability.

Mom had asked me if I would drag the wood rack that is in the back of their carport over closer to the back door. We had to move it the other day and when it was returned, we didn’t get it quite close enough to the steps. Mom told me that she wasn’t thinking and had forgotten that dad used that as support to help him get up the steps. I go down, I have to unload it of the few things that were taking up residence and making it heavy. I then managed to slowly drag it closer to the steps. Once in place I put everything back where it belonged.

Before I left, I was standing in the carport talking with mom. She was already thinking about Sunday morning and that dad would want a newspaper. She knew that she wasn’t going to want to take him for one, but he couldn’t drive his truck because it was still loaded with the wood we got yesterday. Which both she and he had determined was plenty and he wouldn’t need more.  I told her I was going for my gloves, ask him where he wanted the wood. By the time I got back dad was outside. He told me where he wanted the wood, but, he wanted me to put something there to pile the wood on so that it wouldn’t be resting on the ground. Finding one board, he pointed at another. An aging landscape timber that had been in place for so long it was anchored in place by vines. He then told me if I couldn’t move that one, I could substitute a different timber.

Getting those in place, I began to unload his truck. He stayed outside and helped. Yes, I really could have finished quicker on my own, but this was dad’s moment of pride. He was helping not helpless. Once we had all the wood unloaded, he stood there looking at it then finally said, something about there not being as much as he had thought. I told him he knew where more was, if he needed more I’d go with him. 

I got home and began cleaning up my kitchen. In the middle of washing dishes my cell rang. A cousin was going to take his gun down into the woods and fire off a shot or two. I told him the best place to go and then called to let mom and dad know. Dad was inside, mom was outside. I ended up walking down there to tell mom so the shots wouldn’t catch her off guard, and so she could be ready to calm her dog if needed. I spoke with her for a few moments then came back home.  She did call me to let me know they were going somewhere, then called when they got back home. Just so I would know.

My day, spent trying in some manner, to help take care of the two people who took care of me in so many ways. And in so many ways, still do. They both get so frustrated with their limitations, but so appreciative that we are all here, ready and willing do be there for them in what ever way is needed. We can’t each do everything, but we can each do something. Usually balancing it all out in the final results. God has blessed us that they are still here with us and relatively healthy. I will gladly and joyfully be here for them. God provides me with what I need, the rest would simply be fluff and stuff anyway.

About rebecca s revels

A writer, a photographer, a cancer survivor. An adventurer of the mild kind, a lover of the simple pleasures such as long walks and chocolate. A Christian unashamed of my faith and a friend who is dependable and will encourage readily. Author of three self published books with more waiting to find their way to paper. An advocate of good things, a fighter against wrongs.
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8 Responses to Day 261; Footnotes of Recognized Blessings

  1. HigherTimesMentalHealth says:

    Newspaper? What is that?

    • Something that is so very quickly fading away. I remember loving to get that daily, printed edition of the news of events local and otherwise. I had a routine down, even as an adult. I started with the comics, Billy Graham’s column, Dear Abby, local news then world. Newspapers are fast losing out to the internet since they can’t provide news as quickly in print, even as they have their own websites and such. My dad does love to read the Sunday edition though as long as they are available.

  2. Webb Blogs says:

    I have mentioned this before but one of the things that drew me to your blog is the love and compassion you and your family share.

  3. Mrs. Gumboots in Japan says:

    I had tears reading this because it reminded me of my parents. They are both gone now and I miss them so much. But I do get to help with the care of my mother and father in-law. They have both done so much for us. I never knew how to really bless them before but now I have the opportunity.

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